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Wishlist of stuff for smash bros for switch


Yeah Shulk, get stuck in!
Apr 10, 2010
Independence, MO
... where do I start.

  • Remove RNG like untechable spin, moves that have rng inherently. If anything, if rng isn't removed in moves, then make the rng occurrences random in a cycle and then keep that constant.
  • NEW - Wall crawling (Climbing). If a character clings and tap up (or something else for the input), they will climb to help them travel across the side of a stage. Could be an extra layer of edgeguarding meta.
  • Aura - the change of transformation from brawl to smash 4 left Lucario to crutch on stacking rage effect with aura by camping aura with or without lead. He probably warrants an overhaul or redesign in order to stay fundamentally rewarding for all phases of the match instead of just choosing to exploit his mechanic in doubles or lose lead in stocks because his own moveset is poor and thus needed aura to stay in the game.
Game Modes
  • Heavily alter all-star, or just remove it for something else. This mode used to be a treat to play in the past games but it's become a fiesta of a joke. Altered knockback for up to 6+ enemies for a good amount of rounds means im basically flicking my c stick for customs on an awful succession rate.
  • A return of Board the Platforms and or Target Test. Current mechanics can favor platform play to be stylish for this mode.
  • Boss rush mode / Boss playable mode.
  • 2v2 training mode choice. Practice, and I mean REALLY practice doubles for combos. Push the 2v2 meta.
  • Replays - hopefully fast forward and rewind. Pause if you knew something juicy was coming up for a screen shot.
  • Return a lottery machine system like in melee.
  • Unlocking content - make it to where franchise characters unlock their own universal content through the game modes. Mario doing feats to get Mario things. Everything else that's misc. can be done with the lottery machine idea OR be unlocked through difficult feats in general.
Character Choices
  • Yarn yoshi
  • Krystal
  • Deoxys/Sceptile/Decidueye
  • Takamaru
  • Black Shadow/Blood Falcon/Phoenix
  • Reyn/Zeke/Rex+Pyra+Mythra
  • Monster Hunter
  • Digimon (stay with me thread)
(Out of all these, I'd desire Reyn, Deoxys, or Sceptile. If you like this post and wanna know about what I'd think of for their ideal gameplay and mechanics, quote me about this.)

There's so much more I could wish for, but being on mobile and not trying to be too invested in one post won't let me type more for now.


Banned via Warnings
May 30, 2013
Overall Game
  • Return of Jeffrey Manning or Dean Harrington (or someone reminiscent of that vibe)
  • Dark, adult menu tone reminiscent of Melee
  • Trophies of Nintendo Anime characters (Ash Ketchum, Jesse & James, Tiff & Tuff, Escargoon, N.M.E. Customer Service)
  • More costume characters
  • No more past stages treated as normal stages, unless they debuted in the Wii U or 3DS version. Also, less flat stages and hovering stages (Skyloft, Delfino Plaza, etc.)
  • All Custom Moves unlocked from the start
  • Return of shooter credits with appropriate character music and illustrated congratulations screens. (Please don't bring back the obnoxious credits sequence from Wii U & 3DS)
  • Accessible Debug Mode similar to Melee.
  • Return of Ice Climbers, Pichu, and Wolf.
Classic Mode
  • No more than four fighters at once.
  • Characters appear on home stages and are only teamed up with characters they have chemistry with (Mario & Peach as apposed to Luigi & Bowser)
  • Retain Intruder Challengers (Giant, Metal, Invisible)
  • Retain second phase with customized fighters.
  • Revive "Break The Targets", "Board on The Platforms", and "Race to The Finish" with personalized levels, or new bonus games that incorporate platforming skills.
Adventure Mode
  • Select your character from the beginning
  • Two Player Co-Op
  • Boss Characters
  • Animated Cutscenes
  • Short and re-playable with alternate routes that can be accessed be a achieving a secret objective, allowing for representation of all universes.
  • Secret objectives that trigger confrontations with unlockable characters.
  • Return of Smash Run enemies and stat boosts that last the entire playthrough
Character Changes
  • Return of Mario's down aerial, better pallet swaps, replace Waluigi pallete swap.
  • Poltergust Down Special for Luigi and Negative Zone Final Smash, return of accurate Waluigi pallete swap, Smash 64 pallete swap with purple overalls. Return SMB outfit to secondary color.
  • Replace Purple Yoshi with White Yoshi. Return of Yoshi's Down Special voice clip.
  • Better fur effects for Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong, plus DKCR design for Diddy's jet pack.
  • BOTW design for Zelda and Sheik. Harp taunt for Sheik.
  • New Ganondorf design with Ancient Armor.
  • Mike Kirby Final Smash.
  • SFZ design for Fox, Falco, and Wolf.
  • Detective Pikachu Hat.
  • Mewtwo armor costume.
  • Dr. Mario tapping his foot as part of idle pose like on title screen.
  • Ninten alt for Ness
  • Leif alt for Marth
  • Return of Mr. Game & Watch's stock icon, sound effects, and KO cry from Melee.
  • Shoulder ram for Wario. Replace Mario colors with outfit from Wario Land 3.
  • New design for Olimar. Replace purple and white pikmin with rock and winged pikmin. Replace Up Special with jet pack. Replace Hocatate Ship with ship from "Hey! Pikmin", Five Pikmin at once.
  • New Side Special for Sonic, Tails's Tornado for entrance, lose rings when KO'd.
  • NL design for Villager.
  • Bath towel costume for Palutena.
  • Taunt that allows Lucina to take mask on or off for as long as the player wants.
  • Pac-Man death sound effect when KO'd, Ms. Pac-Man alt.
  • More references, trophies, and music from other Final Fantasy games, including Final Fantasy VII.
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Mario & Sonic Guy

