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The SSB Poll Lounge: DLC mode engaged

Discussion in 'Character Discussion' started by Shorts, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Yeah I've messaged him, but I got no response. I could ask Toise or Chrono, I suppose. I wanna see what them Japanese fans want.
  2. Dark Phazon

    Dark Phazon
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    Smash Hero

    Dec 13, 2012
    London, England
    Ow rearly? hahaha iyt thats ok then.....
  3. Kapus

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    Smash Ace

    May 22, 2013
    Somewhere in the clouds
    3DS FC:
    Aww, Lip is all the way back in 118th place.

    Oh well, at least Mega Man is in second. That's nice to see.
  4. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    I would rather have Lip than Megaman in Smash bros, if that makes you feel better.

    3rd parties are poop.
  5. Fuzzy Pickles!

    Fuzzy Pickles!
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    We Missed You Lucas

    Oct 24, 2009
    Tazmily Village

    Butbutbut, what about Geno or Bomberman?

    But in all seriousness, it really does suck to see Lip so low on the list. I honestly would love to see a non-Dr. Mario puzzle rep enter the game and I think she would be interesting to have. Sadly, with being uncommonly requested along with being Japan-only pretty much destroy her chance of getting in.
  6. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Honestly, if it meant 2 - 4 more Nintendo characters, I would easily throw away Sonic, Snake, Bomberman, and Geno. Because that makes Toad, Krystal, Medusa, Saki, and Zoroark all more likely. All of which I would rather see than the four mentioned prior. I'm a Nintendo fan, beore anything.
  7. N3ON

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    Pink Sparks

    • Premium
    • Back Roomer
    Jan 6, 2008

    Would you rather have Banjo-Kazooie or an extra Nintendo character?

    I'm a Nintendo fan too, always will be, but the bear and bird would come first for me before most Nintendo characters this time around, if they were possible.
    Dark Phazon likes this.
  8. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Honestly, yes. If they were NINTENDO characters, then I would rather them, but only because I have an extreme love for Gruntilda and Mumbo.
  9. MasterOfKnees

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    Smash Hero

    Jan 4, 2010
    I'm a Nintendo fan before anything else too, but I think the uniqueness of Snake makes him a must-keep, there's no character quite like him, and there probably won't be another character like him either. That's an important thing to take into consideration imo, what can the character do that others can't, what can make him unique? Sonic also has a unique way of playing, primarily because of his speed and his ball-stuff, and even though I can't stand his games and I hate playing him I think he deserves to be in. The only 3rd party character I'd add in to complete that aspect of the roster is Mega Man, because he's such a big landmark even in Nintendo history that it's a given.

    Don't see the hype for Bomberman or Pac-Man honestly, and even less do I understand the hype for Banjo & Kazooie, but that's probably just me.

    Also, I find it pretty interesting how K. Rool and Ridley are always toe-to-toe against each other in these polls.
    HylianHeroBigBoss likes this.
  10. Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man
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    Smash Lord

    Jun 22, 2009
    So most people here would be okay with no third parties?

    I personally wouldn't mind but would like to keep sonic. I think the whole sega/nintendo and sonic/mario friendly rivalry thing justifies it.
    Plus the last direct announced an exclusive sonic game for the wii U. So that's neat.
  11. Fuzzy Pickles!

    Fuzzy Pickles!
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    We Missed You Lucas

    Oct 24, 2009
    Tazmily Village

    I would understand if third-parties were to go given that they are not a necessity for Smash. Beside, I would be much more upset to see Pac-Man as the only third-party newcomer anyway.

    That being said, I'd rather see third-parties return since they are truly a special part of the game if done right and not overused, especially if it gets us Mega Man.

    @Shortiecanbrawl: Could you please update how many votes for stages and veterans we have so far? If you can, you can also update the amount of bosses and Assist Trophies.
  12. Dr. FalКoopa

    Dr. FalКoopa
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    Rainbow Waifu

    • Moderator
    • Premium
    • Back Roomer
    Dec 16, 2012
    3DS FC:

    I'd prefer to have 3rd parties, but they are no deal breaker for me. I'll be fine either way.
    MasterOfKnees and Dark Phazon like this.
  13. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:

    It is just you. Well, minus Pac-Man.

