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Wishlist of stuff for smash bros for switch


Smash Champion
Nov 4, 2007
Hey there, this thread is basically to speculate and number things you would love to see in smash switch if it ends being a port of the wiiu game. The wiiu game is an excellent mulltiplayer experience and a very solid competitive game, but it does have its flaws if you stop playing it that way.
for starter, playing singleplayer can be pretty boring, and there is a lot of features like mii fighters, stage maker and 8 players smash that feel like an afterthough.

Feel free to say which characters you would like seeing and stuff, but please, try to not only talk about characters and avoid post that is only "I want to see x character in smash" because there is a lot of other threads to discuss just that.
Also please note that the fact that smash switch will be a port is PURE speculation, as the fact that it will have a lot of new content. So don't put your hopes on it and just have fun :3

so for starting, here is my top 10 list!

More characters (duhhhh)
lets start with the obvious, more character, nothing ore to say here franklly.
Imo the more solid nintendo picks would be ice climbers and inklings, old and new. niche and mainstream, appeals both hardcore smash fans(Iceclimbers) and newcomers (Inklings), and both can potential offer stuff no other characters can.
as for third parties, i would go with shovel knight and bomberman. both of them seem to be doing fine in the switch, at this point shovel knight have started feeling like the indie posterboy and bomberman is a timeless classic.
as for personal dreampicks, i would go with Ridley and simon belmont. very unlikely, but thats is why they are dreams. duh.
And bring another namco rep. they have make a great job developing the game, let's throw them some love.

so now that we talked about characters, lets move to other more juicy stuff.

smash 3ds content in HD!
I mean, stages, trophies and stuff. let the worlds collide, (I mostly want gerudo valley in hd though :c) which brings us to the next point.

Smash Run Redux in HD.
Smash tour was a mistake, but smash run seems to still have some potential to be a cool alternative way to play smash.

more consistency between DLC characters and the rest of the cast. even if giving them customs at this point would be
mere a formality. but stuff like new mii gear from some of this franchises, more content (Final Fantasy) or assist trophies could be cool. not 100% dependant on nintendo though. (I mean, that final fantasy music selection..)

Now that i mentioned 8 and 7, who is for a melee like adventure mode? with NPC, plataforming, enemies and stuff? with themed worlds such as mario, zelda, DKC, final fantasy or megaman :o we don't need a complicated story and lots of cutscenes...but a great designed levels would be very welcome.

Mii fighters redux. this whole idea was way too underdeveloped for casual/singleplayer game, and too unbalanced and counterintuitive for competitive. Mii fighters are already either banned or confined to sub optimal and boring characters everywhere, so i don't think that altering the balance of the game too much with a new mii fighters creation method. more probably it wouldn't be allowed on the normal meta, much like items arent, and nothing wouldve changed for the worse..
That being said, the ability to choose between heights in the game would be very welcome. also a decent color edit mode for the parts of the costumes.
But more importantly, first the chance to choose between at least 3 different body proportions. this woudl help inmensily at the moment of recreating characters. the proportions would be a mario/actual miis proportion, a mega man's zero kinda anime proportion, and a realistic proportion. and if you need to go even further, add a donkey kong esque hulking proportions, and a kirby/blob/super chibi proportions. the proportions shouldn't be tied with height.
the biggest problem is that every proportion should have its own anymations, even if the attack looks the same. but the plus is that they could be more creative with the mii's skin they make, and certainly they would become wsaaaay more tempting to buy using real money if they go for dlc. considering that now if you purchase a chrom skin, you can choose not to make it look like an abomination of nature.
The second part of this point is being able to have more customs moves, and even at least an alternate set of normals and grabs you can choose, this obiously have the potential to be very broken on competitive, but since way less customization is already banned in competitive, its clear it would be more a casual/for fun addition.

New game modes! some interesting gamemodes could be tag team battes, and a real crew battle mode that doesnt have TOs kinda improvising one. another easy mode to implement could be a king of the hill esque mode with a plataform that spawns in certain places of the map and gives point to whoever is standing on it. this could also help make teh bigger maps more playable, since running away is no longer a strategy.