Old rivalries live on!
Sep 18, 2007
Mushroom Kingdom
There's probably one thing on my wishlist that should be considered...

Improve the KO potency for certain Final Smashes. I know that not every Final Smash is meant to be a quick KO maker, but some of the Final Smashes are too underwhelming with their KO potential.

Ze Diglett

Smash Champion
Writing Team
Dec 7, 2014
There's probably one thing on my wishlist that should be considered...

Improve the KO potency for certain Final Smashes. I know that not every Final Smash is meant to be a quick KO maker, but some of the Final Smashes are too underwhelming with their KO potential.
Yeah, I've noticed that an overwhelming number of Final Smashes in 4 are just plain bad. For the most part, they're hard to land, too slow, too weak, or some combination of the three. I remember in Brawl when Final Smashes were actually worth going after that Smash Ball... nowadays, you only do it so your opponents can't have it.

Mario & Sonic Guy

Old rivalries live on!
Sep 18, 2007
Mushroom Kingdom
Yeah, I've noticed that an overwhelming number of Final Smashes in 4 are just plain bad. For the most part, they're hard to land, too slow, too weak, or some combination of the three. I remember in Brawl when Final Smashes were actually worth going after that Smash Ball... nowadays, you only do it so your opponents can't have it.
It also doesn't help that the transformation Final Smashes have a shorter time limit than in Brawl. Giga Bowser lasts about as long as a Super Mushroom, and yet the Super Mushroom is the stronger option for Bowser; under normal circumstances, the Super Mushroom boosts a fighter's overall damage output to 1.56x its normal strength.

And the biggest nail in the coffin is knowing that Giga Bowser is unable to use any items (except for the Super Star and Lightning), and is unaffected by size-changing items.


Totally humorous voice over and YouTube guy.
Jun 9, 2018
A van down by the river
Switch FC
Ok...My wishlist here we go:

Bring back adventure mode from Melee

Midna. Just Midna.

A mode where you each stock is a different fighter.

Better alts.

And my Final one is more of a personal preference, but why doesn't Mr. Game and Watch have eyes? Every other Game and Watch Character does.


Smash Champion
May 31, 2015
I suppose my wishlist for Smash Switch would be something like:

-Actually good balance.

-A training mode that isn't useless.

-For Sakurai to actually give us ****ing patch notes. Like, why is figuring out what the **** the devs just did to the game up to the community to figure out?

-More weapon variety amongst the Fire Emblem part of the roster. Everyone is currently a sword user, but there's plenty of other popular characters that don't use a sword. Why not include them? Would love to see like Hector (plz with Patrick Seitz as his VA and his sexy Fire Emblem Heroes Valentines Day outfit tho) or Azura or Bow Lyn or a manakete (which, my preference would be Nah, but that's not happening, as if they did include a manakete, they'd likely go for the much more popular Nowi or Tiki :() or a dagger user (personally would like Felicia) be playable in the game, and I doubt I'm the only one. Robin and Corrin were a step in the right direction, but still.

-For Classic mode and Break the Targets to be more like they were pre-Smash 4. Also please no more 8-player smash in Classic mode.

