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Wireless Gamecube Controllers

wireless gamecube controller.jpg

While we've discussed the Wireless Gamecube Controllers a bit as a possibility, we want to take some time and focus on it a bit more, especially with PowerA making GameCube type controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

Now, with official confirmation, and money to be made, we can all say it: It's time for Nintendo to really try to replicate the magic of the original controller, with as much stock as possible and as many variations as possible. While this shouldn't replace the Switch controllers, this can very well have it's own uses.

One idea on the "GameCube Switch" controller presented earlier using parts of a GameCube Controller as JoyCons would need to be implemented carefully. This would be nice for the Switch in portable mode, but the appeal of the "Two Controller" scheme that the joycons has is definitely lost. It would be a fair trade-off for Smash players to be able to practice on the go. If Nintendo really plays to their strengths with Smash Switch, this could be a huge game changer.

The other possibility is just simply wireless and wired controllers - Similar to the one posted up. A reprint wouldn't hurt anyone at this point, and if PowerA is already doing it, it's not unlikely to see Nintendo's official staff follow along. With recent events, it's possible to say they've opened up more to the hype than they were back during Smash Bros for Wii U, and understand there's a lot of mutual benefit for both Smash fans and themselves.

We've learned today that the GameCube controller is here to stay. Will we see more variations? That much is unknown.

Author's Note: What are your thoughts on the Smash Bros controllers from PowerA? Do you think they'll be faithful to the GameCube? Are you excited to see what Nintendo does about one of their most beloved controller designs? Let us know in the comments below!
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


The thing that really makes it difficult for me to pick up a GameCube controller, is not only trying to get used to the layout and the one I purchase is a poor Gamestop one, but the fact that use must put in more force to use the L or R buttons, and the Z button feels choppy for me. I guess I got spoiled on playing with the 3DS for so long, due to it's L and R buttons being very close to the action trigger and being easy to use.

I hope a GameCube controller (that is not crappy overall) exists so that I can pick up and use it easily, but I think that this is just a me problem overall.
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