Improved 8 players smash! a mode with so much potential, but right now seems to be a mess, even if a lot of people have attempted to make it viable. some of what it held it back is technical dificulties which the switch being at least more powerful than the wiiu should have an easier time with it. And a lack of structure. team deathmatch doesn't work too well in 4v4 scenarios, and anything outside teams is pure chaos.
IMO less killing oriented mechanichs and more objective oriented mechanics could help more with the bigger teams meta. Both money smash (currently unavaiable in 8 smash, probably due to technical constraints) and king of the hill smash could see the potential of teams attempting to fill different roles, like a cash speedester that attempts to grab all the money while staying alive, another one to hunt the money grabber a good cqc interrupter that attempts to set up a heavy hitter for big cash production, or stuff like that.
Plus king of the hill would help a lot bigger stages with stuff like circle camping, running away, camping walkoffs, making them more viable IMO.
It would also be a great way to promote the switch 8 console LAN parties.

Improvments to the stage builder! From brawl to wiiu we certainly saw a big improvment to the stage builder, but that doesn't means that it can imprve a lot still. from returning features from brawl such as conveyors belts and circle platforms, to the ability to make 8 players stages or deciding where to put spawn platforms, and some kind of CTRL Z when you are drawing complex forms, there are a lot of quiality of life improvments to be made.
now add the chance to be able to not make them ugly as hell withouth making a deal with the devil to bend reality in the more creative ways, and we can certainly have something very exciting.
maybe add the chance of different styled platforms, decorative stuff on back layers, and the ability to alter the main platform in 3 dimensions (even though the stage would still be 2 dimensional. being able to put decirative stuff on other layers beside gameplay layer, and who knows, maybe add more themes, some of them franchise related, such as mario textures with questionmark blocks, stuff like that. aaaand that meks us reach to number one (which coincidentally uses a lot of the bases of the previous numbers)

Being able to create adventure like themed platforming stages a la mario maker. we now have the neutral enemies from the smash run, amd adventure mode ike melee, and even access to a lot of custom miis, a even better stage builder and more resources and stages resources, sooo, how cool would it be to be able to design platforming stages in smash? and use teh game resources to replicate the success of mario maker? plus, while there is a limit how much dlc characters you can make without throwing balance through a window, stuff like mii costumes, or stages resources and themes are more easy to keep producing them withouth worrying of breaking balance, making the game potentially profitable in the long run.

Please note that this is a total dream wishlist and i'm not expecting for smash switch to be this. but sometimes speculating of what could be is fun (i mean.. look at this part of the forum)
sooo, your thoughs? what you would love to see a potential smash switch add to the table? besides... the obvious new characters :o
Jul 12, 2014
An elevator
Edited title to not be overly specific. No need to have a thread JUST for a port and JUST for a sequel

More than anything, I definitely want to see improved single player. Brawl had SSE and Melee had adventure, classic, and IMO the best event modes. Smash For has Orders. . .


Smash Cadet
Apr 16, 2017
The Soviet Union
Would really like to see Isaac from Golden Sun in that game. Maybe Krystal from Star Fox as well. For 3rd parties(if any), probably Shantae would work best.


Smash Ace
Dec 31, 2010
If I was to make a roster, I would truly think about who would be worthy of being playable.

There are three things I want form a playable character in Super Smash Bros(or any platform fighter.) Mobility, Arsenal, and Combat.

Mobility: I'm not just talking about being quick and nimble. The character has to have something that can propel itself anywhere, especially upward. Either a skill(the SMB2 Super Jump, Cammy's Cannon Spike/Thrust Kick), a Power-Up(the S3&K Electric Shield, the Hi-Jump Ability) or an item(Proto Man's Proto Coil, a Jetpack) can work for many. This is primary why I'm having trouble thinking up something for Simon Belmont, and would rather choose Richter Belmont instead.

Arsenal: Of course they have to have something to dish out some major damage(or at least, some trouble like confusion or paralysis). Either weapons, elemental powers, or whatever they can pull out that would make good, workable special moves. This is primarily why most characters from Fighting Games and Beat 'em Ups are hard to work movesets for(as well as the fighters being considered boring. They fight and nothing else), Especially 3D Fighters(Praise the Lord for oddballs like Yoshimitsu).

Combat: Though you can unleash the biggest fire power you want, it wouldn't matter if the enemy is that close up to you ready to pound your face in.I still say you need to have some good form of close range combat for minor moves(weak and strong). It'd be good for setting up combos. Either punches and kicks(Chibi-Robo,Twinbee), scratches, slashing, and clawing(Corrin should be able to do this), or any close range weapon(Farfetch'd's leek, Waddle Doo's sword for "Kirby: Right back At Ya!, even Mappy having a night stick) will work for this situation. This is Primary why thinking up a good moveset for say, anyone from Contra, is extremely difficult.

