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  • Yeah, I got a PM about the Workshop Developers Corner from Bio, so I decided to apply for it and I was accepted in a snap! :3 Makes me feel pretty awesome. XD

    Though that's about the only good thing that's happened as of late.

    Why don't you try out too? Also, more importantly, what've you been up to all of this time? :3
    Hello Alpha~. Your friendly local anger spaz Wavestah has come by to say hi and drown you in french cheese. :3

    Prepare!! D< *epic fist clench*
    Hey Alpha. :3 I had to take a look at it after you said that...Yes, it's DEFINITELY needed now.

    I hope the guys at KC:MM and DasDaonkey release their own guide on how to do sound effects after they're done with Cloud...Or whenever they'll be done with it anyways. x.x
    B+ just feels simple to me, it just feels like a fun version of brawl imo.

    And I can't be flashy which is one of the main things I like about melee. I like showing off my hard work to do things that most people can't do. I can't do that in B+ because everything is so easy. For example, I taught my scrubby best friend how to SHFFL in about 5 mins, now that would never happen in melee because SHing is harder and you have to L-cancel.
    I've noticed that, but I didn't think he'd be stupid enough to do it for sound effects, one of the things the majority of us want. Oh well XD;

    And it's true that the community is spoiled. We see it everyday. However, that isn't limited to only the commuters, since certain staff in certain places tend to be spoiled themselves and think too highly of themselves. Plus they hide behind words like "Opinion" or phrases like "You don't understand what I'm going through so you have no right to talk".

    THAT's what makes me laugh. :3
    I welcome your offer to help. When the official set is released I will need it. Mostly I need people to help me compile frame data from PSA. I've been working on a guide to using the frame advance code. When that comes out maybe people can help me with manual testing as well.
    ok thats fine maybe some other time. (writing here to avoid another useless post on the thread)
    That was awesome Alphatron. ^^

    The Free-for-Alls were really fun, sorry there were items. My friend Tony, he's a pretty good player, but he loves items on. He doesn't mind them off though. xP

    I'm glad to know I don't suck at Jiggs as much as I thought I did. It must have just been the Jiggly vs. Snake matchup. x_x I have a friend that mains Snake, and he always either 3 stocks or 2 stocks me. ):
    We really do need to brawl. :p
    You know where to find my FC so I'll leave the scheduling for tomorrow.(Or some other day)
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