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  • Unfortunately right now I can't afford a new game, so it'll be a while before I pick up Fire Emblem. Though another new game has just been announced... by the title "TMNT: Smash Up". It's a fighter with a style comparable to Smash Bros., save for a few tweaks. I was pretty fond of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up, so I'm not sure if this game just set a new priority.... We'll see.

    Platform: Wii
    Players: 4 (WiFi compatible) "Better than Brawl's."
    Details: Multiple game modes, interactive stages, and Items to use like in Brawl.
    Release Date: ???

    If Chrome Dome is in it, it's definitely going to be a top priority game.
    I thought you already mained ROB? Who do you main? Also, best of luck in the tourney, too. My goal is to just make it to the final bracket... if I can make it that far, I'll be happy. Though my real goal is the custom title.... I'm thinking something in the lines of "Titan of Smash", or maybe "Samus Master". =D But I have to keep my eyes on the "path before me" before I even worry about that. One step at a time. Any particular goal you have for that tourney, or just wanna see how far you can go?

    As for the lag, yeah it was a bit much. I live in SC, and the two people I've played in SC & NC are one of my worse connections. My connection seems to connect well with random people for some reason. I have Yellow connection with Solid who lives a mile away, yet Green with some guy I never heard of before. *Shrugs*

    Maybe it's because our matches would have too much Epic for the Wii to handle.
    Good games. I'm trying to see when I can get Solid to get on Brawl again so we can do Teams again, but he has the fabled "Disc Read Error". =/
    hello Mr.
    i was wondering if we can has friendlys.
    i is noob btw....
    Rofl, Yeah Penta and I used our Ftilts at the same time but his hit first.

    Awesome games indeed. I lol'd when Solid PING'd you with Luigi, but I grabbed you which saved ya.
    *Solid calls on the phone*
    "I hate you. My ONLY kill that match."


    We'll have to do this again sometime.
    OH NOW YOU DONE CAUGHT MY COMPETITIVE SIDE! lol In all honesty though, I wouldn't be surprised. I was a Pegasus Knight freak in the Wii / GCN Fire Emblems, and we all know how fragile those are.

    ...I'll just have to make up for it with my skillz. xD See you another time.
    Nah, I was just chancing it since when I told Solid about it, he wanted to see if you'd play then. I told him it would most likely be this weekend, but if you're available tomorrow, a message won't go un-checked in my profile.

    "Gigas Hour". Hm... kinda catchy. I never thought about it like that. xD

    (By the way, looks like I'm going to be using "Pink" Samus since Solid wants to be red. Curses!)

    As for the DS, are used ones an option for you? =/ Sorry to hear about that.
    Pretty cool. I'll have to give Solid a call later then and ask him. I'm not sure when he wants to, though.

    (I hope he wouldn't mind being Blue. I've grown weary of "Pink" Samus, lol.)
    Hm.... What do you think of a Teams match sometime? Just thinking out loud, but I would imagine You + Penta vs Me + Solid. *Shrugs*
    thanks, good luck to you, even though we got put in like the toughest area of the whole bracket, ill add you to freinds cause your very friendly and good
    Yeah, I think something might be up with my connection, since something strange also happened to someone else I played later that day. Sorry about that. =/ Hopefully it'll fix in due time.

    All lag aside, I think you still won the majority of the matches. ...And I don't intend on letting you get away with that, lol. I've got some serious training to do, and those games really helped. Hopefully next time we'll have even more close matches, along with better connection. =D Thanks again for the matches. Untill next time--
    That phrase makes me sound like a god XD

    Short hop down air is crazy powerful ann is under used. Thats why its one of my best kill options.
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