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The smash 64 jigglypuff guide

The smash 64 jigglypuff guide

table of contents
0. intro
1. terminology/how to play
2. aerial game
3. edge guarding
4. good jigglypuff stages
5. rest and sing
6. ground game
7. closing and recovery
Jigglypuff is differen't from melee from the % she'll die at to good combos that work on other characters in this guide I'll refer to jigglypuff as Purin the japanese name I'll also be using terminology which I'll explain in the next chapter also purin is very light one of the lightest characters in the game and she's also very floaty so that means she'll die at very low % without DI so if you are not really custom to DI purin isn't the best starting character for you I'd prefer Link,Dk, and Mario let's start the guide
Terminology/how to play:
Pound: Pressing :GCB:which lets out an attack that pushes purin forward a bit
sing: :GCU: and :GCB: which will make your oponent go to sleep
short hop-pressing the :GCCN:button lightly or tapping up on the:GCN:lightly
jab-pressing :GCA:to let out a weak attack
run:tapping :GCR:which lets purin walk faster
run attack:running then pressing:GCA:which lets out a medium attack
F tilt: tilting :GCR: lightly then pressing:GCA:which lets out a strong attack
U tilt: tilting :GCU:lightly then pressing:GCA:which lets out an attack that makes it easier to juggle
D tilt: holding:GCD:then pressing :GCA:which lets out a short attack if another purin is ducking
F smash-pressing :GCR:and:GCA:at almost the same time to let out a powerful attack
U smash-pressing :GCU:and:GCA:at almost the same time to let out a good killing attack at 100%
D smash-pressing :GCD:and :GCA:at almost the same time to let out an attack good for ledge guarding
rest-pressing :GCD:and:GCB:to let out an attack if timed right that kills at around 50% and a good combo finisher
Fair:while in air pressing :GCR:and:GCA:which is good for setting up combos
Bair:while in air pressing:GCL:and :GCA:which is good for when you're in the middle of the combo and good for baiting
Uair:while in air pressing:GCU:and:GCA:good for juggling
Dair:while in air pressing:GCD:and:GCA:good for racking up damage however it will not kill, you can do this attack on a missed tech
Nair:while in air pressing:GCA:good for baiting
now that you know all that crap lets learn something actually important
aerial game:
Purin has very strong aerial attacks Bair, Fair, Dair so lets go over them

Dair the dair should be used if you've baited someone out of shield with nair
or used when theres a missed tech it can hit 10 times minimum 1 or 2 it doesn't send the oponent anywhere but down so you can spike with it so you can't use it as a finisher unless the combo ends off the ledge and you're above the oponents I suggest also using it to rack them up to 60% (depending on which character) then using rest
heres a chart of the % of each character rest killsin the center stage of hyrule
Donkey Kong:80%
Captain Falcon:75%

Bair and Fair:
If you play a campy purin you should be short hop bairing or fairing because they bait oponents and once they're near attack them also the Fair after doing a U tilt or a U smash you can use Fairs then rest
Edge Guarding:
Since purin is floaty and has more than 1 jump it is easy to edge guard with her some of the edge guards you can do are rest,fair,bair,Uair,Usmash,Utilt,Dsmash,D tilt,and edge hog

you can use rest when they're above or below you but if you miss it you can get punished it is risky but it is a high reward if you manage to pull it off

Bair and Fair:
You can use the Bair if they are to the side of you but time it right because Captain falcon's up B can hurt you so you have to space the bair you can use the fair because it has a bigger hitbox for you to space with so its easier

Uair,Utilt,and Usmash:
The U air is used of course when they're above you it is almost garuntee kill unless they DI it U tilt is pretty much the same thing but its more risky because you're giving them more reaction time also its easy to read I'd only do it after they preformed a recovery move and it only kills at very high % the U smash is the same thing as the Utilt except its not risky it kills at about 80% - 90% its a better option than U tilt so the only reason to really use utilt is the rest right after and laugh at them

Dsmash and Dtilt:
The Dsmash is used when they're about to grab the ledge but you need to be at the right spot or the attack won't reach if pulled off they will go away from the ledge with no DI that would be a kill also the Dtilt has more range but it doesn't send them as far as D tilt

Edge hog:
If you didn't know in smash 64 if you grab the ledge another person can't grab it so we call this an edgehog you can get an easy kill with this once you're on the ledge the only thing the other person can do is if you're invinsibility frames run out they can up B you can you will get spiked and die and they'll get the ledge instead so to stop this you can ledgehop but thats risky because if not timed right they will up B you and attack you anyway
Good purin stages:
Purin is good on:
Mario 64
sector Z
Neutral purin stages
Final Destination
Battle Field
kongo jungle
Bad Purin stages
Mario bros
Rest and Sing:
So I already talked about rest and what % it works at but I'll talk some more about it, in order to make rest work you have to time it right and the time is as soon as you reach contact and your player model is going through the oponents model just alittle bit this is tricky on pikachu, fox, kirby,and purin but it's easy on donkey kong,link,samus,and captain falcon that chart that I made about rest up there is center stage of hyrule that means it will kill earlier for example by the ledge of hyrule and by the platform in dreamland

Now lets talk about sing DO NOT SPAM SING sing has a lot of lag so you can get easily punished for it what you want to do to use sing properly is to use it in the air or pivot behind and sing one they're asleep you can pretty much do anything but you can do one attack on them so use the D air at low % but if they're at the % to kill with rest just use it because nothing else is really going to kill them
ground game
Purin's ground game is not as effective as her aerial game but these are some use ful attacks
dash attack
F smash
the Fsmash and Dash attack and pound push purin forward so you should space those the Usmash and Utilt make it easy to juggle the Dtilt and D smash are good because they're really fast attacks you can also pivot which I forgot to explain to pivot left you flick the control stick really fast:GCL::GCR:to pivot right its:GCR::GCL:its good for getting grabs since purin has a short pivot you can also Utilt out of pivot or Dsmash
recovery is when you can't get back on the stage with a normal jump so you use an attack that gives you another jump heres a list of attacks that get you back to the stage:
Purin doesn't have an up B that gives her another jump so theres 6 or 5 jumps that you can do with purin so if you can't get back even with the 6 jumps and purin can't reach the ledge you can use pound which sends her alittle bit forward use pound inbetween jumps and not after the jumps

so yeah thats the guide let me know what you think about it :)
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And Up throw, up air, up air, rest kills lightweight 0 to death
Not bad. You got some good stuff here. I like how large this guide is, talking about very informative stuff and how to pull off attacks and all that goodness. Very great. What I don't like (unimportant) is the lack of proper typing skills, and what else I don't like (which is really important that should really help your guide) is more description on the basics, Jiggly's neutral game, what's useful and what's not (by opinion or fact) and better categorization.
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