These three are what matters the most to me. If a character fits all three conditions(as well as having a major appearance on a Nintendo System), then they certainly qualify for my roster.

Bowser D.X

Brawl Player
Jul 22, 2010
Ok here goes:

Issac from Golden Sun
Vaati from Loz
Princess Daisy
Krystal from Starfox
The Gen 3 Pokemon trainers as a replacement for Brawl's PT
Or better yet Champion Cynthia
Mia from Goldensun
Ash from the Pokemon anime. Yes, he is not from a game, but he is probably the most recognizable Nintendo characters there is. It would be fitting if he was in the background cheering Pikachu on.
Speaking of Pikachu.
Tingle (no I'm not joking)
Midna and Wolf Link
Toon Zelda/Tetra
Samurai Goroh
Viridi from Kid Icarus
Saki Amamiya from Sin and Punishment
Andross from Starfox.


Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2013
Naked in Magicant
When it comes to modes:

-Smash Run from the 3DS version, it will be perfect with the Switch portability, but it would be cool if there was an option to play on the same screen (but may become to chaotical). Put maybe 1 or 2 new Smash Run stages too, and customization like teams etc.
-Actual Classic Mode, you know, the good ol' one from 64 to Brawl
-Adventure Mode, inspired more from Melee but with a twist, there are more levels which you can reach trough secret exits ala Star Fox, a playthrough will last like the same as Melee's Adventure, but choosing different routes through the Nintendo franchises themed levels will give this mode even more replayability.
-Break the Target: i will take Brawl's format for BtT if they don't want to make a ton of unique stages.
-Board the Platform: speaking of returning modes...
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Smash Ace
Feb 22, 2014
Break the targets... creation: create your own break the targets for each character and share it with everyone online (of course you need to prove its beatable before you can hit the confirm button)
-Adventure Mode, inspired more from Melee but with a twist, there are more levels which you can reach trough secret exits ala Star Fox, a playthrough will last like the same as Melee's Adventure, but choosing different routes through the Nintendo franchises themed levels will give this mode even more replayability.

As for characters... you can see that in my sig.
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Smash Champion
Jan 8, 2014
Extremely Likely things I want in smash on switch:
All 3DS/Wii U stages.
Smash Tour AND Smash Run
All custom parts and extra character DLC included.
The return of single console not online tournament mode for parties.

Pretty likely things I want in smash on switch:
Ice Climbers
More event matches
More custom character parts (costumes, accessories.)
Some more Alts on existing characters
More character costumes.
Some game mode focused on fighting stage bosses.
A Splatoon assist trophy
An arms assist trophy

It's not going to happen, Fred why you being crazy:
All stages return. From every smash. Ever.
Squirtle, Ivysaur, Pichu, Young Link, and Snake also return.
10 more new characters anyway.
A season pass promising 20 new stages and ten MORE new characters.
Subspace Emissary 2
New Mii move sets.
New custom moves for everyone.
More more more... I want it all.


Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2013
Naked in Magicant
Oh yeah costumes, give more characters alternative costumes like Cloud and Bayonetta, maybe they received a bit of "special treatment" but so Nintendo characters deserve it too, maybe make some alts unlockable too.
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♥Smash Beauty♥
Aug 6, 2012
All I want is a entire new game instead of a remake/deluxe edition
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Formerly "ZeroSoul"
Writing Team
Sep 28, 2014
South Carolina
The five things I want most:
1.:4jigglypuff: Buffs.
2.The Hyrule+ Tier veterans, :4jigglypuff:,:4zelda:, and :4ganondorf: to finally leave Bottom Tier.
3. At least 1 newcomer I personally want a lot (For example, Bandana Dee, Dark Matter, Jirachi, and Dr. Eggman all fit that bill), Smash U/3DS left me wanting a piece of that delectable newcomer pie that mostly everyone else was chowing down on.
4. A couple newcomers that I don't personally care about but large portions of the community want, like for example, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Isaac.
5. Better spread of representation, I'm not asking for cuts of overrepped franchises but it'd be nice if franchises like DK, Kirby, and Zelda got some priority when the dev team's adding characters while Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus stop getting any new characters.


