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  • Well since it's a program, we have eight different classes a year specifically scheduled. But I'm also taking English translation, just for fun.
    Biotechnology. It's an engineering program that focuses on applying chemistry and mathematics for pharmaceutical industries, food production and genetic engineering.
    A 30 day break in total. Pretty nice.

    And yeah, it's my second year out of five. Feels like ages since I started here but there's a lot left to do.
    Until the middle of January. Then it's back to non stop math and chemistry!
    Things are great! I'm visiting my family for Christmas, need to cool down my brain for a while.
    A new mouse for my laptop, some new rechargeable batteries and for my birthday, I got a free meal, Portal 2 for the PC and a $50 giftcard.

    Also, I have a PS3 now, add me on PSN: TheRealF8AL
    I swear to god, you have got to have the most outdated avatar on this site.
    I wish I was in a situation like that, haha. I've always told my parents, when in doubt, gift cards. Instead, I got a phone I didn't want, Bolt: The Video Game, and a magic trick kit. no thx mom~

    Hell yeah, still got that Jak series, NFL Street 2, Stitch, Rocket Power Beach Bandits, Ratchet and Clank, and Destroy All Humans. Endless hours of entertainment.

    I'm not as distanced as that, haha. Every part of my family lives in North Carolina, but that's two different sides of the family. Visiting isn't really an option with our financial situation.
    Didn't ask for anything, but I got some shoes that I really needed haha. I did find my Playstation 2 that was lost for about 5 years. Turns out it was sitting under the controllers that I see and walk past every day. It blended it!

    It's always good seeing relatives from out of state. Haven't seen much of my family in years, lol. I'm broke.
    Chilled at home, watched the Jim Carrey Grinch and did other hood rat activities.

    I love seeing family, hope you had a good time! I love my cousins.
    Been good. Thinking about going to Apex and trying hard there. If I do go, it would be my last tournament probably.

    Gonna time out a lot of people there.
    Nope. I've bought it, but I hadn't read any of the other books in a long time, so I'm reading Brisingr again before I start Inheritance. I'm really curious as to what it'll be like.

    I love me some Solids.
    I didn't ask for anything so I got a bit of money.

    I wanted a disc shooter too, but I cannot find a good one at any store I swear. ;-;
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