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Wishlist of stuff for smash bros for switch


Smash Ace
Dec 17, 2015
Medford, Oregon

Game mode where other characters are your stock similar to the last game of Smash Tour

8 player online matches

Events like Splatfest

Offline tournaments

Smash specials to be unlocked from the start for all characters

Stage Hazard toggle

Battlefield various for all stages like the omega stages in 4

Rank matches and a ranking system for online play


Rex with Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade 2

Elma from Xenoblade X

Impa from Hyrule Warriors

Current Ganon getting cut and is replaced by Hyrule Warriors Ganon

Phoenix Wright

Travis Touchdown

Mario with a revamp moveset based off of Odyssey

Link with a revamp moveset based off Breath of the Wild


Smash Ace
Mar 8, 2018
I really want a new Single Player/ Cooperative Mode. I really loved Subspace Emissary but it would need to have not go in the direction of the last stage of the Story. There was so much backtracking and looking for doors that that last part was the least fun part of the mode. I would also like more Nintendo enemies from the franchises they own rather than original enemies that the Subspace Emissary had.

As for characters I want:
Jibanyan (Yo-kai Watch)
Midna (Legend of Zelda)
Skull Kid (Legend of Zelda)
Pokemon Trainer (Second Generation Boy & Girl) with Chikorita, Quilava, & Feraligatr (Pokemon)


Smash Cadet
Aug 17, 2017
I want all the buttons used. There are 2 grab, 2 shield, and 2 grab buttons. Only one is needed so the others should be put to use


Smash Champion
Jul 25, 2001
I'm not telling you psychos
Smash Bros Switch - Top 10 Feature Requests
-snip for long description-
I hope people take away from this that there is more to making Smash great than just adding new characters. It always pains me to see so much talking about characters, when it is something fans have very little agreement over, and there are already so many characters in the game. Same goes for character balance. It clutters up others useful ideas. If the game had proper data collection it would be hard for the developer staff to ignore a severe imbalance.
This is probably the most thoughtful list I've seen, and I like a lot of the ideas.

I'm annoyed about kicking characters just because they're "overpowered". MetaKnight was saved, I'm positive others could be too. (I'm not saying that they aren't strong or not, the quote are more summation than scare quotes/sarcasm). Tossing out fan favorites just because a small segment of the fanbase dislikes them seems hasty and foolish.


Jun 21, 2013
Speculation God, GOML
I just want a Ganon and Lucina rework (whether that be giving her a new move-set or adding Chrom to the game so that she can be a clone of him instead is irrelevant). As for Ganon, I do not mind if it is a new kit or if they add his monster form in addition to preexisting character. I prefer the former as I want Black Shadow in the game and it would make sense for him to be an F-Zero heavyweight clone.

I am on the fence about a Link rework. I do not want a full rework; however, a bit of changes could help freshen him up. To that end, I hope that most characters get that treatment this time around. I want them to touch-up the veterans and make them feel new.

Beyond that, the only other newcomer I genuinely want is Spring Man. I prefer the return of Wolf and Ice Climbers in addition to safe passage for Mewtwo over newcomers. I would be happy to see Cloud return as well. He is the only third-party character that I can even play, quite frankly.

Lastly, costumes. In general, I love skins and want as many diverse options as possible. But specifically, I hope Ganon is literally anything other than Twilight Princess and that Zelda follows Link with a Breath of the Wild redesign.


Smash Rookie
Mar 10, 2018
I want
Mecha Fiora
Some new villians
Wolf and Ice climbers to comeback
To finally have the game to start with STOCKS AND NOT TIME
option to remove hazards, more legal stages

Bayonnetta and jigs out please


Star Platinum
Nov 15, 2013
Switch FC
I want to hear the announcer shout the title like in 64 and Melee.


Smash Lord
Mar 7, 2014
Lying about my country.
Something I really want to see is a short-ish, but highly replayable Adventure mode with unique content across each stage.

I don't want something like Melee's Adventure mode. I thought it was kind of a waste of potential. With only a few sidescrolling stages packed among a ton of regular battles, it really felt like an extended, more scripted Classic Mode.

I don't want something like Brawl's either. I loved the thing, but at the end of the day, I played it once and never again. I want something shorter. Something more replayable. Something you can always go back to, that would still surprise you even after you played it dozens of times.

