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Chronodiver Lokii
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  • A family dinner?

    Jesus Christ it's worse than I thought.

    Also I could probably totally report you for censor dodging seeing how I've been infracted for saying **** the way Iron Sheik does. Good thing I'm not a bad person!

    Oh God gross why you gotta always go overboard with the information, ugh.

    Men are such pigs.

    Edit-BTW wait til you find out your bf is part of the family oh noooo~



    Read that thread. It's so gud.

    Eh, I like 2nd one more but opkery.

    I added you on aim, but skype's cool too if you use that more. We could be super gay together!

    No gay stuff though.
    I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give you an imaginary hug or puke on your soul in response to that.
    Yeah Joshua is my favorite character for FE sacred stones as well. Then the next would have to be Gerick.
    Well, there's some bad news about Rengar.... he's op as hell, because his Q does insane damage at low and high levels with his ferocity bonus (a third or more of a top lane's hp depending on the champion and then he gets a great attack speed bonus afterwards). He's almost always guaranteed first blood at top lane if your purple side because he can gain his ferocity from golems. The good news is they are looking into fixing him. I played him on the pbe, he has way too much damage. I still want to get him on the real server, but they needa fix him first.
    Yup. So hooray for college! I felt more confident and such in my last two years of HS, but I've been feeling great. Hooray for undoing psychological damage!
    Well I just suck now, unfortunately. I'll likely pick it up as a hobby later on, but I have too many hobbies as is, lol.

    But seriously. I had some little ****s for "friends" before high school. Then my self confidence died, so I never tried to draw much in high school.
    Yep, thanks!

    Too bad I'm not going for a design job. I used to love drawing, but I never improved since I was always told that I sucked and should give up. :(
    Computer engineering, lol. It seems like a good career choice for me.

    And yessssssssssss.
    My first day was awesome! College is great! I even found a big group to play MTG with! :D

    And yup! We need a list of stuff to petition Arc for...

    Right now we've got berets, sports bras (especially for litchi... her walking animations and most moves should cause damage to her health bar), more berets, Nu, Mu, and all the berets in the wooorld~. Anything else?
    ;_; @ Beret.

    Haha I gotcha girl. Those nights suck because you sleep all day and then you are awake all night, but you want to sleep and it's just grah. That's good they are getting better though.
    That's who it is! I thought I recognized her haha.

    Oh and just saying, WK's option to hit me up on Skype is open. Maybe some nights we can talk and spaz about not being able to sleep due to our live's stressors! xD
    Btw haha, this is random especially considering the deep heart to heart in the Unhappy thread, but I love your new avatar Lokii.
    Oh god oh god why am I up my first day ever of college classes starts in 6 hours no no no

    Gonna reply tomorrow to whatever you send, lol.
    Like arr matey, they better!

    And I dunno how those aren't falling out yet with all the painful bouncing. Squirrel magic, maybe?

    And berets! Berets for everyone! Even Arakune!
    They're likely saving her and Lambdar/Nu for console release. Hopefully. Dx

    So much nudity
    Even Makoto's underboob got more noticable

    Arc it's cold in their mountain cities give them clothes~
    Yeaaaaaaah. Dat *** Mu is a good example of this. >_>

    I always end up having to pick the colors where it looks like she's wearing a full suit so I don't feel creepy. ;-;

    And hooray for altering cosplay costumes! Good luck with all that, lol.
    I like the cape shaw thing too, and really, all the pieces fit together fairly well. It's just really really skimpy compared to her last costume, and I dislike when devs add skimpy stuff for no reason. :(

    Plus I dislike the lack of beret (long hair is cool though) and her half shirt thing. It looks silly, lol.
    Well I don't think I could particularly pull it off as a costume, so I'm looking at it from a design standpoint. :p
    Well i'll be honest that I haven't actually owned a Blazblue game yet but I really want to to play Noel because I love the way she fights with her guns (I really like dual gun characters in games). I've watched hours worth of videos on the game tho and reaaaally want to play one.

    I'm guessing that's the new one that is coming out soon? I heard there was one coming out soon from a friend.
    Yeah that's true and is that Noel in your avatar? She's such an awesome character.
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