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Toad/Captain Toad/Toadette Fan Club


Smash Legend
Jun 29, 2012
While I'm on the topic, do you think I should retouch my Toad moveset? I'm asking because I see a lot of people saying to dial back on references

Jab: A simple one-two jab, followed up by a headbutt. 2%, 2%, 4%.
Forward Tilt: Toad rears back and slams his head, similarly to DK’s headbutt. 7%.
Up Tilt: Performs a short little hop, taking Mario’s iconic jump pose. 9%.
Down Tilt: As he crouches, Toad slides forward headfirst. This moves him forward in the direction he’s facing. 7%.
Dash Attack: Super Star: Toad runs forward with arms spread like an airplane, glowing with the power of a Super Star. He is completely invincible during this attack. 10%.

Forward Smash: Super Hammer: Using the Super Hammer, Toad swings a hammer as big as he is. 16.4%.

Up Smash: Toad points upwards as two mushrooms sprout up on either side of him. (think Squirtle’s up smash, but with mushrooms). 3.2% (initial hit), 14% (clean), 8.7% (late).

Down Smash: Boomerang Toad: Using the Boomerang Flower, Toad faces the screen and throws two boomerangs on either side of him. 15% (max range), 10% (point blank). The boomerangs go farther the more the move is charged.

Neutral Aerial: Toad releases spores in a quick burst around himself. 11%.
Forward Aerial: Raccoon Toad: Using the Super Leaf, Toad grows a raccoon tail and whips it forward. 7%. Toad will move forward slightly if he uses this attack.
Back Aerial: Reverse Raccoon Toad: Using the Super Leaf, Toad grows a raccoon tail and whips it behind himself. 8.3%. Toad will move backward slightly if he uses this attack.
Up Aerial: A headbutt, like what Ness and Lucas do. There's a sweet spot on the center of his head that releases spores. 17% (sweet spot), 11% (sides of head).
Down Aerial: Statue Toad: Using the Statue Leaf, Toad transforms into a statue and slams down hard. A meteor smash. 12.2% (clean), 8% (late). This move also has light armor for up to 9%. Try not to use this move offstage.

Grab: A standard grab with one hand. Nothing special here.
Pummel: Toad headbutts his opponent with his mushroom head. 1.2% per pummel.
Forward Throw: Toad lifts the opponent over his head and throws them with both hands. The animation resembles that in Super Mario Bros. 2. 10%. This is a kill throw!
Back Throw: Toad turns around to throw the opponent with both hands. 11%.
Down Throw: Toad drops his opponent on the ground, then hops and headbutts. 1.1% (first hit), 7% (throw).
Up Throw: Toad drops the opponent and points upward as a mushroom sprouts underneath, popping the foe upward. 12.4%.

Neutral Special—Poison Shroom: Toad throws a Poison Mushroom that looks markedly different from the item. It slowly moves along the ground in the direction Toad was facing when he used the move. If an opponent touches it, the Poison Shroom will explode in a small burst of spores, paralyzing the foe. At higher percentages, this move may poison the foe. 13% (initial hit), 4.5% (spores), 1.7% (poison damage)

Side SpecialGolden Mushroom Dash: Toad rushes forward at high speed, colliding with foes. Unlike with Banjo and Kazooie's Wonderwing, Toad can turn around up to two times. The attack gets weaker the longer he runs. However, as he runs, he is capable of outpacing many characters, even Sonic!

Up SpecialPropeller Mushroom: Using the Propeller Mushroom, Toad flies upward while spinning. The propeller damages opponents multiple times, and he descends slowly. Tap down to use a Drill Spin meteor smash! 2.3% (propeller), 6.4% (Drill Spin)

Down SpecialMystery Block: A ? Block appears above Toad, who bashes it to receive a power-up! Toad can get:

Fire Flower: Gives him a Fire Flower item to hold and use.
Super Mushroom: Gives him a Super Mushroom item, so that he may grow.
Green Shell: Gives him a Green Shell item to hold and use.
Super Star: Toad receives the power of a Super Star, making him invincible
Poison Mushroom: Shrinks Toad.

In order from most common to least common: Fire Flower, Green Shell, Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Super Star.

Final SmashWarp Whistle: Toad takes out a Warp Whistle and plays that familiar tune, summoning a tornado that scoops opponents up and whisks them away! This Final Smash is very effective on stages with low upper blast lines. 34%
re touch it if you want but I’m good with references. plus love the FS idea


Smash Lord
Apr 20, 2014
Mario's mustache is lookin' a little thin, but other than, everyone is looking great, especially Donkey Kong and Kamek.

Except Peach. Something's a little off about Peach's face.

Grim "Anubis" Reaper

Got milk?
Aug 13, 2001
Hell, Michigan
Switch FC
Mario's mustache is lookin' a little thin, but other than, everyone is looking great, especially Donkey Kong and Kamek.

Except Peach. Something's a little off about Peach's face.
I just like the fact we got a characterized Blue Paratroopa again. We had an Elite Trio in Bowser's Inside Story, but that was it. This one even has the Blue Spiny Shell on top, suggesting it could be Mario Kart-related(or at least a related joke?).
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