Picture this. The mode starts out very similarly to Melee's adventure mode, a short, sidescrolling stage based on the Mushroom Kingdom. You go through a few platforming challenges, defeat Mario enemies, maybe explore a bit to find random trophies, and reach the goal to end up in a "boss fight" against a Mario character.

Okay. Stage Clear. You're now taken to a sort-of map screen, and this is not actually a new concept.

You get branching paths. All paths lead to a completely new side-scrolling level, with challenges and enemies based on a specific franchise, and a "boss battle" at the end against one of the playable characters from that series.

The part where the fun comes from could come from having several pre-defined stages, but not necesarily having to play them all to reach the end. You get to choose. Like, for example maybe there's 10 stages in total, but you reach the end after you go through 5 of them.

And when I say branching paths, I don't necesarily mean you'd always have a choice. There could be different exits in each stage that open up extra choices in the map screen, or maybe by finishing up a stage with extra requirements could lead you in a totally different direction, or maybe even lead to skipping stages entirely. Think of it like a mini-Starfox, but with sidescrolling Smash levels. You could also hunt for secrets along each stage, and find **** like hidden bonus trophies, or even find optional fights or special events that could boost your score, or let you unlock special trophies. Like, find a secret barrel in the Donkey Kong stage, and you end up in a Break the Targets room. Clear it in 15 seconds, you get a unique Donkey Kong trophy. Just an example.

There's a lot of **** that could be done with this idea, and it'd be a hell of a lot simpler to develop than a full-blown story mode like Brawl had. The idea is that it'd be something you clear in 20-30 minutes, but would totally leave you wanting to play again to find other paths and secrets and ****, or to try out other characters. Also, two-player coop is a must!

That's all. Detailed and a bit too specific, but I'd love to see something along those lines.
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Smash the State
Apr 22, 2010
Make it like Melee, but with auto L-cancelling, the edge less safe, and ranked online play.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 29, 2016
North America
Switch FC
Make everything gameplay wise a little quicker, add a mode that's somewhere along the lines of Melee's Adventure mode or Brawl's SSE and give us at least 10 new characters counting Inklings. I don't think that last part is too demanding seeing as by the time the game is released later this year, it'll likely have been in development for around 20 to 28 months thanks to all the evidence we do have currently.

Edit: Oh and no rage mechanic.
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Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2007
San Diego
Switch FC
5599 8083 2114
  • Decidueye
  • King K. Rool
  • Ice Climbers
  • Wolf
  • Waluigi
  • Mii Mage
  • Lanky Knog
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Estelle (Tales of Vesperia)

  • Giygas
  • Cofagrigus

  • Adventure Mode
  • Bonuses
  • Decision
  • All fighters to stick with one move-set like they did in Smash 4

  • Donkey Kong voiced by Takashi Nagasako
  • Diddy Kong voiced by Katsumi Suzuki
  • Bowser voiced by Kenny James
  • Marth to finally have an English voice either from Spike Spencer or Yuri Lowenthal in the English version
  • Little Mac voiced by Matt Hardy in the English version
  • Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Brawl voices
  • Music made by Grant Kirkhope
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Smash Cadet
Oct 3, 2014
Dash dancing and Wavedash/landing.

Add back those 2 things and all the melee pros will finally play a new game.
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Smash Apprentice
Nov 13, 2010
What I want most is for custom moves to be well developed and easily unlocked. My idea being...beating classic mode with a character unlocks the first set. Beating adventure(or whatever) mode with said character unlocks the other. Done.
One idea I always had is that you could buy Custom Moves and equipment in an in-store shop, kinda like how you could do the same thing in the old DBZ Budokai games.

But I think the whole idea of custom moves needs a massive overhaul. One good thing they could do is have two separate playlists online.

Classic Online would be both For Fun and For Glory playlists with each character locked to their custom moveset and no equipment.

Custom online would have For Fun and For Glory playlists with the twist being, players can use custom moves and equipment in this mode.

