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  • *sweat bead* Sorry, I've been away a lot the past couple days, I went to New Hampshire... been away most of the summer actually..

    But I'll have yall over really soon.
    Yess, we do, but not on Wifi, I'll have yo and Dylan and Dan over and we'll just do friendlies.
    Hi Letterbomb,
    You may have heard of me from my friend Lightning93, and maybe now from CaptainBrawl...I am a dedicated Sheik-Zelda main who has competed in legit Brawl tournaments (as well as Melee tournaments in the past) and I challenge you, as well as anyone else in the Fox Force, to a Wifi battle. We can arrange the time to meet on Wifi and brawl later, but first of all I'd like to know if you accept my challenge, or if you chicken out.

    XD.....maybe I'll try it out when I get some time.^^ Though Im liking mario atm...one of the few who can ca-ca-ca-combo!
    2 weeks are left to chose a representative for you clan for the ToC. You clan was given an invitation, but if you want to looks over it again:

    Dear Clan,

    You are invited to the great Tournamnet of Clans, this is a redone version of our beta competition and is fully ready . The Tournament of Clans (ToC) is a tournament in which all the SSBB clans fight for superiourity, bragging rights, a trophy even. Each clan must elect a representative to compete in the tournament, under the clan name, you will be given a few weeks to decide, and you will be told a week before when it is time to give you final desicion. If you want your clan to compete you may go here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Tourney_of_Clans_I/index.php?showtopic=4.
    Anyone may become members of the forum ( http://z11.invisionfree.com/Tourney_of_Clans_I/index.php?act=idx ), but the representatives must become members to configure matches, and keep in touch with any recent news in the tournament.
    Once you have finally decided upon your representative, you may go to the following link to have that representative register for the ToC. (link:http: //z11.invisionfree.com/Tourney_of_Clans_I/index.php?showtopic=3 ) Take your time in deciding upon whether you want to join the ToC, and feel free to contact me @ Brawler1432 on BrawlCentral, SmashBoards, or the ToC forum for any questions. Once all clans that will participate have registered, the brackets will be made up, and the representatives will have to finish their matches by the end of the round deadline (They will get one or two weeks to complete the round, but must finish by the deadline) or else they will be disqualified, if one representative is active, and ready to battle up to the deadline, he will move on, and the other inactive competitor will be disqualified. Also after all clans have entered the rules willl then be posted. We at the ToC hope we can have the honor of your presence at the ToC, and good luck if you decide to join.

    -Brawler1432 (Head of the ToC) <(^^<)

    Please either reserve a spot on the brackets or register fully if you have a representative already picked. There is still 2 weeks left from friday.. so don't rush, but we hope you'll pick sioon
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