    Sure, I have today off, so I will. Hoping I hit 700 votes last night. We'll see. Gonna take it to destructiod and 1UP today.
  14. Shorts

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    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    ONE JUMBO UPDATE - 700 votes Addition
    Where are the votes coming from?
    480 - United States of America​
    63 - Canada​
    36 - United Kingdom​
    30 - Australia​
    11 - Netherlands (This poll I believe got around a Netherlands subreddit, weirdly enough)
    6 - Mexico​
    6 - Brazil​
    6 - France​
    5 - Sweden​
    5 - Germany​
    4 - Finland​
    4 - Turkey​
    4 - India​
    3 - Denmark​
    3 - Ireland​
    3 - Switzerland​
    3 - Spain
    2 - Italy
    2 - Norway​
    2 - Belgium​
    2 - Republic of Korea​
    1 - Portugal​
    1- Venizuela​
    1 - Argentina​
    1 - Chile​
    1 - Greece​
    1 - Japan
    1 - Jordan
    1 - Israel​
    1 - Kuwait​
    What sites are bringing in votes?
    37% - Reddit
    23% - Kwiksurveys
    16% - Smashboards
    10% - Neogaf
    3% - IGN
    1% - Other (Including: Cutstuff, Capcom Unity, Wiichat, Deviantart, Neoseeker, 4chan, Gamefaqs, Tumblr, Screw Attack, Nintendolife, Google Translator, and a few Sub Reddits)
    Veteran Votes
    1. Falcon 611
    2. Kirby 610
    3. Samus 607
    4. Donkey Kong 605
    5. Link 605
    6. Fox 603
    7. Mario 602
    8. Yoshi 600
    9. Zelda 599
    10. Luigi 595
    11. Pikachu 594
    12. Ness 586
    13. Bowser 580
    14. Ganondorf 568
    15. Pit 568
    16. Peach 563
    17. Marth 557
    18. Wario 556
    19. King Dedede 539
    20. Diddy Kong 535
    21. Falco 533
    22. Ice Climbers 533
    23. Shiek 526
    24. Meta Knight 524
    25. Mr. Game and Watch 515
    26. Sonic 513
    27. Olimar 496
    28. Zero Suit Samus 490
    29. Lucas 481
    30. Jigglypuff 464
    31. Snake 438
    32. Wolf 436
    33. Ike 428
    34. Pokemon Trainer 397
    35. ROB 393
    36. Toon Link 312
    37. Lucario 267
    (Characters highlighted in orange all scored lower than Mewtwo)
    Newcomers (Tier Ranking)
    Top Tier
    · Mewtwo 479
    · Megaman 429

    High Tier
    · Ridley 375
    · King K. Rool 365
    · Roy 340
    · Little Mac (Punch Out) 308

    Mid Tier

    · Bowser Junior 259
    · Paper Mario 251
    · Isaac (Golden Sun) 246
    · Palutena 241
    · Krystal 236
    · Waluigi 233
    · Banjo & Kazooie 226
    · Chrom 222
    · Shulk (Xenoblade) 220

    Lower Tier
    · Majora (Skull Kid) 197
    · Dixie Kong 195
    · Black Shadow 179
    · Bomberman 177
    · Samurai Goroh 176
    · 2nd Sonic Character (Tails, Shadow, Knuckles) 165
    · Ghirahim 165
    · Pac-Man 162
    · Toad 157
    · Sixth Gen Pokemon 156

    Bottom Tier
    · Doctor Mario 149
    · Lyn 149
    · Mii (Wii Series) 148
    · Dark Samus 147
    · Rayman 145
    · Super Mario RPG (Geno, Mallow) 139
    · Kingdom Hearts (Sora) 138
    · King Boo 136
    · Castlevania (Simon Belmont, Alucard, Dracula) 136
    · Lucina 133
    · Takamaru (The Mysterious Musasame Castle) 133
    · Balloon Fighter 131
    · Ace Attorney (Phoenix Write) 129
    · Kamek 128
    · Pokemon Trainer (Johto) 127
    · Bayonetta 126
    · Zoroark 125
    · Crono Trigger (Crono) 125
    · Viewtiful Joe 124
    · Toon Zelda 120
    · Saki (Sin & Punishment) 118
    · Medusa 118
    · Tom Nook (Animal Crossing 116
    · Final Fantasy (Chocobo, Black Mage, Moogle, Cloud, Lightning) 115
    · Vaati 113
    · Eevee (and Eeveelutions) 112
    · Claus (Masked Man) 112
    · Rosalina 111
    · Ashley 111
    · Pokemon Trainer (Hoenn) 109
    · Professor Layton 109
    · No More Hereos (Travis Touchdown) 108
    · Dillon (Rolling Western) 104
    · Ray MK (Custom Robo) 103
    · Shy Guy 102
    · Young Link 101

    At Least Worth a Mention Tier
    · Pokemon Trainer (Kalos) 99
    · Tales Series (Cless/Cress, Lloyd) 98
    · Baby Mario & Luigi 96
    · Wolf Link 96
    · Dark Pit 96
    · Hades 95
    · Scribblenauts (Maxwell) 93
    · Captain Syrup 92
    · Midna 92
    · Slippy 92
    · Anna 92