The win-loss record would also be separate for both playlists.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 9, 2014
Greenville, SC
Mechanics wishlist

  • Dashdancing
  • Faster fall speed
  • Less landing lag on pretty much everything
  • Being able to ledgehog, but ONLY while in ledge invincibility
  • Smaller magnet hands
  • Removing autolink angles on multihit moves in favor of Melee 1.0.0 SDI behavior
    • (Hitboxes that do 1% or less cannot be SDI’d)
  • Characters being hit into the ground by meteors no longer bouncing
  • Grounded characters getting hit by meteors not being able to tech
  • Regrab timer removed
    • Throws balanced to where regrabs aren’t common / are DI-dependent
  • None of that weird untechable nonsense
    • (The spin animation and stage spikes)
  • Rage removed or reworked

As far as new characters, I really don't care. What I DO want is a sort of soft reboot. All but the staple characters are cut and the roster is then built up from that.


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
As far as new characters, I really don't care. What I DO want is a sort of soft reboot. All but the staple characters are cut and the roster is then built up from that.
I can't imagine that would end well, especially when it would be difficult to get an objective list of who, exactly, the "staple" characters are.


Smash Cadet
Mar 8, 2018
Just thought of the idea of Smash Switch having an in game option of choosing on having the game run on a Melee like engine or one like Sm4sh, and then being able to switch between them anytime, would honestly be very cool imo. Then again it would probably take ages for that to work properly lol.
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Smash Journeyman
Dec 28, 2011
Eugene, Oregon
  • King K. Rool
  • An acceptable menu not created by Sakurai's wife
  • An ever so slightly faster game speed


Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2007
I'm not going to get involved in the character list this time around, after the decisions last time were so incomprehensible.

I will get back on my standard pre-release campaign for extra switches for random characters, Pokeballs and Assist Trophies.

I quite liked Smash Run so I wouldn't mind seeing that make a return.

Deleted member

Everyone from Sm4sh (+Inkling)
Wolf, ICs, Snake returning
King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
Bandana Waddle Dee
Kirby villain (Dark Matter, Marx, or Magolor)
Rhythm Heaven character
Phoenix Wright
Shovel Knight
Other characters I don't care for as much to round up the roster to 80 (Including Spring Man and Rex, as well as less probable ones)
Some veterans get moveset changes.
Melee style Adventure mode
A proper story mode that actually explains how all of those characters are in the same world at the first place and has actual dialogue
Stamina mode as a standard battle rule
Boss Rush that's similar to the Arena from the Kirby series
All-Star mode is unlocked AFTER all the characters are unlocked
Smash Run that isn't bloated with Kid Icarus enemies (and has online)
Bring back Target Test (Target Smash can stay or go away, idc)
Cut Smash Tour into oblivion
Cut custom moves and equipment
That's all I have in top of my head right now. Might update it at some point.
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Smash Journeyman
Jun 20, 2014
No order (not going to add characters):

1. Character-specific Break The Targets (ala Melee/64) - Or, at least, a Break The Targets mode and not just some stupid Angry Birds-style mini-game.

2. A Subspace Emissary sequel - Or at the very least, a Melee-style Adventure Mode. Some sort of story would be a welcome addition.

3. Remove Smash Tour - Did nothing for me.

4. Remove Custom Movesets or expand on them more - Also did nothing for me either.

5. I like the online capabilities of 4, but I want it to be expanded upon more in this version. Maybe add more to do - I’ve had nice 1v1s but otherwise the online mode was just not too fun.

6. Updated Smash Run - With online functionality and being able to interact with other players during it. Maybe you can fight or steal your opponent’s power-ups.

7. Online amiibo - I think it’s be fun to battle against other players’ amiibo online in a new mode.

8. More Melee stages - HD Fountain of Dreams PLEASE.

9. HD 3DS stages - Since the Switch is technically portable, I could see stages from the 3DS version coming back in full-HD.

10. Better menus & menu navigation - This is no big deal, but I felt the menu was very cluttered in SSB for Wii U. I guess just organize it more?


