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  • I'm very likeable irl apparently.

    Anyway talk to me on AIM because I hate extended conversation on the forums (even though I have 5000+ VMs).
    My teeth are pretty nice so I'm not typical unfortunately. :(

    And I do actually have a picture before you give me that "pix or it never happened" ****.
    But you don't care so whatever.

    6.5/10 troll right there.
    Going to sleep, night night.
    It's not such a bad place. London's the best, home city bias does not affect this fact.
    Most people imagine me as white as soon as they find out I'm gay.

    Why is it that everyone thinks of white guys when they think of homos?
    I never rage at SWF, only facepalm.

    Usually when I get sick of it I just light a cancer stick in an attempt to shorten my life.
    Yeah it was pretty fun.

    That was when I was most popular because I wasn't a mod!
    Yeah, back then there were like 4 decent posters.

    The rest was just retardedness. In reality it was the 4 decent posters trolling the *******, well except Jam Stunna lol.
    I was the most respected and well known member of UB. Also, I pretty much turned that place from anarchy into a place with decent posting.

    I only troll in the Disco Room and mod social now, which is not really a big deal.

    The reasoning is that I can get stuff done.
    You should try wording your posts better to retain the same sentiment but avoid them being infractable, lol.
    Yeah, that's definitely true >_> But hey, I'm not complaining, I can put this on college apps :p
    You can't make threads in there directly, nobody can.

    You have to click the link on your profile to your blog, and submit it through the Smash News site.
    Yep ;D

    Not way too much to mod though. Which works out, since I'm usually too lazy to do much proper modding anyways :p
    I'm sorry....?

    But seriously, I apologize if I gave off that impression. It's just kind of hard to believe that you'd go on about how ******** everyone in the blog was acting and then be all perky the next second.

    I hope we're cool.
    To be quite honest, I doubt that you're being serious.

    In the off chance that you are, no hard feelings.
    "God, there is just so much ****** in this thread I can't even stand it."

    The ironic thing is that's possibly the worst and least productive statement of the entire thread. :ohwell:
    I'm quoting you in that thread for emphasis lol. I wonder if anyone else remembers that wonderful era besides us two...
    For every Invisionfree clan forum I see, I die a little inside.

    Zetaboards is only "good" because Chaco - our old skinner switched to them for whatever reason.

    I was perma-banned from Invisionfree for asking a support question.
    I got banned from Zetaboards for having "IF ZB sucks, THEN *iPBFree +1" as my signature. And "IF and ZB suck" as my avatar.

    But it's dead and sort of stupid now. :(

    http://wot.xpt.net < short link.

    iPBFree <3 been with them for 2 years. Invisionfree/Zetaboards can go **** themselves. Jcink is alright.
    Who cares for a dog?

    Also Ganon is the ****ing owner of the Triforce of Power. Why does he need a gun?
    That's too bad, I spoke to DeDeDe and he told me to just self-proclaim myself king.
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