    Everyone Else

    [collapse]· Toon Ganondorf 89

    · Porky 89
    · Andy (Advanced Wars) 88
    · Fawful 87
    · Pokemon Trainer (Sinnoh) 85
    · Villager (Animal Crossing) 85
    · Street Fighter (Ryu, Chun Li, M. Bison) 85
    · Tetra 84
    · Bandana Dee 84
    · Conker's Bad Fur Day (Conker) 83
    · Mona 82
    · Deoxys 82
    · Pokemon Trainer N 82
    · Magnus 80
    · K.K Slider (Animal Crossing) 80
    · Plusle & Minun 79
    · Funky Kong 78
    · Impa 77
    · Daisy 76
    · Meowth 76
    · Pokemon Trainer Villain (Rocket Plasma Galactic Aqua Magma) 75
    · Black Knight 74
    · Classic Link 73
    · Toon Sheik 73
    · Genesect 73
    · Knuckle Joe 72
    · 2nd Metal Gear Character (Raiden, Gray Fox) 69
    · Kat & Ana 68
    · Pichu 68
    · Starfy (The Legendary Starfy) 68
    · Robin (FE:A Avatar) 66
    · Prince Fluff 65
    · Tingle 64
    · Alex (Golden Sun) 62
    · Baby Bowser 61
    · Jimmy T. 61
    · Soul Calibur (Nightmare, Ivy Valentine) 61
    · Hector 60
    · Yarn Kirby 59
    · Pokemon Champion Cynthia 58
    · Viridi 57
    · Elite Beat Agents 57
    · Peppy 56
    · Poo 56
    · Captain Rainbow 55
    · Lip (Panel De Pon) 55
    · Sylux 54
    · Felix (Golden Sun) 54
    · Ninja Gaiden (Ryu Hayabusa) 54
    · Jeff 53
    · Mew 52
    · Micaiah 52
    · Duck Hunt Dog 50
    · Battletoads (Zitz) 50
    · Yarn Yoshi 49
    · Eirika 49
    · Tharja 49
    · Kumatora 49
    · Louie (Pikmin) 49
    · Mach Rider 49
    · Fiora (Xenoblade) 48
    · Lanky Kong 47
    · Darkrai 47
    · Captain N 46
    · Jill (Drill Dozer) 46
    · Matthew (Golden Sun) 46
    · Mike Jones (Star Tropics) 46
    · Groose 45
    · Ninten 45
    · Tekken (Heihachi, Jin, Kazuya) 44
    · Aeron (Pandora's Tower) 44
    · 44 (0.8%)
    · Captain Quartet (Pikmin 3) 40
    · Dragon Quest (Slime) 43
    · Blood Falcon 42
    · Flint 42
    · Zael (The Last Story) 42
    · Adeliene 41
    · Ephraim 41
    · Tiki 41
    · Isa Jo (Sin & Punishment) 41
    · Tempo (Harmo Knight) 41
    · Resident Evil (Jill Valentine, Chris Redfeild, Leon Kennedy) 41
    · Giygas 40
    · Cranky Kong 39
    · KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) 39
    · Eggplant Wizard 38
    · Gardevoir 38
    · Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight) 38
    · Paula 37
    · Phantom Zelda 36
    · Leon 36
    · Victini 35
    · Excited Biker 35
    · Donkey Kong Junior 34
    · Mallo (Pushmo) 33
    · Reyn (Xenoblade) 33
    · Jody Summer 32
    · Eliwood 32
    · Panther 31
    · Muddy Mole (Mole Mania) 31
    · Anthony Higgs 30
    · Alex Roivas (Eternal Darkness) 30
    · Dunban (Xenoblade) 30
    · Andross 29
    · Caeda 28
    · Prince Sable (For the Frog the Bell Tolls) 27
    · Marx 26
    · Meloetta 26
    · Bubbles (Clu Clu Land) 26
    · Walhart 24
    · Ana 24
    · Calista (The Last Story) 23
    · Sakura Samurai (Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword) 20
    · Stanly the Bugman 19
    · Tiki Tong 19
    · Pico 18
    · Elincia 18
    · Leaf 18
    · Orublon 17
    · Gooey 17
    · Magolor 17
    · Sigurd 17
    · Alice (Balloon Kid) 17
    · Ashley Robbins (Trace Memory / Another Road) 17
    · Deathborn 16
    · Soren 16
    · Shake King 15
    · Hunter (Fossil Fighter) 13
    · Dr. Write (Sim City) 12
    · Heracles (Glory of Heracles) 12
    · Prince Richard (For the Frog the Bell Tolls) 12
    · Kiddie Kong 11
    · Celice 11
    · Hero (Magc Starsign / Vacation) 11
    · John Raimi (Geist) 11
    · Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk) 11
    · Labrador / Grey Tabby (Nintendogs plus Cats) 11
    · Urban Champion 11
    · Welt (Soma Bringer) 11
    · Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Detective Club pt. II) 10
    · Ryuta (Ouendan) 10
    · Tamagon (Devil World) 10
    · Demille (Tomato Adventure) 9
    · Lark (PilotWings) 9
    · Ryota Hayami (Wave Race) 8
    · Daroach 7
    · Dr. Stewart 6

