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  • Hey, id love it if you helped me get past pits arrows. I lost a tournament cause of it. Just send me a friend request on brawl ill be on for a little bit. just message me when you want to get on
    Sorry for the late response, I was swamped all weekend. Dunno how we're going to get our tourny match done since we can't seem to brawl each other.
    i wanna challenge u to a bomber's match. u use toon link and i'll use link . if my wifi is working, about friday at 4:30
    Hmm this is tough. I don't get off of work till 5PM PST. We'll have to make it on Saturday unless you can stay later or something else comes up.
    I am in PST. I'll try and see if I can set aside some time for brawl, what times are you usually available online? It's troubling since it was a bad call for the tourny organizer to start the tourny on the holiday weekend and such, but we'll try :/
    Hey dude. Sorry I haven't been able to get to you, been a busy holiday weekend for me :/ I don't know if I will be able to have the match this weekend since I am out of town for the weekend. I can possibly see if I can get on my friend's Wii for the match but not too likely. Anyways PM me back.
    Lol. Be patient.
    I lost because I got frustrated and rushed.
    Ban frigate =) shhhhh.

    Avoid his ledge game and get your projectiles in.
    HEY, im sorry,ive got banned for a cuple of days for a bad sport jiggly puff player. so who has it been going.kickin ***.let me now alright,good night.
    hay man that was fun im not use to the 1sec lag but that was still fun hope 2 play u again
    I found u,thanks alot,i was going 2 the rong thread into saw the friends wanted thread. i hope thats the right one. my F.C. is on there so now all u have to do is let me now if thats the right one and when u have my F.C. on your system,so im going 2 brawl 4 alittle bit and then go to bed,alright ,u have a good night
    sorry but im new at this so its going 2 take me some time 2 learn 2 post on threads i dont really know who 2 but ill put ur fc in my game right now and u can right back when u have my code in ur game. will think of place and time 2 play alright have a good night
    ha man i red ur post and im good with him 2. i have also been lookin 4 some one who is good with pt right back if ur intridstid
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