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  • Going to Vancouver b/c my friend knows people who have a house there and are letting us use it for a week for free. I haven't been before.

    Wash U is an excellent school if you can get in. Good luck with that!
    Classes start in late August. I'm already registered for my classes and ordered my textbooks. The ANGP was a great party, kind of bittersweet though. This summer I'm going to Vancouver with my friends and later I'm going on a cross country road trip with my parents. After that, I'll have been to all the states except Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota!

    You ready for senior year of high school? It's a lot of fun and much more chill than the other years. Got any ideas on where you might apply to college?
    How's it going SOLID?

    I've decided to go to George Mason University. It's hard to believe I'm off to college now! Just finished my Graduation and All-Night Grad Party on Saturday/Sunday.

    How are things with you?
    Pretty good, keeping myself busy w/Mass Effect 3 (Horrible ending...:urg: ) and Minecraft on my 360, you?

    And I'm planning on going back to school in the fall and finding a summer job right now...
    Haha, sounds pretty good. You'll be busy for sure.

    I don't really have any plans at the moment. Maybe I'll take some vacation time, at some point?
    I love the show. Season finale was last night, on the edge of my seat the entire time. Those white walkers, man!

    I heard Storm of Swords was great, I'm gonna breeze through this and try to finish before summer ends.
    I just started reading Clash of Kings, got them all about 2 days ago. Can't wait. I heard Feast for Crows is reallyyyy bad though.
    Oi son you know that latest post on the terribad Godga thread is pretty much spam, son.

    Hit me up on aim, ***.
    Well there've been days off, but it didn't feel like it since car shoppin', secretary of statin', and generally sleeping till noon.

    Plus my brother skipped a few days so I wasn't alone like I'd like, ha.
    Yeah, I did!
    doesn't feel like much actually. Haven't really had a day off since I finished.
    Ditto, I'm surprised I still visit this site even after 5 years. (Until things started to go downhill in November.)

    Thanks for the PM response btw.
    Now this is why I'm glad I'm Canadian and don't have to any of that silly stuff. :smirk:

    Eh, IMO, the Light House is now a shell of it's former glory.

    Planning on leaving this site soon, you know how to reach me.
    Understandable, you're still in HS, right? You doing exams now / soon?

    And I don't blame you, I don't really post on this site / forum anymore.

    Uh, it still exists but no one really uses it these days. I mostly lurk nowadays. =/
    Because my teacher is amazing. He's had a very interesting life (married in Indonesia, manifold global experiences), and he becomes this raving lunatic that tells folktales from Indonesia and Africa, with his own incredibly vulgar twist on them.
    So bro how's your junior year going so far?

    I'm out of that cesspool known as public school and back in my old school. Feels so ****ing good man.

    But classes are still hard as ever.
    Just got into University of Massachusetts - Amherst today!

    Applied to William and Mary, UVA, Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Colorado-Boulder, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan, George Washington, and Virginia Tech in addition to the two I've gotten into so far.

    Don't worry about APs much, they're pretty easy and you only need to get like a 60% score to get a 5 on most of them.
    Yeah it was pretty good. For colleges, I'm in to George Mason so far and waiting on a bunch of other ones.

    Don't worry, 3rd quarter of junior year is the hardest of all and it gets easier after that for the most part.
    And which game in the Asscreed series would you recommend a newcomer such as myself start at? I heard Asscreed 1 is pri bad.
    I'm currently playing the first Mass Effect on my 360, it's a shame you can't play the game on the PS3. (Altho I think ME2 on the PS3 has that comic which lets you pick the 6 choices from ME1.)

    How is MGS4? I've only played TTS on my GCN.

    And tell me about it, my video game backlog is killing me.

    Which games are you looking forward to this year?

    Me? Bioshock: Infinite and Halo 4.
    I'll get back to you on this.

    And I didn't like Oblivion at all. Basically, I borrowed it from a friend, played like two hours of it and gave it back. I remember getting through the first cave part then getting out into the giant field then losing interest. :c

    And I just accepted your PS3 friend request.
    Uh, well basically, it's a legal way to get free DLC and stuff from friends on the PS3. I'm tempted to try it with a few close friends and SWF peeps. You in?

    Skyrim? How is that game? I hated Oblivion sooooooo.......
    Alright, got it. Thanks for your help, SOLID.

    Do you know about game sharing on the PS3?

    That's one thing I hate about the PS3...so many updates...:urg:
    I already have Uncharted 3, how are the previous two games?

    I enjoy a good single player game, as long as it's fun and has lots of content/replay value. I have God of War 3, that game any good?

    Never played those games before, but if I see 'em for cheap, I'll def check 'em out and let you know what I think!

    Does being good or bad in Infamous really change the story?

    And you still haven't added me. :mad:
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