    · Narbarl 4 [/collapse]

    Stage Results

    Super Mario
    · Luigi's Mansion 326
    · Delfino Plaza 309
    · Bowser's Castle (Super Mario Bros) 253
    · Peach's Castle (Melee) 188
    · Airship (Super Mario Bros III) 181
    · Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy) 177
    · Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) 168
    · Mushroomy Kingdom 161
    · Starship Mario (Super Mario Galaxy II) 144
    · New Mushroom Kingdom (New Super Mario Bros) 135
    · Mario Bros 134
    · Mushroom Kingdom (Smash Sixty Four) 126
    · Rainbow Cruise (Melee) 105
    · Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee) 103
    · Mushroom Kingdom (Melee) 102
    · Sunken Ship (Super Mario Sixty Four) 96
    · Hotel Delfino (Super Mario Sunshine) 94

    Mario Spin-Offs
    · Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7) 227
    · Mario Circuit 154
    · Wauligi Pinball (Mario Kart DS) 97
    · Battle Stage (PM: TTYD) 95
    · The Glitz Pit (PM: TTYD) 85
    · Mario Paint (Mario Paint) 83
    · Bowser's Insides (M&L: BIS) 78
    · Rogueport (PM: TTYD) 74
    · Castle Bleck (Super Paper Mario) 69
    · Princess Peach's Birthday Cake (Mario Party) 65
    · Toad Town (Paper Mario Sticker Star) 62
    · Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii) 60
    · Mario Stadium (Super Mario Star Sluggers) 40
    · Toad Road (Mario Party) 33
    · Bowser Jr. Boulevard (Mario Sports Mix) 31

    · Yoshi's Island 324
    · Yoshi Story (Melee) 162
    · Yoshi's Island (Melee) 153
    · Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) 110
    · The Moon (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) 80
    · Baby Bowser's Castle (Yoshi's Story) 72
    · Cloud World (Super Mario World II: Yoshi's Island) 56
    · Jungle Hut (Yoshi's Story) 50
    · Yoshi's Cookie (Yoshi's Cookie) 49
    · Monkey's Favorite Lake (Super Mario World II: Yoshi's Island) 42

    · WarioWare, Inc 228
    · WarioWare, Inc. 2 (WarioWare) 162
    · Daimond City (Wario Land) 103
    · Syrup Castle (Wario Land II) 74
    · S.S. Teacup (Wario Land) 68
    · Virtual Boy Wario Land (Wario Land) 66
    · Ratl Ruins (Wario Land: Shake It) 55
    · Emerald Island (Wario Land IV) 53
    · Pooblah's Pyramid (Wario: Master of Disguise) 30

    Donkey Kong
    · Jungle Japes (Melee) 171
    · Kongo Jungle (Melee) 160
    · Rumble Falls 139
    · Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong Country) 139
    · Sunset Shores (Donkey Kong Country Returns) 132
    · SeventyFiveM 93
    · Golden Temple (Donkey Kong Country Returns) 93
    · Jungle Hijinx (Donkey Kong Country) 82
    · TwentyFiveM (Donkey Kong) 72
    · Bramble Scramble (Donkey Kong Country II) 63
    · Stickerbrush (Donkey Kong Country II) 59
    · Frantic Factory (Donkey Kong Sixty Four) 58
    · Angry Aztec (Donkey Kong Country Sixty Four) 47
    · The Flying Croc (Donkey Kong Country II) 43
    · Creepy Castle (Donkey Kong Country Sixty Four) 43
    · Stop and Go Station (Donkey Kong country) 34
    · Vine Land (Donkey Kong Junior) 30

