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    Wii U Stage Blast Zone Data

    Awesome! Nice work
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    If I streamed Smash 4 daily, would you guys want to watch?

    I'd love to hear your opinion of the game as a whole as you play as well as character viablity. I would definitely watch!
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    Round 1 of 4 Ranbats (for EVO 2013 Melee Registration) Oakland, CA

    If I was closer I'd be there every time This is great, thanks for organizing this!
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    [DONE] Donate by 4:00pm PST and I'll match you 1:1 (results inside!)

    I donated $50. How your cap was set high, you're doing a good thing :D
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    Livestream of Project:M Demo 2.1 in Norcal

    Here in Santa Rosa we get together at my place to play fighting games like Smash, Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom. The main TV is dedicated to Project: M and that's what we will be streaming from 7 pm till around 1am. Drop on in and troll us or something, we don't care!
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    Project M Social Thread

    I'm having weekly training nights called Throwtech Thursdays! at my house in Santa Rosa, Ca. We should be streaming from 7pm till around 11pm when we're breaking up to see Batman! Drop on in, taunt us and tell us we play Project: M wrong!
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    Enoch O' Clock Results

    do you see what i have to deal with? I played only DDD for the majority of the last two years ;_;
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    Get Personally Critiqued by Pierce. OP Updated 11/18

    Can you critique a DDD? id like some help :D
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    Got a question? We've got answers! Check out the OP for FAQs!

    I beat as many falcos as I lose to. :P Its just so hard! But thats also a personal bad matchup, i hate lasers with a passion. So far using Pikachu is looking pretty good, he's an underrepresented character who does well against MK and REALLY well against Fox and Falco (i hate fox too, lol)...
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    Got a question? We've got answers! Check out the OP for FAQs!

    Heh, I like Kirby a lot because he plays like DDD, is from the same game, and is awesome, but he doesnt really strike fear into the falcos I know. and I hear he is 40:60 against MK :( As for Pikachu, I believe he hard counters Falco, but still loses to MK about 40:60. maybe thats the best I...
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    Got a question? We've got answers! Check out the OP for FAQs!

    Here in Norcal, despite who I play against, nine times out of ten the character I lose to is Falco or MK. I have no competent secondary and think it may finally be a good time for me to get one. I don't want to second MK (years of making fun of MK's would make it hard for me to eat my pride)...
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    Pika Q&A/FAQ Thread: Ask a Quick Question, Get a Quick Answer!

    As a long time DDD mainer, I'm finally looking for a character to help me deal with the tides of people who will go Falco against me. I was gonna use Kirby, but since that matchup has been getting more and more in Falcos favor, i was thinking Pikachu may be better, plus Pikachu has a slightly...
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    Kirby Question and Answer/Helpful Thread directory! <(^_^)>

    I'm a long time DDD player who currently is concerned with perhaps picking up a secondary for playing against Falco and maybe MK. Is going Kirby a bad idea? How do you guys feel about the falco matchup, is it getting more and more in falco's favor these days? And since DDD v. MK is something...
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    Got a question? We've got answers! Check out the OP for FAQs!

    Thanks for the tips Beef, I'll try and bair OOS more, I just love grabbing too much >.< As for ICs....ftilt beats blizzard....thats all I got
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    Got a question? We've got answers! Check out the OP for FAQs!

    Thats some good stuff there Van, here's just some things I noticed: Against Sheik I noticed that you like to roll away when she hits the back of your shield. Instead of rolling away you can grab behind you. You tend to roll a lot which you might want to cut down on. You also don't use a lot...