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  • It would be total number of combinations with no restrictions minus the number of combinations that have 2 of the same letter next to each other, but I can't think of a way to account for something like FF5EE -_-
    I thought I could do that question you just posted in the math thread but then I actually tried doing it...
    I see what you're doing on PD.....
    I SHALL keep an eye on your antics.........
    i know u dont know me but u r one of the best TLink players
    i have 1 question since i main him too
    would u recommend using Dair not at alll,somtimes,or alot?
    thank u for answering if u do :)
    Lol...i saw you were on the tl boards and i just realized that you wrote the response for me on your own profile XD
    Oh man I hate playing against Falco.

    First of all you want to make sure that you stay away from him when you're below 40% because if you get in close, 1 grab of his will get you to about 50%. It's hard to camp him at all with his lasers coming at you all the time but when your on a low % its not worth getting up close to him.

    Secondly, Falcos always recover with their forward-B and is pretty predictable mostly, watch your enemy and see at what height he generally uses it and then punish him for it. Also, arrow him through it and he can go low enough so that he has to use Up-B which is easily gimpable.

    Other than that, watch out for his bair and upsmash, Falcos generally kill with those.

    I was wondering if you could tell me how you go about playing the falco match up?

    I went from being ok to playing against falcos to completely ******** when it comes to play falco's now @.@
    I am totally serious, man. Your Toon Link is borderline PERFECT. At least from what I saw against Vlade. Only advice: You used a little bit too much U-Smash when near killing percentages. Keep it fresh if you are close to getting the kill, but not there yet. Also, you took a LOT of lazers. I recommend mixing it up with TL's Hyrulian Shield and perfect shielding. Regardless of this, you are a BEAST. I'm going to inform the others to let you join the TLBR if that's alright with you.
    Do you want to Brawl me? I want to see how I compare to other players. If you do, say so on my profile.
    Hey man, i was wondering how good you realy were so i was wondering if you could tell me your FC and we could brawl. I think i can turn on no tripping for the fight.
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