    Legend Of Zelda
    · Skyloft (Skyword Sword) 276
    · Pirate Ship 215
    · Bridge OF Eldin 214
    · Hyrule Castle (Smash Sixty Four) 198
    · Temple (Melee) 183
    · Termina Bay (Melee) 156
    · Clock Tower (Majora's Mask) 152
    · Hyrule Castle – Interior 142
    · Ganon's Tower (Ocarina of Time 140
    · Temple of Time (Ocarina Of Time) 128
    · Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker) 111
    · Light World vs. Dark World (A Linke To the Past) 102
    · Palace Of Twilight (Twilight Princess) 99
    · Kokiri Vilage (Ocarina Of Time) 83
    · Sealed Grounds (Skyward Sword) 70
    · Death Mountain (A Link to the Past) 70
    · Spirit Train (Spirit Tracks) 69
    · Sandship (Skyward Sword) 61
    · Faron Woods (Skyward Sword) 60
    · Lanaryu Desert (Skyward Sword) 59
    · Kakariko Village (A Link to the Past) 55
    · Lunar Children's Feild (Majora's Mask) 51
    · Tingle Tower (Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland) 43
    · Tarm Ruins (Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons) 26

    · Norfair 232
    · Planet Zebes (Smash 64) 100
    · Brinstar (Melee) 156
    · Frigate Orpheon 154
    · Brinstar Depths (Melee) 122
    · Skytown Elysia (Metroid Prime III) 99
    · Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime) 94
    · Tallon IV (Metroid Prime) 74
    · Geothermal Power Plant (Other M) 71
    · Crateria (Super Metroid) 66
    · Phaaze (Metroid Prime III) 64
    · Tourian (Super Metroid) 60
    · Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime II) 59
    · SR388 (Metroid II: Return of Samus) 49
    · Biosphere (Other M) 42

    · The Halberd 287
    · Fountain of Dreams (Melee) 248
    · Green Greens (Melee) 190
    · Mt. Dedede (Kirby's Dreamland) 131
    · Patch Land (Kirby's Epic Yarn) 107
    · Cookie Country (Kirby Return to Dreamland) 97
    · Mirror Chamber (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror) 66
    · Halcandra (Kirby's Return to Dreamland) 54
    · Rainbow Desert (Kirby's Adventure) 53
    · Quilty Square (Kirby's Epic Yarn) 42

    · Pokemon Stadium II 240
    · Saffron City (Smash 64) 167
    · Pokemon Stadium III 200
    · Pokemon Stadium (Melee) 174
    · Spear Pillar 134
    · Pokemon Colosseum 131
    · Pokefloats II 129
    · Pokefloats (Melee) 120
    · S.S. Anne (Pokemon Red/Blue) 111
    · Lumiose City (Pokemon X/Y) 102
    · Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue) 96
    · Battle Subway (Pokemon Black/White) 88
    · Distortion World (Pokemon Platinum) 87
    · Giant Chasm (Pokemon Black/White 2) 80
    · Dragonspiral Tower (Pokemon Black/White) 75
    · Meteor Falls (Pokemon Ruby Sapphire) 66
    · Dream World (Pokemon Black/White) 64
    · Ruins of Alph (Pokemon Gold/Silver) 62
    · Castelia City (Pokemon Black/White) 61
    · Tin Tower (Pokemon Gold/Silver) 56
    · Unova Victory Road (Pokemon Black/White) 50
    · Realgam Tower (Pokemon Colosseum) 43

    Star Fox
    · Lylat Cruise 268
    · Corneria (Melee) 220
    · Sector Z (Smash 64) 142
    · Venom (Melee) 122
    · Sector Y (StarFox Sixty Four) 89
    · Fortuna (StarFox Assault) 83
    · Sauria (Star Fox Adventures) 76
    · Area 6 (StarFox Sixty Four) 64
    · Macbeth (StarFox Sixty Four) 65
    · Zoness (StarFox Sixty Four) 47

    · Mute City (Melee) 204
    · Port Town: Aero Dive 182
    · Big Blue (Melee) 181
    · Fire Field (F-Zero GX) 77
    · Sand Ocean (F-Zero) 69
    · Red Canyon (F-Zero) 61
    · Aeropolis: Zen (F- Zero GX) 61
    · Silence (F-Zero) 47
    · Cosmo Terminal (F-Zeo GX) 39

    Fire Emblem
    · Castle Siege 254
    · Grima (Fire Emblem Awakening) 106
    · The Great Bridge (Fire Emblem Path Of Radience) 83
    · Ferox Arena (Fire Emblem Awakening) 71
    · The Arena (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) 71
    · Mount Prism (Fire Emblem Awakening) 68
    · Dragon Table (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon) 65
    · Akaneia (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon) 61
    · Dragon's Gate (Fire Emblem Seven) 61
    · The Mila Tree (Fire Emblem Awakening) 60
    · Fields (Fire Emblem) 60
    · Crimea Castle Yard (Fire Emblem Path of Radience) 57
    · Halidom of Ylisse (Fire Emblem Awakening) 56

    · Onett (Melee) 215
    · Fourside (Melee) 182
    · New Pork City 141
    · Saturn Valley (Earthbound) 135
    · Cave of the Past (Earthbound) 67
    · Magicent (Earthbound) 67
    · Threed (Earthbound) 62
    · Tazmily Village (Mother III) 58
    · Osohe Castle (Mother III) 44

