Xanadu: Emerald Edition

May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
Hey everyone,

Thanks SO much for coming out. It was a blast. It was good to meet some new faces and see some old school ones. The summer is going to be loaded with exciting events even greater than the one we had today so stay tuned.

Addressing the stuff that didn't go so well first:

- Sorry about the time of the event. I was hoping to get things done more expeditiously but I got caught up in Brawl since I made the bracket. Fortunately, CTL got there just in time to get things back on track, so thanks to him. Pool 6 ended up getting run last and had the most people so that kinda messed us up. My apologies, my events usually never run behind and I hate to keep people long especially when they travel from Richmond and SoVA to come out.
- Sorry that ProAm didn't happen, just wasn't enough interest on the brawl side and not enough time on melee side.
- The Project:M Chillin debacle. Sorry to Chillin for even granting your request to enter at all and sorry to the folks who were upset when it happened. I know Chillin is upset about it, but the bottom line is, be on-time and this won't happen. You were doing good as of late for being on time for stuff and I understand stuff happens but I did all that was in my power to run your matches last and you still weren't on time for that. In a Yugioh/Pokemon tournament, you would've been DQ'd in 10 minutes tops. Milkman should've just played out his matches (or maybe forfeiting helped his melee deal, who knows). I should've just denied the request from the beginning and not opened the can of worms, so that one is on me.
- Xanadu's internet crapped out on us towards the end. Sorry people had to miss melee.

Addressing the stuff that went well:

- The Manager at Xanadu was incredibly pleased with our turnout. Let's keep that going over the summer. Some of our Brawl and Melee friends will be home for the summer and I want to give them some incredible tournaments to come home to before going back out at the end of august.
- Singles Only works out for all 3 games. This seemed to work out really well and I didn't hear many complaints about it. It also prevented us from colliding between games and having players holding up matches.
- Pools are awesome, no doubt about it.
- The amount of time for friendlies was at an all time high for all events. Glad everyone could come out and actually have time to play for fun and not be totally rushed for tournaments.
- Brawl finals were incredibly exciting, shoutouts to Logic and Pink Fresh for awesome sets.
- P:M finals were equally exciting, shoutouts to JCaesar and Nintendude for some great sets.
- Melee Finals rocked too. If you missed these due to stream failure, they'll be up on youtube at youtube.com/videogamebootcamp.

Now the results

Melee Singles (25 Entrants)

1. Cyrain ($137.50) :fox::falcomelee:
2. Vist ($62.50) :luigimelee:
3. Milkman ($25) :fox:
4. Nintendude ($12.50) :popo::sheik::peach:
5. DoH ($6.25) :peach:
5. Chillindude829 ($6.25) :fox:
7. Omni :sheik:
7. Sypher Phoenix
9. Bubbaking
9. Fortune
9. Wenbo :falcon:
9. The Doug :marthmelee:
13. Suga
13. Rayqr
13. Pei
13. Big Wenz
13. DKuo
13. DJ
19. Lafco
19. Bones
19. Turbo Gilman
19. Gear
19. mai`kun
19. REM
25. Oasys

Project M Singles: (14 Entrants)

1: Nintendude ($77) :peach: :sheik:
2: JCaesar ($35) :rob:
3: Cmart ($14) :bowser2:
4: Cyrain ($7) :falcomelee:
5: Matmark ($3.50) :sonic:
5: Milkman ($3.50) :fox:
7: Omni :lucario:
7: GIMR :gw:
9: Jesse
9: Rissir
9: Turbo Gilman
9: BobZ
13: Tantalus
13: Oasys

Brawl Singles: (21 Entrants)

1: Pink Fresh ($115) :lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas::lucas:
2: Logic ($52) :olimar:
3: tc1 ($21) :metaknight:
4: Coney ($10.50) :dedede:
5: Tantalus ($5.25) :metaknight::wolf:
5: Jrugs ($5.25) :snake:
7: Bloodynite :ganondorf:
7: SSR :peach:
9: PMJ3 :metaknight:
9: Matt (hey Matt, you left before your 2nd match was up!)
9: Chad :marthmelee:
9: Milo :wolf:
13. Exst
13. Funbun
13. Submediant
13. Aposl
17. VGVideoGalaxy
17. Ethan
17. Aidan
17. Chuesday
21. Sandy



Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
Uh, sure NP. Perhaps in the future, we should check if a certain pool has a Jiggs or a Samus that will make things take much longer and not have them wait for each other's pool to finish. Hah.

So many upsets all around. Strangest bracket results.


