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The Ultimate Life Form ~ Shadow the Hedgehog for Smash Ultimate! (Maria...)


Smash Champion
Feb 5, 2019
New Mexico
Tails: Ok

Shadow the Hedgehog
I Am All of Me(Remix)
Main Theme/Stage Select(Remix)
Prison Island
Sky Troops
Lost Impact(Remix)
Almost Dead
Waking Up
All Hail Shadow
Never Turn Back

Sonic Adventure 2
Supporting Me

Sonic the Hedgehog(2006)
All Hail Shadow
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Smash Cadet
Jan 25, 2018
My personal list is this:

* Green Hill Zone - New Remix (Nakamura seems to be happy to release his track lately) - Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
* Death Egg Robot - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (from Sonic Generations)
* Sonic! You Can Do Anything - New Remix (by Crush 40) - Sonic CD
  • Big Arm - Sonic 3 (from Sonic Mania Adventures)
  • Launch Base Zone - Sonic & Knuckles (from Sonic Mania)
  • Boo's House - Sonic & Knuckles (from Team Sonic Racing)
* Windy Valley - New Remix - Sonic Adventure
  • Unknown from M.E. - Sonic Adventure
  • Believe in Myself - Sonic Adventure 2
* Throw It All Away - New Remix - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Radical Highway- Sonic Adventure 2
  • Eggman's Facility - Sonic Adventure 2 (from Sonic Forces)
  • Follow Me - Sonic Heroes
  • Whale Lagoon - Sonic Heroes (from Team Sonic Racing)
  • I am...All of Me - Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Enemy Territory - Shadow the Hedgehog / Sonic Adventure 2 (from Sonic Forces)
  • All Hail Shadow - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • Dragon Road - Sonic Unleashed
  • Tropical Resort - Sonic Colors: Ultimate
* Sweet Mountain - New Remix - Sonic Colors: Ultimate
  • Planet Wisp - Sonic Colors: Ulitmate
  • Speak With Your Heart - Sonic Colors: Ultimate
* Wonder World / Deadly Six Theme - New Remix - Sonic Lost World
* Honeylune Ridge - Sonic Lost World
* Best Friends - New Remix - Sonic Mania
  • Infinite - Sonic Forces
  • Green Light Ride - Team Sonic Racing


Smash Master
Feb 13, 2016
Yeah, good point. One thing to add to the Shadow discussion, what music do you want to arrive with him? How many tracks do you think we'd get?
More Sonic Music is always a plus, and I do like Shadow's Specific tracks (Supporting Me is my favorite of them all) but actually, the Only Music Track I really NEED to come with Shadow would be For True Story (Sonic vs Shadow track), either the OG Edition, or a Smash Remix that's somehow better than the Original. The Generations remix isn't bad, but it can't compare to the OG

For how I think the music selection is gonna go, Including Both Base game and DLC tracks, I think Sonic as a franchise will end up with 40-50 tracks, so if Shadow did get in, I would expect somewhere around 20 Tracks at least

I Imagine SA2 is gonna have the most tracks, since not only is SA2 among the Most Iconic Modern Sonic games, it's also one of the games that were really popular in Japan, and the most well regarded Sonic game there. It's also one of the most Shadow centric games, and it's the First Sonic game on Nintendo

I figure we will also see tracks from SA1, Heroes, Shadow, 06, Unleashed, and Colors, probably 3-4 per game.

Any Game more recent than Colors I don't really see getting new tracks, except maybe if some of the songs represented were remixes from Generations, or Infinite's theme from Forces. Maybe more Mania Tracks, but Mania did get 2 tracks in the game already

Any of the Spinoffs or Handheld games I could see sharing a few number of Tracks, but I'm not sure. Sonic Rush actually got a Music track taken out of this game (and is not present anymore). Sonic Riders could maybe get something, but I'm not counting on it

I don't think they would touch the Classic Games for this one, since I believe they tend to have harder licensing rights than usual, but Tracks like Green Hill are so Iconic they go for it anyway. The main Classic Track missing is Chemical Plant, and Death Egg. I think both those tracks could be Remixed instead


Smash Master
Feb 13, 2016
Look Alive. This is the Final Stretch. some would say I'm in denial, and even myself has said at times I'm in denial about Shadow in Smash, but still believe he can be in, and thinking he might be shown today. If he's not, well at least we kept it alive. Let's see what happens


Smash Master
Jun 7, 2013
The Robo Center
I'm not really a Shadow fan, but I think people are REALLY sleeping on him. Now that we're getting additional unique characters from 3rd parties, a new sonic character is inevitable, whether it's this game or the next one. Shadow has been such a huge request ever since smash 4. If assist trophies don't deconfirm then I would definitely predict him over Tails or Eggman. I'm predicting King Boo because of the missing Luigi's Mansion 3 spirits, but if it's not him then I think it's Shadow. And that's coming from someone who has never played a sonic game other than the 3DS version of generations.


