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  • **** bro, you sent me a friend request already? I didn't realize you were on my friend's list till today :laugh:
    Same as my old username, roacherman

    Just send me a friend request and invite me whenever you feel the urge to play with someone :)
    Lol, and how many did you have?

    Dude, we have to brawl together like the old days.

    And play some CoD since you have an Xbox
    Eh, getting an extreme interest in Pokemon right around the time you left, trying to get 10th prestige on CoD, got premium like last week, etc.

    What made you come back?
    Um hey dude im sorry but i'm gonna ask someone else for the sig since it looks like ur not doin the shop. i'll give u til Monday to respond. if u don't i'm asking someone else. I'm sorry X_X
    sorry Malik, my dad told me to clean my room and said he didn't care about the match and told me to stop immediately. then i tried to join u again and then he said i did a crappy job of cleaning my room and do some more.
    Oh, I wanted to say "GGs." I was that MK/DK/GW/Ike player in those games with LashD. I think you were the Ness player? :p
    Really? u liek my Falco? Cool! that was my second time to ever use him in Brawl. I use him in Melee all the time. But i just now started using him in Brawl. Now get to work on my sig u slacker! lol just messin with ya ;) Take ur time. And woah, u were born on Christmas Eve! Awsum! Gotta go. Bye now <(^_^)7
    Dude ur ZeroSuitSamus is freakin legit.
    GG's sorry if i got a lil crazy with falco's side-B :p
    I want it signature size. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it as long as it looks sweet. I know it has a lot of pictures, but please do it for me :C





    The text could be " Ricky keeps it comin' "

    I am not rushing at all. And you can decline if you want.

    I tihnk the person who was saying you made good signatures was named Captain something. I do not remember.
    Ok alright I just finished. Tell me what you think because I think this is the best Ive ever done and Im proud of myself for doing so ^^

    Dude man, I feel like hugging you right now. ****, my banner looks SOOOOOO much more smexier than it used to be with just grass. Im nearly done with it. Just adding some font to it and a few finishing touches (dont ask why it is a pokemon sig I am also part of PokeCommunity)
    Don't worry. I think once I get enough experience using GIMP I will open my own sig shop. That has been my dream (along with being a full fledged debater) ever since Ive made my account. To make Sigs and banners that make people WHOA! Roacherman actually made that? **** he be a good image editor... yep that has been my dream.

    I have a dream where someday people will admit that I should be the ruler of the world and that people will all live in peace and equality (lol MLK referance XD)
    hm? Why thanks a lot! Ill change that right now. I had thought that grass was enough but that is a good idea on your part
    Thanks man... for the fonts well... I had the right one in GIMP when I happened to make it but thanks anyways. Here is the end result of my hardwork :D The brush I wanted to download was a grass brush :D


    What do you think about it? Good for a n00b? XD
    YES! THANKYOU! Ive been wanting to do that for the past few days, but I didnt know how to do it!
    Wait, if you have Jzip, could you still do it, because thats what I own. Just as good as Winzip and cheaper
    Hey got a question then? (I use GIMP btw :D) How do you add the brushes once you download them? Im stuck at that part!
    Hi Malik sorry for not talk in a while i was busy for some events of yugioh and pokemon my bad ...

    So how you been ? fine i hope.

    Oh i was forgetting nice ness draw lol !

    Hey man got a question for you. If you use GIMP, what brushes do you use for it? Or do you use Photoshop?
    Yes, yes it is. And **** that **** is hard. I actually needed to get a walkthrough from the internet to beat the first **** trap of it. No **** instructions. And dont doubt it because its a movie game, its actually worth it
    Well not much. I saw Saw VI today for the second time (the first time I went to watch it alone with my grandmother, to her displeasure may I add :p, and the second, my dad is a big fan of the series so he wanted to watch it as well) and I got the new saw video game. **** man that **** is hard, 5 minutes into the game and I already died... actually I was kinda lost XD
    yeap! well, hey id better go.. im going to see paranormal activity tonight for the second time! hahah (call me crazy)
    but seriously, we need to talk more often!
    peace out
    yes! yes you should
    we never talk(and if anyone like making small talk, you should know its definitly ME! :laugh:)
    yea well whenever you are on, you should give me a VM or something!
    we need to talk a little bit more
    not much malik! how have you been!
    everytime i think of messaging you, your offline! :laugh:
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