Smash Journeyman
Feb 28, 2010
Thanks TOs for running the tournament. GGs all. Hopkins > College Park.

I'll get you next time Omni.


Smash Lord
Jan 8, 2006
GGs everyone my bad for leaving early

im Matt btw. I camped a lot playing rob but **** it. camping is camping. play to win


I had fun playing 1 hr worth of melee friendlies vs chillin dudes friend... sick nasty peach
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
I'll probably post bracket image but Sypher has that data if you thinking about PRs

And Masa- didn't realize that was you LOL, don't think I had ever met you before. Good stuff thanks for coming out.
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
Lost and Found:

So I found 3 items of "Value" left at the venue. If you believe them to be yours, Message me on facebook (facebook.com/thetantalus) describing your lost item and if you prove it yours then I can work on finding a way to get it back to you.


Smash Master
Dec 3, 2005
Good event Tant, always a pleasure.


The stream died obv but the Raffle is still going on, the winner will be announced on the Xanadu stream first thing Tuesday. If you still wanna enter just donate to the link below to my friends cancer fund, EACH DOLLAR U DONATE IS AN ENTRY, just screen shot the receipt and send it to me here, on twitter or on FB, thanks



Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
So the singles-only 3 games with pools format actually worked really well imo. Props to Scott for putting this thing together. I think moving forward we should have tournaments that are either multi-game Singles only or single-game singles/doubles/side events.

Shoutouts to...
GIMR and VGBC for streaming.
Vist for styling with Luigi and for rejecting Cyrain's offer to split.
JCaesar for some quality sets.
Chillin for losing to me, no matter how drunk and/or high he may have been.
Sheik for being good.
Pink Fresh for making Brawl look interesting enough for me to watch GFs.
Wenbo for accidentally quitting out of a tournament match LOL


Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2006
Midlothian, VA
For the record, I asked Vist to play it out and split regardless of the outcome. I figured it was a nice offer considering the fact that he had 2 sets to win against me, but I totally respect his decision not to split. I just feel like it's nicer for everyone in grand finals when you split and I actually go farther back with Vist than literally any other smasher in the world. He was the first good player (alongside Chops) to ever show me anything advanced about the game and I have a lot of respect for him despite the fact that he plays weeeeegeeeeee, my least favorite character =P. Just wanted to make sure you were aware that I wasn't trying to cop out of grand finals.


Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
It's cool, Cyrain. I overheard that whole conversation and I liked that you guys were going to give everyone a serious set with or without the split. I'm just trying to build more hype in this region and I think that splitting, regardless of intentions, detracts from it.

~Pink Fresh~

Smash Master
Jun 21, 2008
<33333333333333333333333 Pink Fresh. Everyone else not so much but Pink Fresh is amazing.
<333333333333 Next time we play I'll go lucas and not marth ^_^
Just watched GFs. Good job PF, you were a pleasure to watch
Ty. Every time I watch it it's weird to think i'm going to win ANY of these matches. loool
Did he need to use metaknight to win a set?
I played him in pools along with marth olimar and wario loool. I didn't play lucas until i lost a game in winners. or if I felt threatened to lose.


Smash Lord
Apr 21, 2010
San Jose, CA
im surprised i didnt place dead last considering my rust lol


cyrain/milkman/chillin/doh/jc - i wanted to play you guys but got distracted. oops <_<
vist - we should have played more man ~_~ but i guess you were tired. good seeing you again
nintendude - i did better than i thought i would <_< ggs. ics are pretty fun to play, despite wobbling
omni - ill stop running into your attacks next time...i hope. ggs
bubbaking - i think your samus improved a lot! not too sure considering my rust but it felt significantly better than when we played in december at mike's place
fortune - gj beating UMD in crews lolol. we should have played at least a little =_=
wenbo - thanks for the drive. do better in tourney man
bigwenz - professional throws
mai`kun - we should try playing a set again without that double sd lol, the set was probably yours. ggs
tant/gimr/xanadu - thanks again for running a cool gig
ben - you play melee pretty good for being a cp brawl player

ggs everyone else i played but forgot about

Xzax Kasrani

Smash Master
Jun 14, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Yo Xzax, stfu. I'd still put $$$ on Logic over you ANYDAY. ;)


Also, at least out results are interesting. =D
see if you put money on logic over be that just proves your a stupid ignorant melee player who has no knowledge of the brawl scene. and they might be interesting to you but MD/VA always sleeps on me for no reason. no one in MD/VA is better then me, maybe around my skill level, but not better ; and they think they are better!


