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  • Hello! I'm just wondering if you could tell me how the extra SSS menus in 20XX were created, as well as the custom Debug Menu?
    Quick question, can you make a code that allows "alts" (like in 20XX's PAL alt toggle) and switches the costumes if R is pressed? (Doesn't really need to be R, but that's the most convenient button) if possible have it redirect to .rat files or .pat.

    If not, then at least lend me the code(s) you already have that do something similar (20XX's alt R costume and D-Pad right for PAL alts) and i will try to work from there.
    So, i got a notification that i "Merged Messages" I'm pretty new to forums, so can you tell me what that is?
    You posted twice in a row and a mod merged the 2 posts into one.
    Ah ok. thx
    All my attemps at 2 player adventure mode have failed but achilles what was the codes used to control cp with 2p and 2 player allstar code
    Anyone able to do a universal character mod for v1.02 it would be helpful as i am trying to overwrite two marios spawning with this new code im testing
    ok so ive been playing the new 20xxhackpack and its great. saw the 2 player all star mode and was wondering is it possible to do the same for adventure and classic mode
    I'm working on developing an AI commentator for SSBM. I'm trying to find some way to contact you to ask for help with the assembly side of things and getting game state data from melee while it's being played. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Hey man, I just saw you added BOTH of my Falcon skins as alt skins for the white Falcon. I'm SO ****ing excited rn! Huge thanks for the awesome work you put into this incredible game.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you find them? Were you really looking through every page? They're not featured in OP's post, in face they're at page 105 out of (currently) 124.
    Hey! I was wondering if you could guide me on adding custom stages to 20XX 4.07 ++. I know it's possible, but i don't know how it's done or if it would need a GameCube rebuilder for it. Also if you have a forum with custom stages on mind that would be amazing
    How do i change the CSS cursor? also, where can i find custom CSS? ive been looking online for a while and all the ones i find say theyre not usable because theyre designed for either vanilla melee or an older version of 20xx
    Patreon! Do you have one and where can I find it? I deeply appreciate the work you do for the Smash Community. Quick question while I'm at it. Is there a way to make custom music that has an INTRO or in other words it plays the intro once and then continuously loops the rest of the music? Similar to Fountain of Dreams? I think it would enhance the overall experience if there were such a method!
    Hey man, I need 1.02 for netplay, all the sites have taken it down. Could you hook a brother up?
    Sorry to bother you, I'm kinda new on the boards, only been around for about a month. Regarding the Hack Pack. Is there a way I can remove the Tournament Edition and replace it with the Hack Pack safely? I worry that doing something like this might brick my console. If you can redirect me to any tutorial, I'll get out of your hair. thank you for your time.
    Hey Achilles. My skin was included in the latest release (green falco's "R" alt). This skin has a very noticeable problem with it's color structs. Falco's head turns bright blue whenever you're off camera. I've uploaded a fixed version to Modulous. Just thought you should know. https://modulous.net/mod/689/Watermelon%20Falco
    Got it. I'll include the updated texture in the next patch update. Thanks.
    Haven't looked at this particular one (so I could be wrong for this one), but I'm guessing it's not a color structs issue, but simply off-screen textures that weren't updated for the costume. Sadly, many costumes don't have them done. I guess because people don't realize what they are and think they're unused, or maybe they were done before DTW3+, so they didn't even know they were in the file.
    Ok so, I'm trying to add stage imports into 20XX and I've tried a few and most dont work. I've tried DreamLand(Night), Smash 4 FD, and Yoshi's Fortune. It seems that Yoshi's Fortune is the only one that works. Can you help?
    Hey dude I have 2 questions that contains 3 requests. Is there documentation for these hacks and may i change these slightly?: 1. disabling debug mode for 20XX/re-enabling tourney mode. 2. Press Z for Alt Characters. 3. D-Pad for SD Remix Moveset/PAL Moveset" (this is based on the fact that I was hoping to make my own mod pack of melee that uses these mechanics so that I can have the movesets setup differently)
    Can you change the file name of the 20XX Hack Pack please? It's "full name" is still Super Smash Bros. Melee and I always get confused as I have both this game and actual Melee on my Homebrewed Wii (Nintendont). It would be more than appreciated if you can do this
    Hello, I have a question. How did you go about making new stages for Melee? Not just editing the textures, but actually creating new platforms. You don't have to be overly thorough (I have a decent understanding of modding gamecube games, but I don't know how to make maps/stages) :)
    I still have an issue with dios mios: it's only loading what's in the disk drive rather than the ISO I have on my SD card. Any idea as to how I can fix it? Thanks.
    So how do I know which ones are the coding for the maps?I really need help and the Texture Thread makes me a bit confused because I can't find what I'm looking for.
    How can I pull information about xy coordinates from melee? I just need numbers that change consistently relative to each other on any scale. Working on ai code :p
    Anyone familiar with how some in game toggles in the hackpack could allow the user to force P2 to execute frame perfect moves?
    P2 Grab OoS
    P2 Hold Shield
    P2 Nair OoS
    P2 Random C-Stick Buffer OoS / Roll Backwards OoS
    P2 [Fox] Dair --> Grab --> UThrow --> Intelligent Uair
    P2 [Spacie] Offensive Shine Pressure
    P2 [Falco] Short Hop Lasers
    P2 [Spacie] Shine OoS
    First off, I would love to thank you for your seamless job on 20XX, the mod is very enjoyable. Any idea as to when the next update is coming out?
    What is up with throwing items in 4.05? To clarify; the manipulation of items thrown direction with the C-Stick immediately after the throw.
    With Fancy Throwing enabled, you can throw items in any direction using the c-stick, and the c-stick direction and strength is read when the item leaves your hand, not when the throw animation begins.
    How do I make a icon on the SSS go to a different stage entirely, like clicking Infinite Glacier and going to Bowser's target test stage (vanilla melee not 20xx)
    do you think you could add a sonic custom model in the mix. its for my little brother. he wanted to see sonic in melee. That would be kind if you could. I could make the CSS Picture
    I do not know how to import/make new character models. Sorry.
    Yo, I was wondering if you could give me some insight on how difficult 20XX was to create/how you created it? I am making an effort for similar training mechanics to work in Smash 4, but I am not knowledgeable in mods. Mechanics like CPU Record, advance frame by frame, Save/Load State, etc.
    Is there a thread where you talk about replace character files? Ive been trying to place the spider-fox texture into 20xx but it says that the file is too large.. so i needed help with that plz and thank you
    I heard you and someone else made the warioware inc stage so im guessing you have the secrets of making stages.
    Hey I've been wondering if you may post a tutorial over how to make hacked stages that actually works; all the links to tutorials don't work anymore.
    Hey Achillies,

    I was wondering if you could direct me towards documentation on how to use the D-PAD to select SD Remix/PAL or how it's done. I'm creating my own mod and I would really like to have custom characters mixed in and this seems to be the best way without just overwriting the character. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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