    Smaller Franchises
    · Smashville 196
    · Nintendo Land 194
    · Skyworld 185
    · Metal Arean (Smash Bros 64) 121
    · New Smashville (Animal Crossing: New Leaf 173
    · Underworld (Kid Icarus) 172
    · Distant Planet 140
    · Pictochat 137
    · Punch Out Ring 131
    · The Summit 109
    · Flat Zone 2 106
    · Game and Watch Gallery (Game and Watch) 100
    · Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo Hardware) 92
    · WuHu Island (Wii Series) 91
    · Mii Plaza (Wii Series) 89
    · Guar Plains (Xenoblade) 87
    · Murasame Castle (Nazo No Murasame) 76
    · Venus Lighthouse (Golden Sun) 75
    · Bionis Leg (Xenoblade) 74
    · Flat Zone (Melee) 74
    · Balloon Land (Balloon Fighter) 70
    · Submerged Castle (Pikmin II) 69
    · Pushmo Park (Pushmo) 67
    · Bulbax Kingdom (Pikmin II) 66
    · Rhythm Remix (Rhythm Heaven) 65
    · Hanenbow 61
    · Apollo Sanctum (Golden Sun) 59
    · Wild West (Rolling Western) 59
    · Icicle Mountain (Melee 59
    · Hunter Field (Duck Hunt) 56
    · Swapnote 56
    · Warzone (Advanced Wars) 53
    · Urban Ruins (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor) 47
    · Living Room (Chibi Robo) 46
    · Hector's Laboratory (Gryomite) 44
    · Endless Ocean 44
    · Cyber Holosseum (Custom Robo) 43
    · Panel De Pon 36
    · Lazulis Castle (The Last Story) 33
    · Puffpuff Palace (Legendary Starfy) 33
    · Sim City 33
    · Stargazer's Tower (The Last Story) 32
    · Urban Ruins (Sin & Punishment: Star Successor) 31
    · Gluglug Lagoon (Legendary Starfy) 29
    · Dolphin Park (Wave Race) 29
    · Art Style 29
    · Highway (Mach Rider) 28
    · Ehn'gha (Eternal Darkness) 27
    · Orange Star Headquarters (Advance Wars) 24
    · Cube World (Cubivor) 22
    · Vivosaur Island Park Area (Fossil Fighters) 21
    · C Island (Star Tropics) 21
    · Garden (Mole Mania) 20
    · Skullker Base (Drill Dozer) 18
    · Custard Kingdom (For the Frog the Bell Tolls) 17

    Third Party Levels
    · Green Hill Zone (Sonic the HedgeHog) 239
    · Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear Solid) 178
    · Tetris 167
    · Dr. Wily's Fortress (Megaman) 162
    · City Escape (Sonic Adventure II) 104
    · Pac Land (Pac Man) 100
    · Casino Night Zone (Sonic Generations) 87
    · Spiral Mountain (Banjo Kazooie) 87
    · Central Highway (Megaman X) 82
    · Forest Maze (Super Mario RPG 78
    · Sky Sanctuary (Sonic and Knuckles) 74
    · Dracula's Mansion (Castlevania) 72
    · Robot Museum (Megaman) 65
    · Jungle (Metal Gear Solid 3) 61
    · Wisp World (Sonic Colors) 59
    · Bomb Arena (Bomberman) 59
    · Outer Haven (Metal Gear Solid IV) 57
    · The End Of Time (Chrono Trigger) 56
    · Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts) 55
    · Smithy Castle (Super Mario RPG) 53
    · The Airship (Final Fantasy) 53
    · Hollow Bastion (Kingdom Hearts II) 49
    · London (Professor Layton) 49
    · Grunty Industries (Bajo Kazooie Twooie) 47
    · Chaos Shrine (Final Fantasy) 38
    · Japan (Street Fighter II) 38
    · Windy (Conker's Bad Fur Day) 31
    · Ancient Citadel (Soul Calibur) 30
    · Zenan Bridge (Chrono Trigger) 29
    · China (Steet Fighter II) 29
    · Ogre's Temple (Tekken) 23
    · Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil) 20
    · Alefgard (Dragon Quest) 17

    · Slimenia (Dragon Quest Heroes) 14 [/collapse]