Smash Rookie
May 11, 2017
Currently in the Matrix
To me, I want the maps to be better. I love all of the Nintendo games being tied together in maps, but after a while they feel repetitive. Honestly, I see a trend of "new" maps from Smash 4 basically being Battlefield with a different theme. I really loved how they did the Super Mario Sunshine map and to me it remains to be one of the only maps with really great transitions. I'm not saying that all new maps are bad, I would just like to see a brand new addition to the pre-existing variety we already have. Of course, this doesn't bother me too much and I really like what we have now. But it would be great to add in a few new maps that have something unique that can set them apart from the other maps.

lady_sky skipper

Smash Ace
Jan 29, 2017
Well, I would love to see Bandana Dee, Sky Skipper, and just about any character from the Pilotwings series become playable in Smash Bros. I would also like to see Pilotwings 64 get represented as a stage, trophies, or stickers.

I think we should limit the 3rd party guest stars to at least 3-6 although I would love to see Sonic and Pac-Man come back. Speaking of which, Taizo Hori from Dig Dug/Mr. Driller would be a great guest star.

Lola Luftnagle

Banned via Warnings
Nov 16, 2016
Right...I'll make it short, sweet, and simple:
  • The addition of Viridi, Ashley, and Celica
  • A three-and-one-third percent chance (1 in 30) chance of Goldeen appearing from Pokèballs
  • Skull Kid and Nightmare to stop appearing in Assist Trophies
  • The ability to L-cancel aerial attacks
  • Brawl's hitstun cancelling
  • Not having to fight CPU-controlled secret characters to unlock them
  • Melee's ledge mechanics
The end...


Smash Cadet
May 15, 2017
Memphis, TN
honestly, betting on a port, i honestly would just like minor rebalances that are patched into the other versions, all of the dlc being included (much like they have done for mario kart 8 on the switch), and maybe a couple of new characters who may or may not be added as dlc for the other versions.
i personally feel like replacing smash4 entirely with a new version is not the best idea yet. smash4 is still going too strong for a full replacement to be viable yet.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 28, 2012
Switch FC
· First, I want Smash Switch be an actual new Smash game and not a port. I don’t mind if it takes elements from Smash for 3DS or Wii U, just as long as it’s a completely new entry. Nintendo doesn't have to port all of their Wii U games to Switch.
· For the pre-existing custom moves, I didn’t like how most of them were just variants of the same move. So I say drop one custom move in each move slot and replace it with something original. As for the custom recoveries that are non-damaging or have crap distance, replace them both with one better variant and one original move.
· Drop Smash Tour as it’s probably one of the least liked aspects of the Wii U game (from what I understand at least).
· Add an Adventure mode similar to Subspace Emissary in Brawl but with new features, like paths that can be played in any order the player wants. But, in order to unlock certain paths, the player has to complete other levels first. So generally, a Story mode that is less linear and with better replayability.
· The Mii Mage as a new Mii Fighter option, in which they use attacks centered around magic.
· Give Ganondorf a fresh overhaul on his moveset and fighting style. Replace three of his default moves to ones based on the abilities that he uses in the Zelda games, like his electric “Dead Man’s Volley” attack from Ocarina of Time or his Shadow Warp move from A Link to the Past. Except keep his Flame Choke which is fine the way it is. Then maybe switch three of his current default specials to the custom move slots so that the players who do like those moves can still use them. Also, implement the sword that he uses in Twilight Princess into his A moves. It just doesn’t make sense that Ganondorf is still copying Captain Falcon when he already has plenty of original material to work from.

The new characters I want to see the most I’m going to keep as a separate topic altogether (though some of you might already know some of them).
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Smash Rookie
May 26, 2017
I would love to see improved online multiplayer (for glory) and better alt. Skins


Smash Lord
Aug 9, 2016
Somewhere Else
Switch FC
Project M but for Smash 4.
Project for Wii U would be a wonderfully terrible name if such a thing were to happen. There are multiple balance mods in the works already though, so as N3ON said, just give it time. I'd bet people are probably already trying even if it's very basic/early stuff. So far, Smash 4 modding seems to have evolved much faster than modding in the Brawl days though there are still plenty of major hurdles to overcome.
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Smash Lord
Apr 13, 2010
More unique victory themes.

