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Chronodiver Lokii
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  • Yeah, he seems like a great snowball character and he'll probably be great at chasing. He probably won't be too scary if he's not fed tho, just stick by your team and he won't be able to take you out. Unless he's fed, then that's gg if your team doesn't have good crowd control :l
    I do like his weapons and abilities. I can't wait till he's on the real server :)
    http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/21233-pbe-patch-rengar-katarina-rework-garen-changes This has Rengar's information such as stats and abilities if your still curious. This page also has information on the changes to champions such as buffs and the katarina rework. (She's going to be good o_o) I don't fully like Rengar's style but I really was hoping for a character like this.

    Well thanks. ^^" I've just noticed we have posted around similar boards and whenever I see ya I'm like "Hmm, this thread probably will be pretty cool."
    Haha no problem at all Lokii! I'm not being kind, I'm just being honest with you and thought you should know. <3
    I don't know if I ever told you this but you are probably one of my favorite posters on SWF over the years.

    I don't know, I guess it's just you are usually always positive and a fun poster to see.
    Ok sent a friend request. I will be busy most of the time on LoL though because of my ranked team I play with. So if you do ever want to play together just send me a vm or something.
    My Ign is Jasou. Yeah Riven is really fun to play and when she's played right she's really scary. She's really good at getting away too. If you ever wanna play bots or something I can show you her some more.
    Oh, you play LoL now? You should add me :D, I saw your post on the happy thread. Riven is also one of my mains, although i'm not that great with her. She's fun and a strong character tho o_o.
    If you want help planning things for RAGE, I'm fine to do skype convos to help out. Just grab me if I'm online.
    Wish I could help with suggesting things for that but I never got into Sony's stuff.
    What a shame. Make Kid Icarus your first purchase if you get one! Definitely one of the best core games this generation.
    Heh, same. I just stay in my little areas on the site.
    Nearing last days of high school here. I didn't think senioritis was real, but ugh.
    The information center! You know, the place no one really visits much.
    How are you? It feels like and it probably has been forever since I've even seen you around. Might be tunnel vision though.
    I start uni...tomorrow! It feels good being so productive again, starting to get into the mood of studying again. It's nice.

    I bought coloured pens! :D Going to make a huge effort to make good notes this semester.

    We needa chat moreeee
    GitS so good, have you watched the films?

    I miss you too :( Whats up girl?
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