    Assist Trophy Scores

    [collapse]·Metroid 207

    ·Chain Chomp (Super Mario) 190
    ·Birdo (Super Mario) 176
    ·Andross (StarFox) 164
    ·Hammer Bro (Super Mario) 162
    ·E. Gadd (Luigi's Mansion) 160
    ·Lakitu (Super Mario) 137
    ·Tingle (Legend Of Zelda) 131
    ·Knuckle Joe (Kirby) 128
    ·Groose (Legend Of Zelda) 127
    ·Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus) 124
    ·Protoman (Megaman) 124
    ·Waluigi (Super Mario) 120
    ·Kat & Ana (WarioWare) 118
    ·Animal Buddies (Donkey Kong) 117
    ·Glass Joe (Punch Out) 116
    ·Rosalina (Super Mario) 115
    ·Duck Hunt Dog 114
    ·Slippy (StarFox) 112
    ·Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing) 111
    ·Kamek (Yoshi) 106
    ·Funky Kong (Donkey Kong) 106
    ·Knuckles (Sonic The HedgeHog) 106
    ·Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong) 104
    ·Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog) 102
    ·Pac-Man Ghosts 100
    ·Lyn (Fire Emblem) 98
    ·Shadow (Sonic The Hedgehog) 97
    ·Skull Kid (Legend Of Zelda) 96
    ·Black Knight (Fire Emblem) 96
    ·Tails (Sonic The Hedgehog) 96
    ·Chib Robo 93
    ·Excitebikes 93
    ·Nintendog + Cats 91
    ·Ashley (WarioWare) 90
    ·Bulbax (Pikmin) 88
    ·Balloon Fighter 85
    ·Prince Fluff (Kirby) 84
    ·Jeff (Mother) 84
    ·Gray Fox (Metal Gear) 83
    ·Jimmy T. (WarioWare) 82
    ·Magnus (Kid Icarus) 82
    ·Jill (Drill Dozer) 81
    ·Mach Rider 81
    ·Infantry & Tanks (Advanced Wars) 80
    ·Anthony Higgs (Metroid) 79
    ·Roll (Megaman) 79
    ·Impa (Legend Of Zelda) 77
    ·Starfy (The Legendary Starfy) 77
    ·Raiden (Metal Gear) 77
    ·Samurai Goroh (F - Zero) 72
    ·Adeleine (Kirby) 70
    ·Captain Syrup (WarioLand) 63
    ·Vaati (Legend Of Zelda) 61
    ·Dancer (Fire Emblem) 61
    ·Dillon (Rolling Western) 59
    ·Jenna (Golden Sun) 58
    ·Mona (WarioWare) 57
    ·Kumatora (Mother) 57
    ·Sharla (Xenoblade) 56
    ·Claus / Masked Man (Mother) 55
    ·Ray MK (Custom Robo) 55
    ·Pico (F-Zero) 54
    ·Devil (Devil World) 54
    ·Grim Reaper (Castlevania) 54
    ·Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo Kazooie) 54
    ·Micaiah (Fire Emblem) 53
    ·Lip (Panel De Pon) 53
    ·StarWolf (StarFox) 52
    ·Stilt Guys (Yoshi) 51
    ·Saki (Sin & Punishment) 51
    ·Chrom (Fire Emblem) 50
    ·Barbara Bat (Jam with the Band) 50
    ·Dr. Write (Sim City) 49
    ·Chocobo (Final Fantasy) 49
    ·Bubbles (Clu Clu Land) 48
    ·Doshin the Giant 48
    ·Isaac (Golden Sun) 46
    ·Little Mac (Punch Out) 46
    ·T. Rex (Fossil Fighters) 46
    ·Mallow (Super Mario RPG) 42
    ·Moogle (Final Fantasy) 42
    ·Chun Li (Street Fighter) 41
    ·Luke (Professor Layton) 40
    ·Black Bomber (Bomberman) 39
    ·Pak E. Derm (Yoshi) 37
    ·Stanley the Bugman (Donkey Kong) 37
    ·Sukapon (Joy Mech Fighters) 36
    ·Muddy Mole (Mole Mania) 33
    ·Zael (The Last Story) 27
    ·Aeron (Pandora's Tower) 25
    ·Kuma (Tekken) 21

    ·Nemisis (Resident Evil) 18 [/collapse]

