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Marth tutorial

First before I start the tutorial this is just what you can do with marth and whats avalible so I'm not all of the sudden talk about shield drops but I might give a little history lesson in between so lets start the tutorial.

0.Terminology:150::151::148::145::004::003::006::009::marthmelee:the cake is a lie
Up Tilt - tilting the control stick up:GCU: then pressing :GCA:
Down Tilt - pressing down in the crouch position:GCD: then pressing :GCA:
Forward Tilt Tilting the control stick foward:GCR: then pressing :GCA:
Up Smash - tilting the C stick up:GCCU:
Forward smash - tilting the C stick forward:GCCR:
Down Smash - tilting the :GCCN: stick down:GCCD:
U air - while jumping:GCY: tilting up:GCU: then pressing :GCA:
Fair - tilting forward:GCR: and pressing :GCA: while jumping:GCY:
Nair - jumping :GCY: then pressing :GCA:
Dair - tilting :GCD: then pressing :GCA:
short hop - slightly jumping :GCY: or :GCX:
wave dash-air dodging into the ground :GCDR:or:GCDL: and :GCZ:
With Marth its important to space because all of his attacks are pretty range in them selves but if you hit your enemy with the tip of his sword it will send them back further and there will be more % damage the tipper is important with F air, D air, F smash, U air, and D tilt (only when edge guard)

Marth can also space with his grab Marth has the longest grab range in the game so don't be afraid to stand back alittle bit so you wont get grabbed instead

2. how to reduce lag

Marth has more than one way to reduce lag of course theres L canceling pressing L before your character hits the ground ( I'd practice with Link's D air because L canceling works with all characters) but you can reduce lag with D tilt by jumping and since you can jump and air dodge to reduce the lag you can wave dash out of D tilt
also theres wave landing an alternative to L canceling wave landing is when you air dodge into a platform just before you land but you can only do this on a platform

3.Marth combos

ken combo:
F air into a tipper (by the ledge) the enemy should go up then jump until you're right above him then use a D air to spike the enemy this should be an easy kill

also you could use the first hit of swords dance then spike it I did not find that out and shout out to hororscope to figuring that out heres the thread
anyway you can only do this at high %

chain grabs:
with any character before they hit the ground you can grab them again then throw them up this is called a chain grab and its an easy way to get % up unless you are fighting falco and/or fox at 25% you should be trying chain grabs experiment and practice them also you can juggle your enemy with an up air B air and F air try to keep them in the air so you can deal even more damage

4. Other

Dash dancing:
dash dancing is when you dash back and fourth but first I'm going to tell you what a dash is and what a run is to do a dash you just put your analog forward and then put it into the neutral position to see if you're doing it right try to turn into the other direction if you kind of stop you're running but if you turn the other way in a dash theres no lag so what dash dancing is, is when you dash back and fourth but your going alittle further one way (mostly twards your enemy) dash dancing is good for getting in grabs and tricking your enemy

to bait your enemy theres many ways to do it but I prefer throwing out air attacks then fast falling L canceling the attacks work with F air B air and U air D air has lag so I wouldn't use it

ledge guarding:
Marth has five ledge guards counter, F smash, shield breaker, regular grabbing the ledge thing, D tilt (and sometimes down air)

D tilt
Marth's down tilt is only useful if the enemy is coming towards you horizontaly

F smash
Marth's F smash is slow so you have to get the timing down but once you have it down its real easy to ledge guard the F smash is when they're coming more from above you because its hitbox covers marth's head a tipper can kill a fox at very low %

Shield Breaker
Marth's shield breaker is the same as the F smash basically but its less laggy and I would use it if a fox is using its side B to recover also it covers more of Marth's front so use it when they're a little below you

finally the last ledge guard thats an attack is the counter it should not be used against a falcon but when a fox or falco is using side B or up B it works against all characters who have attacking recoveries so it won't work on mewtwo
pikachu etc. but it will work on mario, luigi, fox, falco,etc. but again it won't work against ganondorf and captain falcon

stealing the ledge
to steal the ledge all you have to do is when the player is going to grab the ledge grab it before them and they'll fall you can B air so Marth turns around because backwards grabbing the ledge isn't in this game

thank you for reading all this crap that I posted I might update and add more stuff to this but for now its as is tell me if you liked it :)
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you really need to learn about this wonderful thing that's used in writing called a period. The whole guide is kind of a mess and doesn't explain anything in any sort of detail. Most if not all of this information is wrong/misleading.
It was made over half a year ago now let me ask you, do you really think I don't use periods still, do you really think I couldn't make a better guide, do you really think the quality will be the same? Let me ask you that because you're acting like I made this a week ago. Not that I'm saying that the guide is better because it was made a long time ago. But the phrases "You really need to learn about a period" is just remarkably dumb considering the date. So thank you goodbye I hope you feel good about yourself.
This guide is very superficial. You talk about things that are very easy to see about Marth without getting into detail about what makes them good. Very little info on actual matchups. I would say just breaking down the details of Marths dash dance would be longer than ur entire guide.
The organization and presentation is generally poor, and most of the content is either incomplete, misleading, or straight up inaccurate. For instance, down tilt has far more purposes than simply edgeguarding, and is arguably Marth's most important move in some matchups, and yet the guide barely mentions it at all.
I didn't complete it and will be updating it as time goes on
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