The Pokemon don't need to have the main theme as their victory theme for example. The G1 Pokemon could use the G1 capture fanfare as their victory theme, and post-G1 Pokemon can use the capture fanfare from subsequent games,


Smash Champion
Nov 14, 2007
Starbase, where no turtle has gone before.
What I'm personally hoping for is not a direct port, but rather a remastered version. Smash 4 Switch could have the same battle mechanics as Wii U & 3DS, but at the same time bring a fresh experience.

Cutting past the obvious things (new characters, stages, music, etc)...

• Smash Tour needs to die in a ditch. The only reason I played that mode was to unlock the Pac Man stage.

• Smash Run would be great, though I think they should do something new.

• Classic Mode: Kind of liked the 3DS version better than the Wii U version. Less chaotic. Either bring that back, or do something new.

• Event Mode: Along with new events, I would like to see a traditional scroll-down list like the one in Melee. I absolutely could not stand the format in Smash 4.

• I'd want to see a "Boss Rush" mode, where you fight both old and new bosses throughout the series. Also, in Classic Mode, you could fight a random boss before you got to Master Hand.

• Ever since the pre-Brawl days, I've always wanted a Tag-Team Mode, where you pick three different fighters. It could function similarly to Stock Mode, only you switch characters when you die. Hmm... "Switch Mode", perhaps?

Tin Pin Slammer! Street Smash! :awesome:


Smash Apprentice
Jun 9, 2013
Squirtle and Ivysaur back: #1
More stages that aren't Mario (Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Zelda how do they only have 1 new stage on Wii U...)
Cutscenes in some form or another. They were awesome in Brawl to see characters interact with each other.
Better alternate skins (i.e. OoT, TP, SS, BotW Links)

Get rid of anything remotely similar to Smash Tour and burn all files and documents retaining to it.


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
As far as single player content goes, I'd like to see something like Adventure Mode from Melee. The Subspace Emissary was great, but from what I've seen, it ate up a lot of time and resources that could have went elsewhere, and a simpler story mode might be better.

For the roster, I'd like as many Brawl and Smash 4 veterans to return as possible (not too concerned about Young Link or Pichu). As far as newcomers go, I'd like to see new franchises that aren't brand new (ex. Arms, Splatoon), but not necessarily retro either - series like Golden Sun, Custom Robo, or Sin & Punishment that missed their shot at Smash the first time around, but could use the extra exposure.

Also, as a general roster suggestion, more villains. Even two or three would be an improvement - it just seems odd that we're four games into this massive crossover and there are only three characters who are consistently considered villains on the entire roster. (Bowser, Ganondorf, and Bowser Junior - if we count the entire series, then Wolf might fit that definition, but he was an anti-hero in games like Star Fox Assault and Command)


Smash Ace
May 17, 2017
Wandering the pipes of Mushroom Kingdom
Melee-style Adventure

Real Classic Mode

Character Specific Break The Targets and Board The Platforms (pipe dream)

Race To The Finish

ALL 64 stages to return including Meta Crystal and the original Battlefield and Final Destination

More villains, Gameboy characters, and other things under repped


Smash Cadet
Jul 18, 2016
Let me think...
1. New Adventure Mode
2. More Options in the Stage Builder
3. Revamp Jigglypuff into Whitney. She fights with Jigglypuff, Miltank, and Sudowoodo like the Pokemon Trainer.
4. Revamp Ganondorf and give his old moveset to Black Shadow
5 Bring back Ray MK 3 and Jill from Drill Dozer as Assist Trophies
6. Bring back Entei as a Pokeball


Smash Hero
Nov 8, 2007
Ecuador - South America
1.- Tag-team (choose up to 3 characters?)
2.- Adventure Mode (preferably SSE successor, but minus the stickers)
3.- 3DS content + Wii U content.
4.- Allow Miis online.
5.- Boss Rush from Brawl + new bosses (Master Core) + Giga Bowser.
6.- Custom color (tweak the character's pallettes to make your own alt.color)
7.- Updated Tournament Mode rules, to match real tournament rules.
8.- All modes return.
9.- Add Melee air-dodge as an additional move (R) while maintaining Brawl air-dodge (L).
10.- Balance the game again. I know I shouldn't have to say it, but I wouldn't put it past Sakurai to leave the game balance as is.


