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lucario master of aura

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Lucario is the Sun Wukong of smash (if you play smite, you'll get what im trying to say). He gets stronger as hes damaged, has great options, and his combos are insane. Lets start out with pros and cons
Aura-gains power as he is damaged
Fairly heavy
Great combos
Recovery is god-level op (i call it the dog of nope)
Force palm is a powerful melee attack but also a short range projectile
You can actually chain the dair
His usmash reliably kos grounded opponents.
His smashes and airs have great ko potential
Very floaty
His power is focused on aura attacks
His recovery may actually overshoot the stage and you sd off the other side.
Recovery leaves you very vulnerable
Double team is hard to time. Used in air, it causes a two second delay... long enough for ganondorf's warlock punch to make contact.
He's slow.

Lucario is a very deliberate character. His playstyle is slow and powerful and revolves around aura. He can take a lot of damage and deal it back out. His aura sphere is his bread and butter. Its a powerful, chargable projectile that can be used for easy kos. His fsmash is a pretty good weapon and has great reach and is lucarios strongest non aura attack, dealing 16 % damage fully charged at 0% and dealing 38% damage fully charged at high damage.His dsmash has great range and is a fair edgeguarder, dealing 14 percent damage. His usmash has great combo potential but is easily punished. His counter isnt realy that useful in one on one, but is very useful in team fights. Force palm is powerful as a melee attack, but can also be used as a short range projectile that cannot be reflected. His airs are very powerful. His bair does a whopping 15% damage, and his uair deals 11 %.His back throw deals
10% damage while his fthrow does 8 and both up and down deal around 6%.
Fthrow-aura sphere. Unless they airdodge verrrry quickly.
Uthrow to uair
Dair chain. Fun as hell to use. You can flutter and rain aura hell from your feet due to lucarios floatyness.
Basic attack. Three hit combo. Basic stuff.
Fthrow to fair. Ive only seen this used, never used it myself.
Uncortunately, many of lucarios combos are very situational. He lacks the speed for a reliable chain-combo.
Thanks for viewing this guide to lucario.
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You tried, very uninformitive, with misinformation. Why would his recovery leave you very vulnerable and why would you overshoot and miss the stage entirely, just go to ledge, f throw aura sphere isn't remotely true, just jump.
Not much of a guide really, kind of just stating the obvious about lucario. Thanks anyways though!
A number of things wrong/missing. Not the worst guide, but I've seen better.
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