Smash Ace
Oct 3, 2013
Lorraine, France
1. A Subspace adventure mode where all our favorite characters can fight together against a common foe.
2. The return of the "bonuses" from Melee (the things keeping track of all achievements you got through a match)
3. An incredible soundtrack selection. The one from SSB4 was disappointning. Amongst my most favourite tracks would be Sapientia's theme from Bayonetta
4. Fountain of Dreams. IN HD!
5. No more custom movesets.
6. Smash Run but without too many Kid Icarus enemies. And an online.
7. Daisy (either as a character or as an alt. for Peach). Same with Jeanne for Bayonetta.
8. Bandana Dee and Paper Mario :D

As for the rest I am not competitive enough to care ^^'

Pizza Robo

Smash Journeyman
Aug 23, 2007
This my Character Wishlist for Super Smash Bros 5 for Nintendo Switch :D
Bring back Wolf
King K.Rool
Skull Kid,Midna
Hector(Fire Emblem)
Chef Kawasaki,Daroach,Queen Sectonia,Marx
Hades,Medusa,Eggplant Wizard,Viridi
Pico,Mr.EAD, Mighty Gazelle,Black Shadow,Deathborn(F-Zero)
Fawful,Midbus(Mario and Luigi 3: Bowser’s Inside Story)
Jimmy T,Mona,Ashley,Dr.Crygor,Orbulon,9 Volt,Penny Crygor,Mike The Robot,Dribble and Spitz(WarioWare)
Isaac,Alex(Golden Sun)
Ray MK 2(Custom Robo)
Agent J,Agent Spin
Jill Drill Dozer
Saki(Sin and Punishment)
Min Min,(ARMS)
King Hippo,Great Tiger
Mokka,Chai(Magical Starsign)
Petey Piranha
Wonder Red
Funky Kong
Rex/Pyra,Tora/Poppi(Xenoblade 2)
3rd Party Guest Stars: Geno,Goemon(Legend Of The Mystical Ninja), Arle Nadja(Puyo Puyo),Klonoa,Bomberman,Simon Belmount,Shantae
Also i want like a New Adventure Mode like Subspace from Brawl
Ganondorf getting a new move set
The Yokai Watch to be a Summon Item like Pokeballs and Assist Trophies where you can summon different Yokai
Return of Smash Run
Character Stock Battles like in Smash Tour
More Palutena Guidance


Smash Master
Jun 18, 2003
First of all and most importantly: SSB Switch being a completely new sequel game, not in any way, shape, or form being a port of SSB for Wii U/3DS.

Isaac from Golden Sun becoming playable, of course! My personal idea for a stage is not Venus Lighthouse, though. I think I would prefer the Sol Sanctum area where The Elemental Stars theme plays. Although I would certainly take that along with Venus Lighthouse!

For the OST: More orchestrated tracks like in Melee, and no/less MIDIs (aside from previously existing tracks).

Lucina, Doctor Mario, and Dark Pit become alternate costumes for Marth, Mario, and Pit.

More alternate costumes! Pikachu needs a female one. IF Pokemon Trainer returns, Leaf should be an alternate.

Custom moves are greatly expanded upon. Instead of just being slightly altered versions of each characters' current specials, they become completely original moves, much like what is seen with Palutena in SSB4 (Sakurai's bias *sigh*). This opens up a way for Toon Link, Luigi, Ganondorf, etc. to get specials that are completely original to them, but leaves the default moves like they always have been.

(Since I understand SSB5 has probably been created on a tight schedule, I'd accept it if most of these original moves went to the aforementioned characters as opposed to other characters who already have original movesets)

Adventure Mode returns, but is different from Brawl's SSE, in that it deals with locales from Nintendo/other present franchises and existing characters/enemies instead of original ones. So it's more like Melee, except it should be much greater in scale.
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Smash Rookie
Jan 16, 2018
Please melee speed and ice climbers, nothing else, i just want to be able to wave dash again


Smash Rookie
Aug 29, 2016
Herne, NRW, Germany
This are my proposed changes for Sma5sh.

