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  • Ok well I have a few comments and reference picks for you.

    1. You nailed my idea of the 3 pokemon with sly in between I jus gotta give the reference pick since they are a bit to far

    2. I like my name that's just fine

    3. I liked the old background a bit more so I'd like the old background with the briefcase with my name on the right side. Then Sly and the 3 pokemon on the left side edited so it will look like the reference pic.

    Thanks again Bomber every upgrade this is coming together and looking better and better!!
    Hey no worries man and thanks! take your time I just hadn't heard anything recently so I wanted to just check in.

    Thanks Bomber!
    Hey Bomber any new work on the siggy recently, I finally found the last reference pic. So lemme know whats going on with the siggy.

    BTW if it hasn't been worked on no biggy I just wanted to see when it may be worked on again.
    So do you usually like doing art bomber? or is it just something you enjoy in your free time?
    Kool Bomber, as I said I really like what I see these are just the things I would like incorperated also.

    Your doing a great job thus far tho so keep it up!!!
    Honestly Bomber I like the breifcase so keep, but the pokeballs around slys belt and in my name I'd like to change (Ultra balls in his belt along with master balls in my name).

    As far as sly goes I would much rather work with the brawl PT sprite that I listed along with sly just standing in the middle of the 3 basically as if not only did he steal the pokemon but since hes a better trainer their sticking with him.
    Ok well it's a pretty damn solid base Bomber, btw do you have aim or any kinda chat program it would be a lot easier to talk about this through aim or something.
    Ok well you strayed off but in a way that gave me more ideas so here we go.

    1st. You wanted a pic of him running to make it look like he looted, but what if we take my idea and merge it with yours. We can place him in the center of the 3 pokes next to the briefcase so that not only did he steal them but now their on his side, then we can keep the briefcase, update the poke ball's, and eventually decide on what txt for my Tag.

    Nah but your deff putting in good work thus far and started with a real kool idea so lets keep running with it!!!!
    :squirtle: :charizard:

    Just to clarify, this is what the normal PT brawl sprite is layed out like and instead of the PT in the middle I wanted to see if we could do the Sly Cooper Avatar I listed yesterday.

    But after I saw your idea for my sig, you almost made me want 2 LOL. Overall awesome job thus far Bomber, the only thing I didnt like to much was the lack of Sly Cooper's face!! Outside of that I just wanna ask could we switch reg poke balls for like master balls??

    Wow you have me real hyped for this Bomber
    Wow now while this is a bit stray from what I asked for, this came out really freaking awesome. I really like what you were working with here Bomber.

    Now originally I was planning just have the 3 pokemon from the brawl sprite with the little sly cooper icon in the middle to represent the trainer, but this is really interesting!!!
    Lol you're all added, but just call me ****/CoonTail/CT Bomber I hate my SWF name, thank god premium is back up
    Hey dude I know you said your birthday was in July, I hope I haven't missed it already D:
    never mind, I got it.

    Just went to the image, copied its URL, then put the IMG tags around it.

    Now we're sure to get some hype since I think I browse SWF the most
    Stalker style? That's cool. I feel like I have to lurk. I mean my main home here died and my family for the most part separated. I mean yea I'm talking you right now through vms but remember it used to be a crew of us in a thread/group
    Yeeeeeeaaaaa your fellow bomber! I been pretty good except I've been M.I.A here for a while. Ssb4 got me active again atleast for now.

    What you been up to?
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