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Recent content by JnL

  1. JnL

    Best monitor for melee?

    So what about the BenQ XL2411P compared to Asus VG248QE??
  2. JnL

    Super Smash Bros. Melee: Port vs Remaster

  3. JnL

    Best monitor for melee?

    @Pauer And someone else said on reddit the Acer GN246HL monitor has ghosting problem, then seeing this Shaltzeiten graphic measures explains everything, that convinced me a lot. At this point, also monitors like BenQ/Zowie RL2455HM (which has less hz) are almost no longer better, and it is...
  4. JnL

    Best monitor for melee?

    Is there much difference if I get a Acer GN246HL? It is the affordable way, and It is also 144hz and according to comparisons and benchmarks, both works well and has 1ms as seen; so apparently are the same.
  5. JnL

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Happy April's Fools; I ain't been prank'd you failed!
  6. JnL

    ESAM Discusses Most and Least Wanted Mechanics in Smash for Switch

    I hate Sm4sh/Brawl... IMO Edit: And releasing another Brawl 3.0 will be very silly... please hope's not repeat the story :(
  7. JnL

    The Mexican Melee Events Calendar 2.0

    Smash scene (specifically Smash 4 in Mexico) are grown already; Melee scene are very few compared to Smash Wii U; Smash 4 in Mexico is so overrated... :/
  8. JnL

    2002-present (2002-2009 *first account banned) this is my second account.

    2002-present (2002-2009 *first account banned) this is my second account.
  9. JnL

    The Mexican Melee Events Calendar 2.0

    It's a pity that very few states of the country has has Medium-size or bit huge Melee scenes; there's a lack of support of SSBM in this country due the high-level ignorance of Mexico. That's really sad. At least I think this is a beginning...
  10. JnL

    Project Phoenix: The back-pocket alternative

    Don't remove the Slot-B how I suppose to play Mario Party 6/7 or Pokemon Channel? Leave both slots please! and you can add a SD and USB port + HDMI, despite AV and AC adapter on a Wii or Project Phoenix put it in could scratch my Gamecube/Wii discs...
  11. JnL

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    Is there a way to play 20XX "online" on console with BBA or Modem, instead of Dolphin?
  12. JnL

    1 year and inactive :/

    1 year and inactive :/
  13. JnL

    Melee 1.00 VS 1.02 Help

    if you play pro home-run contest, 1.00 is not for you. also I think the first revision 1.00, and because mewtwo's shadow glitch... i'm not sure So, SSBM 0-00 or 1.00 was a unstable revision?
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