  1. Fix/Remove RCO stuff.
  2. Assign footstools a different command than jump.
  3. Remove rage.
  4. Add ranked mode for online.
  5. Real training mode with DI settings and normal damage formula.
  6. Remove untechable spin and untechable spots on stages.
  7. Nerf rolls, airdodges and spotdodges.
  8. Increase speed/fall speed, decrease jumpsquat frames but avoid chaingrabs. Kirby is enough for me as a Falcon main^^.
  9. Don't add new clones and merge old clones (Marth/Lucina , DPit/Pit, Dr. Mario/Mario) #ESAMOpinion?
  10. Buff Jiggs massively
  11. Buff superheavies to compensate for rage
  12. Buff mid and low tiers.
  13. Remove Roys sweetspot (but that makes him broken probably).
  14. Rework Ganon.
  15. Rework Falco based loosely on the Brawl Falco not this weird master of none he is in Sm4sh.
  16. Nerf Bayo, Diddy, and Cloud.
  17. Don't add anime characters.
  18. Add Ice Climbers.
  19. Add a Gen VII Pokémon (Mimikyu?).
  20. Add Solaire from Dark Souls as guest character/DLC?.
  21. Add Undertale guest character? (DLC?)
  22. Add Blazblue guest chacter to satisfy the weebs.(DLC?)
  23. Add the upcoming Fire Emblem character.
  24. Add Impa.
  25. Add Bomberman.
  26. Add a Rare character.


Supersonic Warrior
Nov 4, 2013
What I want to see...

Smash Run
Board the Platforms
Tag Team Mode
Boss Rush Mode
Melee Styled Adventure Mode with a story.
Melee/Brawl Styled Classic Mode
King K. Rool
Ice Climbers
A Xenoblade 2 Character
Springman from ARMS

As for longshot and some "maybe" characters:
Captain Syrup from Wario Land
Crash Bandicoot


Smash Rookie
Mar 20, 2018
guys we NEED buck bumble for smash5 are you guys with me

i am a BIG buck bumble fan I like the game and would personally love to see him in smash along with the return of wolf and ice climbers please do not write me off as a troll because i have no intent on trolling anyone so are you guys ok with me posting because many people don't trust me i'm just trying to get a start on the smashboards
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Smash Lord
Oct 27, 2013
More time devoted to cool alternate costumes for the playable cast. Fans have already custom-made 99% of what costumes I wanted to see in the official game.

A Kirby stage from any of the newest games, stages based on smaller titles like Golden Sun, Dillon's game, and Chibi-Robo, a Mario Party stage where there's a lot of chance-related hazards. Also, a simple switch to turn hazards on or off along with the option of Omega form stages. There will be players against the stage layout being flat, and players against the stage layout being stuck with hazards, but this way they will have the choice to play on one or the other.

Something neat about SSB Crusade is that it gives Link and Little Mac 2 different movesets to choose from – the classic moveset from their official appearance, and a unique Crusade moveset developed from the ground up. Take this same idea and apply it to clones and other characters who could potentially be better than previous iterations if given a moveset overhaul. There will be players against clone dorf, and players against learning how to play as a new dorf, but this way they will have the choice to play as one or the other.

An adventure mode with level designs truly inspired by some of Nintendo's sidescrolling platformer/adventure games. Subspace had a cool DKC-esque thing going on when you started playing as DK and Diddy. Same with Kid Icarus during the first part with Pit. Something like that but pushed further would be perfect. Whatever aesthetic they go for works fine with me.
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Smash Cadet
Jul 24, 2014
From most important to least important