Smash Apprentice
Mar 14, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
Jeeez, last in both events! :X Ahh well, I'm DEFINITELY getting better, so I'm happy regardless. Thanks for such a fun event guys at Xanadu, and thanks to GimR and VGBootcamp for the stream ^_^

Shoutouts n stuff:

Milkman: Cory sucks. :p nah good **** getting 3rd man. A LOT of good players came out and you certainly proved yourself ^^ Keep it up, dude.
Cyrain: So, at least I didn't have to play you in bracket! :p Lmao, our games were better this time around, which I'm proud-ish of. ONE DAY, MAN!
Wenbo: Thanks for the really long set and the advice! Definitely gave me a lot to think about over the next month or so :)
Mai-kun: Keep your chin up dude! You had like the WORST pool =\ GGs in friendlies though, even though I tooootally wasn't warmed up when we played xD
Chillin: I keep forgetting to play sets with you in P:M!
REM: Aaaaagh! Our matches were so sick, dude! We definitely need to play more ^^
Turbo Gilman: How do beat DDD ;~;? Shoutouts to getting 4 stocked on stream ~_~ No johns, but that was like my 2nd match of P:M that day xD. We need to play more friendlies!
Omni: Good stuff dude! Like my set against Gil, I got BODIED, and played really poorly. Our friendlies were really fun though! :) I don't think I played you in melee...
Bubba: Oh my God. xD We need to get a really long set in so I can figure out what in the world to do vs Samus. I DEFINITELY didn't play patient enough. Ggs, though :)
Lafco/Bones: I only played you guys in friendlies, but they were really fun! Shoutouts to faulty controllers :X
Doug: I keep forgetting to play you in melee as well! Also, you went marth this tourney? O:
Everyone else: Getting to play you guys was great! I'll keep working to get better and actually put up more of a fight ^^
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
PA brawl player. I dunno why he took what Redd said seriously

Uh hey folks so two important items:

1. I still have 2 items "of value" in my possession- if you do not claim them I will sell them for charity
2. Looks like the next event will be a MELEE ONLY EVO WARMUP. Get ready folks, this will be regional status level Melee going on here. Should be exciting. I'll keep you posted on details.


Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
In addition to what we briefly discussed at the event, keep in mind that June 15-16 is Impulse 2013, another regional sized event on the EC (though it's in Canada). It'd be pretty awesome if we had a biweekly string of big Melee events including Zenith June 1-2, Impulse June 15-16, Xanadu June 29, and finally concluding with Evo on July 12-14.
Jul 15, 2010
New York, New York
Switch FC
+1 for Pink Fresh. Very entertaining and makes a great reason why I play a low-tier character.

Kirby's low-tier, right? Or is it mid?


Smash Rookie
Jan 9, 2013
Leesburg, VA
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to show me a couple new things to do better with Pit. I'll be sure to practice them and will be looking forward to fighting you all again.


Smash Journeyman
May 19, 2012
Richmond, VA
uUUuuUuUUUgGGGHHHHHHHH @ myself in this tournament. Oh well, I still had some fun and got to play a lot more good people than what I'm used to at tournaments.

Milkman - good shxt getting 3rd. Sorry if I was annoying/distracting this tournament. :X Won't happen again.
Cyrain - even more good shxt for winning. Your sets were hella entertaining to watch.
Oasys - You get better every tournament it seems. It's kinda scary lol. Just keep applying yourself and practice a bunch. Thanks for the words of encouragement too haha, I needed them.
REM - I had a ton of fun commentating with you! You got that natural broadcasting voice haha.
Tant - Thanks for TOing :)
GimR - Thanks so much for the stream and letting me commentate for melee even though I'm a total scrub LOL.
Nintendude - Shoutouts to wrecking me without even wobbling.
Omni - You may have convincingly beat me both games but at least gimme some style points for the down smash and shield breaker kills LOL.
dkuo - Sorry for semi raging after our set. :( Hopefully we can run that back in friendlies one day. Seriously, johns and everything, my tournament self is like below bottom tier.
bubba - Play me in friendlies next tournament! Hopefully it can be before the tournament starts so I'm not depressed for the rest of the day rofl.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 12, 2013
Gah! I almost had the opportunity to make it to this tournament. It's hard travelling from the VA/NC border with no monies. Good job everyone and wow, Pink Flesh, represent with a low tier! Maybe the next tournament I'll try to make it for some P:M. Thanks for hosting these awesome tournaments that make me envious of not being there.
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