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  • I remember you - why are you still hanging around here? Yeah ok the whole mod thing didn't really affect you too much, but why not come with us to AiB? Why not go to a place where the best Links are at now, where the entirety of Link's metagame is now, where the best and most active users post? Give it some consideration.
    I've got my copy of brawl back. I'm up for a match now if you want one.
    Uhh...Sorry. I won't have access to a copy of Brawl for some time so IDK how long it's going to be before I can play you at least once. Sorry for the inconvenience...:(
    I'm okay with that. That should give you some time to practice up then I guess. Look forward to playing against you sometime next week. I'll see you around then! :)
    yo fellow aussie bowser player =D

    wanna have some matches some time? my fc is 0431-0690-5306
    Cool. I'll add you as soon as I get home from school tomorrow. Also, I'll play you on Saturday if you're up for a match. Lastly, what time am I able to play you Saturday?
    Of cool, you finally have a Wii! I won't have time for a match until Saturday though because I've got an assignment due by the end of this week and I've just fixed my bugged up computer which deleted it! :O Oh well, I guess getting a good mark for it is gone...:(

    My FC is 1075-2181-6333 BTW in case if you haven't checked my profile yet. I'll probably be ready in the afternoon. Hopefully that should give you some time to adjust to the game IF you haven't played brawl yet. Hopefully, I'm assuming that you have? If not, I guess I'll show you the ropes. :)
    Hey there Bandit_Kieth! It's good that I'm finding more Australian players who want to play on Wi-Fi against me as it's the closest thing I've got to challenging a person in real life for now. My connection is good however so you shouldn't have anything to worry about! :) When you find out your FC, just give me a shout and I'll challenge you ASAP when you and I have time. I'll see you around until then! :)
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