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  • Nah there are a few more out there Like Trela, Lee, and D disciple but I really dont know to many Lucarios anyway. The only ones I really dont like are the wifi kids llol.
    we should be leaving rochester around 10 pm which means well get to the spot around 4-5 am.
    call me tomorrow so we can meet up.

    ...dude, I told you Id team with you, but im gonna be honest, Im having worries that we wont be able to place worth anything, so Id really like it if we could have some practice games to make sure we are good enough together to beat people at this tourney. Cus I kinda feel like my boy Ithrowthings would match up better with me in a doubles situation.

    So when we get there, im going to need some reaasurance that we arent going to completely scrub out of this tourney. call me tomorrow so we can do some synergy testing
    Dude, I'm sorry i can't give you a ride there.
    Originally we had two cars ready to go over there, but since it turned out only 5 of us were going, we're only using one car now =/

    I wish I could've gotten in contact with you sooner about all of this.
    Either way, can't wait to see you there.
    have you stepped your game up since i beat you at apex?

    im really bad at carrying teams you know...
    Ah dude, I wish I could, but I just ended up spending the money I had in the bank =/
    I'm using my friends card to book the room and when we get there to pay =[

    I really wish I could help you =[
    His name is James(Jilla) and he's a pretty good Snake.
    Made it out of pools at Apex, but just wasn't able to show up the following day >.<
    Basically it's 4 other friends, only one of them is entering Brawl and the others are actually there for the convention. I wanna get Smashers in there though so I can play some Melee/Brawl. Also, I'll hardly be in the room because I'm gonna be awake a lot of the time xD
    I just leave more room and everything :3
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