No Custom Titles Allowed
Mar 9, 2012
Switch FC
- Crash Bandicoot, Bomberman and Inklings as newcomers and the return of Wolf and Ice Climbers.
- Bring back the competitive viable stages from Wii U/3ds and add an option to completely remove stage hazards. Also, fix Lylat Cruise's bugs.
- Give Yoshi either a very good grab or make him get more reward for getting a grab. Also, fix his Bair in order to make all the hits link on themselves consistently and fix his shield.
- Remove Smash Tour from the game completely.
- Put a Boss Battle mode in the game like brawl's.
- Add an adventure mode of sorts. Doesn't need to be anything super big like Brawl's Subspacy Emissary but something really fun to play co-op with friends.
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Jun 21, 2013
Speculation God, GOML
I am fond of the idea of Alpha form stages. I played only Omega in Smash 4 just to avoid the numerous hazards. But, obviously, that can get dull relatively fast. Some stages earn their identity through structures other than the floor and of course the background. So that is great. I still want Omega forms as sometimes the stage's design IS the problem, but overall, I definitely agree.

I use the nametag feature to track my stats. So I do not really want it gone just because people abuse it. That was the argument against Miis back in the day. "But all the Hitler and Jesus." Do not ruin a feature with a purpose just because there are less than ideal people playing the game. They could have an option to hide names, I guess.

I more or less agree with the game-play section. I personally love clones that offer something to the game though. The "full" or nearly clone characters should definitely be skins. However, the half or pseudo-clones should remain. Albeit, they could be further reworked just a bit, in terms of properties of the move, at least. I do not want characters with negative auras removed either. That, to me, is a silly reason. Too subjective.


Smash Cadet
Aug 17, 2017
What I want most is for custom moves to be well developed and easily unlocked. My idea being...beating classic mode with a character unlocks the first set. Beating adventure(or whatever) mode with said character unlocks the other. Done.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 9, 2018
I guess I will start off with cuts or reskins which for me should be Dark Pit and Dr. Mario. Also not a big fan of Sheik and ZSS as separate characters, but at this point I guess they've become their own.

Bring back the Ice Climbers, Wolf and Snake.

-King K. Rool
-Brand new no clone like Zelda character
-Any Mario character (Waluigi, Geno, King Boo, Petey etc.)
-Bandana Dee
-Decidueye or Bewear (Wish more for Bewear, but needs to be a pokeball at least)
-Samurai Goroh or Black Shadow
-Paula or Poo
-Animal Crossing rep.
-Crash Bandicoot
-Sora (At least I can wish)

Stages wise I still don't know, but they need to treat Pokémon more fairly this time by making a non stadium battle field like stage theres so much more they can do with the franchise. And bring back Saffron city and Great bay!


Smash Apprentice
Jul 11, 2012
Bring back Luigi's rolled up trouser legs.
Why'd they change that!?

Also, I'd like an Adventure mode, that kind of thing is just fun.
Doesn't need to be an epic adventure like Subspace.


Smash Cadet
Mar 8, 2018
Things i wish for...

Newcomer -

Bandana Waddle Dee
Decidueye (though I like Primarina better, Decidueye would fit better.)

:popo:,:wolf:, and :snake:'s return.

For the love of god, please finally make PK Thunder for :4ness: actually safe and not risky.

:4ganondorf: to have his Melee run style and speed.

Please finally make :4link: good enough to rank in the upper portion of a tier list for the first time, he's the only one of the "Original 12" to not do so. (:4tlink: does not count.)

Also make :4zelda: not be the Queen of Bottom Tier anymore.
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Some Beedrill

Smash Apprentice
Jul 29, 2017
Behind you
Characters I want:
Petey Piranha
King Boo
Dark Matter
Bandana Dee
King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong
The dog from Okami
Phoenix Wright
and Beedrill (duh)

Captain Shwampy

Smash Master
Jul 20, 2014
Dr. Eggman piloting on the mech he had from Sonic the Fighters, had Boom and Classic alt outfits, comes with Orbot and Cubot codecs

Opa-Opa so he represents sega's classic arcade game history

The slime guy from dragon quest cause his design is cute and it makes me happy : )

Simon Belmont to fufill the the captain n crew

Bomberman because he should

Adeliene - our queen

Ashely and Captain Syrup but they wont be in cause sakurai hates anything wario related

Amateratsu cause shes a cute doggy

Pheonix Wright cause he says funny objection meme

Arle from puyo pop with that yellow bunny she has named after a skin disease that shoots laser beams

and last but not least

Flagman from Outrun - an icon for all flagman's everywhere

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