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    Some questions... (Unity 3D Smash-Esque Game)

    I've been working in Unitty for a bit, so I can help with any questions about it that you have. Sphere or box collider can work, it doesn't really matter. I'd just recommend finding a way so that the Z axis doesn't affect if the hitbox hits or not (Smash has a few cases of this), as it can throw...
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    BrawlEX Thread [Brawl with 80+ characters]

    Alright, so I'm trying to use this in PM 3.6 (using this and this ) and everything seems to work fine (loading the game, the CSS, etc.) until I get into a stage, where it crashes after the character's entry/when the announcer says "GO!" ( pic ). The regular characters load fine so I know it's...
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    Super Smash Flash 2: A History And Primer

    I think they could've chosen a better engine (flash is weird when it comes to game performance, so while i can run most games fine, games like this/binding of Isaac have lag for no reason), but eh. Still enjoyable.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    If I remember correctly throws right on the edge have a slightly different angle. Doesn't just apply to Kirby.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    Just tried these and the only one I can do is the Sheik one. Can you explain the others a bit? For example, how do I get the footstool after the uair in the Robin combo? I can't seem to be a way that it would be possible. Also how do I get a UTilt after the UAir in the Metaknight combo? Thanks.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    So is fthrow > dair actually confirmed? I can't seem to get it to register as a combo on the combo counter.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs So I have all this recorded for the combo video I'm making. Anything missing? Trying the Sheik/Robin/Marth specific copy combos, might take me a few hours before I can do them lol.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    Can someone tell me how to get the up air after the needles? Where do I need to be positioned after the needles?
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    Due to having no other person to test with no, but I'm sure most should work (fthrow combos at higher % might not work if the opponent DI's out, I know fthrow>upB3 won't work at higher %). In the video I can note which combos might not/won't work with correct DI.
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    Kirby's 1.10 Buffs

    Creating a video soon on Kirby combos, and I need ya'll help on gathering all the combos we know so I can record them and create the video. I have some already there, add anything I missed. Also can...
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    Applications of Kirby's New Forward Throw

    Want to note that fthrow > upB3 won't work (at least, near kill %) if the opponent DI's away. Still nice to have though.
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    Data Ryu Combo Thread

    edit: I derped.
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    Data Ryu Combo Thread

    Here are a few. Tested on Mario, most work at any percent. L = Light, M = medium. ? = needs testing. L.dtilt > L.dtilt > sideB L.dtilt > L.dtilt > upB (?) L.dtilt > L.dtilt > grab Nair (trip) > grab L.uptilt > L.uptilt > upB L.uptilt > usmash L.jab > Tatsumaki L.jab > Shoruken from 0% - 40%...
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    3DS Music Hack Found!

    Do you know how boring Smashville's music is, especially in PM? lol
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    "I don't care how strong you are. It's not strong enough!" Roy Match Up Thread

    What's the matchup like against Wolf/Toon Link? In a school tournament and want to make sure I know what to do against one guy in my bracket.
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