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Sword and Shield

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Link is a great character, in my opinion. He has a great inventory and powerful attacks. To start off, pros and cons
Arrows-great if you want to annoy your opponent or knock him off the stage.
Boomerang-sets up combo's
Bombs-blows stuff up, great damage dealer, useful in many situations.
Spin attack-great vertical range, decent damage dealer
Hookshot-tether grab, tether recovery
Aerials-powerful and versatile, especially his dair, which spikes, his uair, which deals fairly good damage and is his primary air ko, and his nair, which has been buffed from Brawl.
Ground attacks:
neutral-3-hit combo, deals 10%
Dtilt and ftilt-both about 13%damage, quite good for initializing combos
up tilt-great juggler, combo's well with up air
DASH ATTACK-Link's bread and butter-dealing 14 percent damage with great knockback,good for ko's.
fsmash-a natural 2hit combo, deals 14 damage on first hit, then 13 percent on hit 2. a great ko attack.
up smash deals decent damage, three hits
grabs are all fairly good combo setups.
Dat reach tho.
Hylian shield: if you're stationary, It blocks every projectile ever.
low damage on some attacks
easily punished, especially after dair and fsmash
tether grab can be missed and if you miss it say goodbye to a stock.
Link's grabs all chain into combos
usmash to utilt to uair.
land both hits of the dair.
uthrow to uair
usmash to dash
bombs after almost any other move.
when playing link, one needs to both go full out but also keep a level head. you don't want to sd, but you don't want to lose opportunities. look for openings, and if none are there, make some. harass with your arrows and bombs, etc etc. It's easy to get good at link.
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This is definitely a troll
It's ok, but it's not good to get into the habit of spamming arrows. At low level play it's annoying and people hate you and is punished severely at high level play. Some things you forgot to mention: The wind boomerang can be used to gimp if you aim it right and jump over. Bombs can be used for excellent setups. Arrows are great for gimping recovering opponents.
Excellent info.
Include sections, but this is good for beginners
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