Smash Master
Feb 13, 2016
Well in about 9 Hours, the Last Smash Ultimate Presentation

I'm personally going all in on Shadow being CP11, but I also I'm not gonna believe the Trailer with my own eyes even seeing it since it's gonna be so Surreal to look at. Even If my Prediction is right, I'm gonna be so surprised you know

But I also know it's very likely he's not CP11. There are alot of characters that are Viable. I think Shadow is Viable also, but I'm not gonna be unwise and think he's a gurantee

One thing I kind of regret when it comes to this thread Is I think I might have been too focused on arguing for why Shadow would be in, and less on discussing the Hypotheticals of what Shadow would bring with him, Talking about Music choices, Spirits, stage, etc. though to be honest, I think it's just I like speculation on viablity of an idea happening and such

I will say that if Shadow is really in, this is what I think would happen

-Special moves are his 4 Main Chaos moves. Chaos Control, Chaos Warp, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast

-His Normal Attacks will include Homing Attack and Spindash. they are not Specials

-Shadow will be able to Wavedash thanks to Light Speed Dash (in the Air)

-Shadow will bring back Momentum Jumping

-Shadow will have slowest Initial Dash, but perhaps higher top speed than Sonic

-Shadow will have a Boost Mechanic where he gets stronger the better he does, through hitting Opponents, parrying, or Killing Opponents. He would get more meter from using Chaos related moves. Boost Mode offers benefits, including Enhanced version of his Chaos Moves. It's essentially a Snowball Mechanic

-Shadow will have his Sonic Battle Moves, they would be spread out among Smash attacks, and Unique moves activated either while Shielding or doing a Dodge

-Shadow's Dodges will be Mini Chaos Warps, 3 at a time, but doesn't reset unless you touch the Ground

-Final Smash is Chaos Punishment with Super Shadow

-Shadow is gonna be able to Summon Weapons. Guns Definitely, but I also thinking Swords, and maybe even his Bike

-Chaos Control will be Unblockable

-Shadow might have a Taunt in the Air

-SA2 will get the Most Music tracks and Remixes, but we see Music from games like 06, SA1, Shadow, etc

-Knuckles will finally get a Spirit Battle

-Rouge, Omega, and Amy will be Mii Costumes perhaps. Eggman might have some special presence, like a Boss Fight perhaps

-Stage is Space Colony Ark, or the Death Egg. It's gonna be some type of Space stage. Those are Iconic to Sonic

That's for if Shadow is Revealed tomorrow. Here's hoping. It's been nice to check in this thread once and awhile and it's been fun Speculating on Shadow all this time. If he ends up not getting in, well I'm not gonna regret it anyway, was still fun experience, was fun to spread to Smashfaqs, Discord, Smashboards, 4Chan, Reddit, etc

You guys have been laying it down, and met good people along the way. Yes.


Smash Apprentice
Sep 5, 2019
Always exciting to discuss shadow as playable. I truly feel ultimate brought awareness to his demand. I thought sonic (brawl) brought enough demand for shadow, but I hope ultimate did. Truly pray nintendo and sega put shadow in the smash game after ultimate. The demand is present, and he would be a very cool addition to the sonic series. Never giving up on shadow in smash.

Rie Sonomura

fly octo fly
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
Always exciting to discuss shadow as playable. I truly feel ultimate brought awareness to his demand. I thought sonic (brawl) brought enough demand for shadow, but I hope ultimate did. Truly pray nintendo and sega put shadow in the smash game after ultimate. The demand is present, and he would be a very cool addition to the sonic series. Never giving up on shadow in smash.
I hope you all get your wish someday. Hopefully next time, since they’re aware of the demand
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