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Koopa King

Bowser doesn't get played very much. he's heavy, he's slow, his recovery kinda sucks. However, he's strong, a scary opponent at close range, and extremely hard to KO. to start us off, here's a pros and cons list.
Heaviest character in the game- hard to ko
one of the strongest characters
Side-b is powerful
U-air and f-air are extremely powerful
decent hitboxes for most moves
long-running, if short, projectile
fire breath edge guards well
f-tilt is pretty good
Shield when opponent attacks at close range and then use up-special. it hurts. a lot
down -b is a powerful ko move and can be used to finish combos
I always thought fairly highly of his utilt.
Heavy, big, and slow-extremely easy to combo
recovery is very bad- while it deals out decent damage and can punish, it has little vertical range.
side b can suicide
lacks a reliable way to deal with projectiles- he can't retaliate at all.
Bowser's combos suck-really badly.
he has few punishers- he can use throws to punish at close range but that's about all.

unfortunately, bowser doesn't have many options. To do anything at all, you need to maintain dominance on the ground in small stages. This is where bowser is top predator. his strength is what needs to be focused on. Forward smash is hugely powerful, fire breath can rack up some quick damage, and koopa claw is powerful and pretty long ranged. His hitboxes are pretty big, but he lacks a meteor spike and his aerials are too slow to be reliable. if forced into the air, get back on solid land as quickly as possible. the air is bowsers downfall, and he is comboed easiest here. Bowser's down b is useful and powerful here. From there, your priorities need to be racking up damage with what you can, staying dominant on the ground, and keeping your enemy in close range combat. Bowser's worst enemy is big stages, as well as projectiles. I cant say much about combo's except this-get creative! Really, just wait till your opponent screws up and hit them hard. Bowser's a great, powerful punisher who's a killer on close range .Thanks for viewing this guide to bowser
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for being the only bowser guide, it's good
Dude, your stuff isn't so bad. But it's not good. Why don't you provide better explanations and possibly even examples, combos, and a more organized guide in general? Not a lot of people would know how to "get creative" for combos, especially if they're new to Bowser and probably even have no idea how to do so.
Also, why don't you give tips for dealing with certain characters? That'll help a lot.
You say certain things are good without explaining why or how they should be used in a match. To be blunt, this guide is bad because it is not very informative.
Considering how bad bowser is, this guide is very accurate. To spice it up, how about add some of these fun facts:
1. In the American version of ssbm, Bowser does no damage to Puff and G&W when he Dthrows them.
2. Even if this is targeted for beginners, you might want to mention that if you press Up and B while shielding, you're opponent will regret attacking your shield.
3. Bowser is special in that if he grabs the opponent and keeps hitting them until the opponent mashes out, the opponent will be stuck for a lot longer than if anyone else had grab released them. But the sad thing is that Bowser is so slow that he can't really take advantage of that.
4. Since Bowser is so bad, you should just say that Bowser should try to wait for his opponent to mess up so that he can hit them really hard.
Cut and paste every other review to one of your guides and put it here
yeah well jarate off
This is the noob guide to playing bowser
Bub, Why do you think guides are made? FOR NOOBS, NOT PROS
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