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    Etika: May 12, 1990 - June 19, 2019

    Desmond, we will miss you. We will not only miss the joy and passion that you shared with all of us, but a very wonderful, special, and valuable person. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your friends, and your family. Rest in peace, Desmond.
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be playable at EVO

    I'm going to EVO! I'm happy that a demo will be playble there!
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    A tag team mode Smash Switch. (discussion )

    I just don't like the humans in the Pokemon world, especially them being in Smash Bros. I like it better when Pokemon are playable by themselves without Trainers. Pokemon are able to be solo and to take on the other stars of Smash by themselves, too!
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    What's gonna happen to all of the amiibo of the characters getting cut? And just amiibo in general?

    Well, I hope everyone from 3DS/Wii U comes back, for starters. But in the event that someone does get cut, I just assume that the amiibo won't be functional in the game.
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    A tag team mode Smash Switch. (discussion )

    It would be okay...but I just don't want Pokemon Trainer back, though.
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    What are the most HATED characters?

    The only Smash Bros. character I don't like is Pokemon Trainer, but he isn't playable in the 3DS/Wii U installments.
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    Social Burn With Passion!! -- Incineroar General Discussion (Formerly the Support Thread)

    I prefer Decidueye, but Incineroar would be awesome as well!
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    Alola's Arboreal Archer - The Decidueye for Smash Thread (RIP the dream)

    I'd love to see Decidueye in Smash! Long live the Grass (and Ghost) type!
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    Caution - High Voltage - Pichu for Smash Switch

    Sure, I'd love to see Pichu come back in the next installment!
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    Cloud Strife Announced For Smash 4!

    "Let's mosey!"
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    does anyone else have this attitude? ☆add your smash philosophy here☆

    I try to learn from every victory and loss and use every match to grow stronger.
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    Smash Wii U How did you do at your first Smash Wii U tournament?

    I've never participated in a Wii U tourney. Maybe I will sometime in the future if I can get my win percentage in For Glory greater than 50 percent.
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    We need the ability to grab Sandbag in the waiting room.

    Yeah, I think this makes sense as well.
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    What's Your Go-To Practice Stage?

    I use random Omega stages.
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