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Marth's been nerfed a heckuva lot since brawl. His reach has been destroyed, he is slower, weaker, and more easily punished. But he's still got it. He's still the king of smash. Let me prove that to you here.
Marth pros:
As always, his sweet spot is the tip of his blade.
His smash attacks do a considerable amount of damage, s-smash is 21% if sweetspotted and uncharged, up smash does 14 to 18 % damage, and Down smash does 18
Marth retains his meteor Down air and his f-air and u-air also deal a good amount of damage and combo well
Marth's counter is still one of his most effective punishing tools
Marth's cons
His meteor down aerial attack is a lot harder to utilize, requiring a sweet spot at the center of the attack
All his attacks do much less damage than in brawl and melee
You have to sweet spot his attacks or else you deal minimal damage
Marth 's gameplay style now revolves around punishing and countering instead of attacking.
Marth's become a much harder character to use. His gameplay style is no longer an attack based one, now you must rely on defense and punishing an opponent's mistakes. Evasion is also one of marths biggest abilities, as he can dodge around most attacks. Marth is slightly more durable than in brawl but still is fairly lightweight, so don't foolishly attack opponents. Marth's throws, especially his up throw, chain well, but his down throw and back throw don't
Standard combos include fair fair dair, dtilt side special, utilt uair up special.
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good analysis of the character, I am gonna start using those simple combos
Could you tell me the percentage and character the first combo you stated works on?
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