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Zeratul for Smash Ultimate Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2016

Zeratul is a character from the game Starcraft which has in fact been on a Nintendo System

Why he would be a great character:
  • He would be mechanically unique
  • He has several abilities
  • He could be our very first Blizzard Entertainment rep which I feel Smash NEEDS

Why he would be unlikely:
  • Only Starcraft 1 was on Nintendo, NOT Starcraft 2
  • Not very demanded

What would he do?
Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom made this amazing moveset as for what he would do in Smash

My moveset it Zeratul has two gimmicks:

1) He can cause himself to have average cloaking ability if he does not sustain damage to himself after 8 seconds. Getting damage disrupts the cloaking. Moving and attacking does not affect this.
2) He has a Hero Level system form 0-5 which changes the properties of his special moveset.

Neutral Special Cleave: Zeratul spins rapidly in a full circle that has a vacuum affect. Having Hero Level 2 causes Cleave to deal increased damage via Void Slash if it hits more than one opponent.

Side Special Vorpal Blade: Zeratul will teleport and attack the last person he damaged with a physical attack. Level 3 causes it to become Warp Skirmisherwhich increases the damage output by a follow up attack.

Up Special Blink: Zeratul will teleport himself based on the direction of where the control stick is titled. At Hero Level 5, he can cast Wormhole which changes the nature of the move. It will cause Zeratul to return to the exact location where he was five seconds prior.

Down Special Singularity Strike: Zeratul flings out an energy bomb that will attach like a Sticky Grenade and will explode five seconds later. Having Level 4 Hero changes it to Sentenced to Death which causes The explosion to be delayed to eight seconds and physical damage dealt while under its effect is increased.

Final Smash Void Prison: Zeratul slams the ground causing a dome of energy to erupt around him which will slow action to a standstill. He then shatters the prison launching the opponents away.


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Dec 9, 2009
I would love to see just about any character from Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo. Zeratul has a really cool design and I think he would make for an awesome Smash character.
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