  1. Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) and Runo Misaki (Bakugan Battle Brawlers) playable in the character roster. I really wanted them to be in Smash, so if any of the two are in, I'll main them.
  2. GGPO online play. If some reason Nintendo and HAL couldn't get the rights to the GGPO netcode, then their next best option is the Fightcade netcode.
  3. Wavedashing, L-Canceling and Chain Grabbing returned
  4. SSB for Switch serving as a "second edition" of SSB4
  5. Hitstun is raised up a bit for every character
  6. The characters are faster and heavier than their Brawl and SSB4 counterparts, while everyone in Melee becomes as fast and heavy as they were then.
  7. Each stage is given player number-specific starting locations; gone are the randomized starting locations from Brawl and SSB4 vanilla
  8. Everyone from past games return, except Dark Pit, Lizardon/Charizard and Mii Fighters. Everyone removed from previous games are DLC this time.
  9. EX character mode for select characters, serving as a secondary moveset. (i.e. EX Mario with his Melee moveset and Jigglypuff's Final Smash, and EX Pit with Dark Pit's moveset and Final Smash)
  10. Custom Soundtrack support. Endless Ocean and Excite Truck did that before, but I think it's best to re-introduce this feature here. A BRSTM, ADX, MP3 or WAV will most likely be supported formats.
  11. Allow +Control Pad to move the character, complete with arcade stick support.
  12. If Great Bay and/or Jungle Japes returns, allow swimming. Swimming is disabled on Omega stages.
  13. Endurance mode, allowing each player to assign specific characters on certain stocks
  14. Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff are all unlockable characters.
  15. A mini-game opener, like in many old Namco console games. Accomplishing perfect scores can lead to the best unlocks you'll ever have. (i.e. Defeat every enemy without dying in Galaxian to unlock every character and stage the quickest way, but it will be very hard)
  16. 8-Player Smash removed
  17. Rakusyo: If you taunt when your opponent's KO'ed, he or she is given a Final Smash upon respawn. On your last enemy's last stock, you're unable to taunt for the rest of the match.
  18. Footstools require a taunt button to be held
  19. You're unable to grab ledges when facing away from the ledge
  20. A Training Mode theme tune that plays on every stage during Training Mode
  21. A remake of the Melee Classic Mode, entitled "Simple Mode", along with a remake of the Melee Adventure Mode.
  22. All-Star Mode makes you fight random solos on the first third, random duos on the second third, random trios on the last third, and a 100 Mr. Game & Watch team as your last battle. There is no continue service, and you can never fight Mr. Game & Watch until you reach your last battle.
  23. "Break the Car" bonus stage to replace "Break the Targets", as it would be dreadful to give each character unique BTT maps and have over 50 of them
  24. MaximTomato heals 100% damage, while Recovery Hearts heals all of your damage back to 0%
  25. Kirby without copy abilities, with Power Up/Speed Up/Defense Up/Hyper Armor/Super Armor/Damage Heal replacing it, depending on which enemy Kirby swallows
  26. Allow Dedede/King Dedede to swallow during Inhale, doing the same actions as Kirby.
  27. EX Samus (Zero Suit) starts the match with Varia Suit remains at her starting position. They can be picked up and thrown just like other items.
  28. Zelda/Sheik being a tag-team character, playing just like Melee
  29. Ganondorf with a completely new and unique moveset
  30. Charizard returns to the Pokéballs, and so does Starmie, Dogars/Koffing, Spear/Beedrill, Onix, Lucky/Chansey, Pippi/Clefairy, Hitmonlee, Kamex/Blastoise, Fushigibana/Venusaur, Porygon, and Charmander
  31. Peach with her hair tied in a ponytail, just like in other Mario spinoff games
  32. Sonic loses rings every time he takes damage. The rings cannot be collected.
  33. "Ready" replaces the starting countdown, especially on all modes.
  34. "Game!" and "Time" switched out with "Game Set" and "Time Up!" internationally
  35. Default CP level is 1 instead of 3, just like in Melee
  36. Default time limit is 3 minutes instead of 2 minutes
  37. Low time countdown starts on 10 instead of 5
  38. Continue screen is now in form of a 9.999 second countdown, where you have to press + before timer hits "0.000". One second is subtracted for hitting buttons other than +.
  39. Continue Service for lowering the difficulty, adding a free Final Smash or adding 300% damage to the enemy on the stage you lost to, but only if you choose to continue. The Continue Service is optional, and you can play without any CS conditions at your decision.
  40. In a stock match, winning the match with no stocks lost shows "Complete!", while winning the match with no stocks lost and no damage taken shows "Perfect!!" instead
  41. Zelda, Mother/Earthbound and F-Zero victory fanfares from SSB 64 are restored. Diddy Kong's become the 1st Place fanfare from DKR, R.O.B uses the Star Fox victory fanfare, Sonic uses the Sonic Heroes mission clear fanfare, Rockman/Mega Man using the MM2 stage clear fanfare, Ryu uses the SFII title theme, and Bayonetta using the outro of "Fly Me To The Moon".
  42. "The winner is... (player)" becomes "This game's winner is... (player)", and is only used for Battle Royal/Free-For-All
  43. "The winner is... (color) team" becomes "(color) team wins", and is only used for Team Battle
  44. Most character endings are drawn by hand, and are no longer game mode dependent. Some of them are original CGI renders, while none of the endings are screenshots from the game.
  45. Every item from previous games return, except for the Yellow Party Ball from Melee. The Violet Party Ball from Mega Man 8 takes its place instead.
  46. A Survival mode, where you level up as you fight random opponents along the way, and fight the challengers every 20th Survival level (you cannot level up when fighting them). Before Darkside, all challengers are black-colored (unlimited Final Smashes) EX characters and hidden characters. Darkside levels start on 500, causing random opponents to use black colors and challengers to use gold colors (generally stronger and faster, but each fighter has unique Gold enhancements). Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Master Core are your last challengers on Level 999. The game ends if you die or reach level 1000 for defeating the three.
  47. Title shout on the attract sequence, like in SSB 64 and Melee.
  48. Simple, Classic and Adventure mode score rankings are shown in the attract sequence before playing the intro video
  49. A three-letter Name Entry screen is used whenever you make a high score in any 1P mode without a ring name. Each high score is given names, and that screen gets skipped if a high score is made with a ring name used,
  50. PC version (as long as Nintendo were to do one... we haven't gotten any PC Nintendo games after the Mario Teaches Typing games)
I might post more on this thread later on, but this is the farthest I can go.

