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  • European threads? ok cool ill go check, but yea unfortunately i wont be arriving until this weekend, but ill be there for 3 months so i hope i can attend some kind of tourney or at least a smashfest :)
    Hi there, Ill be in Paris for about 3 months and was wondering if you knew if a Paris Brawl thread or a place where i could find other Brawlers there, thanks in advance!
    hi there :3
    thx for the info on BBI ^^

    i'll come back at ya when i have more questions, k? :D

    have a nice day^^
    I'm sorry, I forgot to answer your questions cause I just got up when I made that posting. XD
    About the rules: I will think about it - the rules aren't set in stone yet.
    About the events: Doubles and Singles are pretty much guaranteed, there probably will be a third event. I don't know which yet, maybe Low Tier, maybe Brawl+, maybe something else. :3
    Nah, another one lost blood, too. Though I don't remember who.
    But yea, Onishiba was a pretty cool lad. His entrance was my favourite out of all, and his personality was pretty cool, too... he was like the careless and cool-headed guy, but still loyal to Taizan.
    He would've made such a wonderful last-minute goodguy, too.
    He's awesome, but I like Onishiba more. And his death was touching, too. The only time I cried in that series. ;~;
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