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  • Same here. =/ I personally never played Mario Kart before, but I hear it is a lot better. And what I don't understand is how I can player a 32-player SOCOM game with a lot less lag than Brawl's 2-player. Either way, sadly this is what we have to work with. As much as I wish the designer of Brawl's online would fix the problem, the chances are next to none. So now I've come to know that online has its limits, so I try not too take it too seriously. I've tried for about a year, but finally given up, hahah.
    No need to worry, I know that WiFi hinders everyone, myself included. Though were the 1v1s' connection too horrible on your end, or just mediocre? It was mediocre for the most part on my end.
    i know i was in the middle of a combo -_-

    jk lol. good games. hahaha remember the free for all match on pirate ship? TL spike FTW!!! :laugh:
    no idea man lol. I don't think he does, he might tho. ask him online. via comment box :)
    Hahaha thank you :) your pikachu is a neat way of fighting. I like it however. My buddy uses pikachu I'm going to get him to Upb more :)
    Not gonna lie though, your pikachu was moving so fast at first that it scared me! :)
    Yeah. and what i said resembles what that other samurai said to him towards the end of the series during their fight. Your fighting style, while unique, fast, and agressive goes by a certain beat. I think thats why i was able to time some of those oil bucket catches of your B move so well.
    Have you watched the anime Samurai Champloo? Your Pikachu reminds me of Mugen.
    Lol. Ur Pikachu is AWESOME. The embodiment of ferocity. But be careful, such speed and ferocity can become predictable...
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