Ze Diglett

Smash Champion
Writing Team
Dec 7, 2014
The only things I'm absolutely praying for in Smash 5 are playable Geno, the return of Adventure Mode, and a Gyromite stage; I'm hoping for at least two of these. Anything beyond that is just a bonus for me.
Although now that I think of it, better item balance and a reworking of the airdodge system would be much appreciated as well.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 19, 2015
While there are a handful of minor things I'd want, the biggest thing by far is better single player in general. Despite having a few flaws, I personally believe Smash 4 has the best multiplayer in the series, but has the worst single player. I said this in another thread, but what I mostly want is a proper classic mode, an adventure mode of sorts, and the return of Break the Targets. At the end of the day, I'm just more of a single player type of person and Smash 4 really didn't have a whole lot to offer in terms of interesting single player.

Another thing I've been thinking a lot about is going to be VERY controversial, but I think I'd actually like a smaller roster this time around. Now I can already hear a bunch of you crying foul about this, so let me explain.
My biggest problem with previous rosters are the "clone" characters. Now don't get me wrong: I do not hate clones, far from it (I actually prefer Roy to Marth, Lucas to Ness, even Dark Pit to Pit). But a good chunk of the cast is made up of these types of characters that aren't too different from others, and because of that, I think it would be a good idea to cut these characters. I have a couple reasons for wanting this.
This would, obviously, cut down on characters that don't offer very diverse and unique movesets (since, you know, they're more or less copies of another character), putting a bigger focus on those that do have unique movesets. My other reason ties into the single player. As much as I want better single player (I literally just said it above) the recurring challenges of "Beat *insertmodehere* with every character" gets REALLY tedious REALLY quickly when you have to go through it 50+ times, especially when some characters feel very similar to another, and in the end, said characters end up feeling more like filler just for the sake of having more characters.

This all being said, I do realize that there are a ton of people who like some of those specific characters and I agree that having more options to choose from is always a good thing, but I just don't really want the roster getting too big. So what about those that do like those characters? Well, I was thinking it would be cool if instead they added a variation thing to certain fighters kind of like in Mortal Kombat. For example, let's say Wolf doesn't come back and they cut Falco. If you pick Fox, you could choose three different variations for him: one where he plays like himself, one where he plays more like Falco, and one where he plays more like Wolf. This way, they could essentially cut down on the "filler" while still technically having these characters in the game. Granted, this is a massive long-shot and most likely won't happen, but whatever.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. *raises shield*


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Mar 24, 2012
pokemon trainer(could be dif lineup of pokemon)
travis tocuhdown
another xenoblade character
ryoma(fire emblem)

cut all clone characters and greninja

remove rage but introduce a new mechanic that ppl dont hate as much, i still like the fact that we didnt know the exact percents of things, i just didnt like how jank it could be.

little harder to grab ledge than smash 4 but not by much, lose ledge invincibility on regrab but no trumping.