-Maybe like, add Dark Samus as a playable character and a stage based on Dark Aether or Phaaze or something. Dark Samus doesn't even have to be a full clone. When you fight it in the Prime games, while there's some similarity between the moves it and Samus use, there's still enough differences for it to be a semi-clone at worst.

-Some tracks and a stage from Xenoblade Chronicles X. Not so much a character from it, as there isn't anyone I'd be interested in playing from it besides the player character, but even then I'd only want to if I could significantly customize their appearance (and would be nice if you could do this with Robin/Corrin too). One of the playable Xenosaga characters would be cool.

I think I'm forgetting something, but there it is.

Not like any of it will ever happen though.
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Smash Cadet
Mar 8, 2016
So uhh.. My wishlist consists of, lemme see, Charles Barkley.

But in all seriousness here’s what I’ve got.


Story mode - I’d like to see this come back. This mode just brings back memories of my mom picking up my friend and I and just me and him trying to beat the great maze. I think it did a good job of incorporating (just about) all the characters into a very unique story line. The other thing I think they did a good job with was how well it was presented without words. It really made you think I liked having some sort of aspect like that in smash.

All Star Mode - All Star was serious when I used to play Brawl I remember unlocking all the characters and just really getting excited to play the mode. Now it’s just, eh. I mean I don’t want to see it go but I’d like there to be some reworking or tweeting in there.

Training Mode - Just fix a few bugs at some more customization, minor things.

Smash Tour - I’m still confused as to who thought it was a good idea to put this on the front page of the menu.

Smash Run - Would I care to see it go, not really, if it stayed, cool? I really don’t care. It was fun once or twice but then it got boring.


Rage - Rage is just, weird. It made a fighting game that was already pretty complicated to begin with even more complicated. For me I saw rage as just another annoying thing to have to worry about with combos. I’d like to see it be reworked, maybe a new mechanic (except tripping lol) could take its place? I have no clue it would just be something cool I guess.

Walking and Tilts - Now this maybe my controller or it maybe how hard I’m inputting something but if you BARLEY I mean BARLEY moved your stick to the left or right your ass is running down the stage. Same thing with tilts, you barley move you stick it’s a smash attack. Just maybe actually make it where as you have to move it maybe a little farther, I don’t know this could be my controller but it has been a bit of a problem.

Throws - I’d like to see all the characters be able to follow up their throws (except if there is a charcter that uses tilts to be effect like Corrin). I just feel like grab game is extremely important and it really something that can go a long way in Smash 5. However I don’t want to see Jigglypuff be able to true combo Up Throw Uair Uair Rest. I want there to be some stability between all the characters.

One last thing I’d like to see is some buffs to the big guys. I’ll use Dedede as an example because I have the most experience with him. Dedede relies on gordo throws and some smart edge guarding, but the way he’s built it looks like Nintendo wanted him to be an aerial fighter. I feel the same way with DK, he is probably the best heavy out of all of them (I might be wrong there I play Luigi and Dedede please correct me if I am) I feel like DK was meant to be “get thrown around and dunk em when you get the chance” but he’s actually really grab based and very patient. I just feel like heavy characters are in one way designed by Nintendo, but the competitive Smash community see some other light that Nintendo didn’t see and use that charcter another way. I’d like to see some clarity there because the big boys haven’t been known for being top tier in Smash Bros. games.

Planet Cool

Smash Ace
Sep 18, 2014
King K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Ganon, Ridley, and Simon Belmont, not necessarily in that order. If I get at least two of those, I think I'll be perfectly satisfied with the game.

I also want an Adventure Mode. Maybe not as huge as the Subspace Emissary (although I actually really liked that), but beefier than Melee's Adventure Mode.

As for stages, a Donkey Kong stage that's not a jungle (preferably a factory or pirate ship), a stage from a Wario Land game, and a stage for Bowser. I also hope Saffron City, Fourside, and/or Yoshi's Island from Brawl come back. More generally, I hope there are fewer moving and traveling stages.

This is the silliest thing on my list, but it'd be nice if Wario got a Land-inspired intro animation when he's wearing his classic overalls. If he came in riding a flying carpet, I would lose it.


Smash Master
Jun 18, 2003
More alternate costumes! Pikachu needs a female one. IF Pokemon Trainer returns, Leaf should be an alternate.

I may have nearly cried. Especially when Leaf herself was revealed. GF has neglected her existence for so long. SHE LIVES.
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