Just normal Di completely remove vectoring. Di similar to past games.

little more sdi.

little less combos, shouldnt be able to combo much more then simple stuff like dthrow upsmash.

bring back glides.

and lastly some cool 1 player modes, something like subspace or something completely new.
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Mar 12, 2018
More singleplayer content: ok the Orders were a pretty fun mode and the Events on Wii U are the best in the series at least on how you progress through them, but no Adventure Mode in any form, no Target Test and the mindblowingly bad Classic Mode on Wii U (on 3DS it was tolerable) really took the toll on what would've been my favorite Smash game otherwise. My ideas:
-an Adventure Mode that's kind of like the SSE but with more branching paths and multiple starting points (say, think of the SSE: instead of having to start with Mario/Kirby and then go to the DK/Diddy or the Link/Yoshi arcs, they'd all be available from the beginning and upon you progressing, you'd come to a halt that'd be unlocked by progressing through the other arc)
-Brawl-like Target Test with more difficulty levels (put it like 15-20 levels, I understand it's hard to make 50+ new stages at this point but just 5 is too little). Bring Board the Platforms back too in a similar fashion
-and same with Race To The Finish: make it with various difficulty levels and make it a Stadium mode
-Boss Battles should come back too

Tag-Team battles: Why this hasn't been a thing is beyond me

Smash Run having lots of stage options, more customizable rules for the final match, and all players actually being on the same maze

No Smash Tour. Please. It originally sounded it could be somewhat fun but it's so baaaaad


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Aug 17, 2014
Man, I'd love to see Okami as a character. She seems like such a perfect fit. Also, Bloodbourne Hunter. I know it will never happen but it'd be so dope.
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Mar 19, 2018
-Take the Super Smash Brothers Wii U roster
-Bring back Ice Climbers and Wolf

Nintendo Newcomers
Decidueye (Pokemon)
King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
Impa (Legend of Zelda)
Inkling Boy/Girl (Splatoon)
Krystal (Star Fox)
Lyn (Fire Emblem)
Ridley (Metroid Prime)
Poo (Earthbound)
Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
Spring Man (ARMS)
Waddle Dee (Kirby)
Waluigi (Super Mario)

Third-Party Newcomers
Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)
Bomberman (Bomberman)
Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Shantae (Shantae)
Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Dec 10, 2016
My 3rd Party newcomer list (WARNING: Pretty friggin' long. Some likely, others... not so much. I'd be happy with like, one or two):

-JIN ("Tekken")
-CHUN LI ("Street Fighter")
-AYANE ("Dead or Alive")
-SOPHITIA ("SoulCalibur")
-AKIRA ("Virtua Fighter")
-TERRY ("Fatal Fury")
-MORRIGAN ("Darkstalkers")
-HONEY ("Fighting Vipers")
-SCORPION ("Mortal Kombat")
-SAURON ("Primal Rage")
-HAGGAR ("Final Fight")
-RICK ("Splatterhouse")
-GILIUS ("Golden Axe")
-CENTURION ("Altered Beast")
-BILLY/JIMMY ("Double Dragon")
-HAYABUSA ("Ninja Gaiden")
-DANTE ("Devil May Cry")
-SORA ("Kingdom Hearts")
-2B ("NieR")
-LIGHTNING ("Final Fantasy")
-NEKU ("The World Ends With You")
-JILL ("Resident Evil")
-MAGICIAN ("House of the Dead")
-LLOYD ("Tales of...")
-ISAAC ("Golden Sun")
-ARTHUR ("Ghosts 'N Goblins")
-SPENCER ("Bionic Commando")
-REGINA ("Dino Crisis")
-ZERO ("Mega Man")
-SIMON ("Castlevania")
-SHANTAE ("Shantae")
-JOKER ("Persona")
-PREDATOR ("Alien vs. Predator")
-MICKEY ("Epic Mickey")
-RALPH ("Wreck-it Ralph")
-007 ("GoldenEye 64")

And my 1st Party newcomer list (which is considerably shorter, lol):

-KING K. ROOL ("Donkey Kong")
-MEDUSA ("Kid Icarus")
-RIDLEY ("Metroid")
-MIDNA ("The Legend of Zelda")
-AZURA ("Fire Emblem")
-GENO ("Mario")
-BLAZIKEN ("Pokemon")
KRYSTAL ("Star Fox")
-REX & PYRA ("Xenoblade")
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