    Boss Character Results

    [collapse] · Master Hand (Smash Bros) 236

    · Crazy Hand (Smash Bros) 220
    · Giga Bowser (Smash Bros) 191
    · King Boo (Super Mario) 165
    · Kraid (Metroid) 154
    · New Original Characters 140
    · Egg Man (Sonic The Hedgehog) 132
    · Dr. Wily (Mega Man) 131
    · Demise (Legend Of Zelda) 128
    · Petey Piranha (Super Mario Bros) 126
    · Andross (StarFox) 120
    · Dry Bowser (Super Mario) 118
    · Beast Ganon (Legend Of Zelda) 117
    · Hades (Kid Icarus) 115
    · Giratina (Pokemon) 113
    · King Hippo (Punch Out) 108
    · Giygas (Mother) 106
    · Meta Ridley (Metroid) 103
    · Nightmare (Kirby) 100
    · Tabuu (Smash Bros) 99
    · Medusa (Kid Icarus) 98
    · Rayquaza (Pokemon) 93
    · Whispy Woods (Kirby) 91
    · Kyurem (Pokemon) 90
    · Koopalings (Super Mario) 89
    · Marx (Kirby) 89
    · Black Knight (Fire Emblem) 87
    · Phantom Ganon (Legend Of Zelda) 84
    · Zant (Legend Of Zelda) 84
    · Ridley (Metroid) 82
    · Darkrai (Pokemon) 80
    · Wart (Super Mario) 78
    · N & Reshiram/Zekrom (Pokemon) 78
    · REX (Metal Gear) 78
    · Porky (Mother) 77
    · Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie) 77
    · Kracko (Kirby) 76
    · Grima (Fire Emblem) 76
    · Vaati (Legend Of Zelda) 75
    · Tiki Tong (Donkey Kong) 67
    · Cackletta (Super Mario) 66
    · Queen Bulbax (Pikmin) 65
    · Metal Face (Xenoblade) 63
    · Ghetsis (Pokemon) 61
    · Dracula (Castlevania) 60
    · Galleom (Smash Bros) 59
    · Ultimate Ghost (Find Mii) 58
    · Titan Dweevil (Pikmin) 53
    · Smithy (Super Mario RPG) 53
    · Fusion Dragon (Golden Sun) 52
    · Duon (Smash Bros) 50
    · Magalor (Kirby) 48
    · Deathborn (F-Zero) 48
    · Shake King (Wario) 47
    · M. Bison (Street Fighter) 42
    · Kamek (Yoshi's Story) 38
    · Dr. Kawashima (Brain Age) 37
    · Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) 26
    · Max (Bomberman) 23
    · Denpu (Wario Land) 14

    · Ogre (Tekken) 14[/collapse]

  15. Dr. FalКoopa

    Dr. FalКoopa
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    Rainbow Waifu

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    Dec 16, 2012
    3DS FC:

    Huh? Four Indian votes? That's a surprise. Afaik, one was from me and one from my brother. Who are the others? :confused:


    Also, Go Lyn! Go Doc! Go Paper Mario! Go Isaac!
  16. Shorts

    Expand Collapse
    Zef Side

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    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    ****ing ****.

    I'll edit. Roy and Mewtwo easily get left off on this. it's annoying.


    I think it's about time I've written up something about all these results. Hmm.
  17. Dark Phazon

    Dark Phazon
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    Smash Hero

    Dec 13, 2012
    London, England
    Go Villians!

    Haha i just noticed that all the chars i support/want are Villians

    Except Cranky




    Dry Bowser
    Skull Kid
    Cranky Kong
  18. N3ON

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    Pink Sparks

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    Jan 6, 2008

    Of the first three tiers, the only character I have to say I'm surprised about is Paper Mario. Didn't expect him to be so high. I think part is due to Sticker Star, but he still has a lot of undeniable popularity. You also might not expect Bowser Jr to be so high, because he doesn't really get mentioned too much around here, but if you go elsewhere he's one of the most popular picks, so he makes sense. Oh, I guess Roy is surprising too, he's placing a few spots higher than I thought he would, which is good.
  19. Frostwraith

    Expand Collapse
    Blue Exorcist

    Jun 26, 2012
    3DS FC:

    I'm still the only Portuguese voter, I see.

    Mewtwo, Ridley, Roy, K. Rool all in the Top 5? Hell yeah!
    Dark Phazon likes this.
  20. Dr. FalКoopa

    Dr. FalКoopa
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    Rainbow Waifu

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    Dec 16, 2012
    3DS FC:

    Remove the formatting from the collapse tags (Press the rubber icon on the top left) and the multiple collapse tags mess will clear up.
  21. N3ON

    Expand Collapse
    Pink Sparks

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    Jan 6, 2008

    It's disappointing to see so many of the Brawl stages topping each category. I can understand some of them, there were some good stages in Brawl, but don't people want more variety? I only voted for a handful of the Brawl stages personally.
  22. Dr. FalКoopa

    Dr. FalКoopa
    Expand Collapse
    Rainbow Waifu

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    Dec 16, 2012
    3DS FC:

    I suppose that's because people vote those stages on which they have a well-formed opinion already.

    Along with the new stages, I actually voted for all stages in all 3 smash games except for 75m, Rumble Falls and New Pork City.
  23. Shorts

    Expand Collapse
    Zef Side

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    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Fixed. And yeah, Junior is actually really popular outside of this site. Personally, I love the idea of him playable.
    Swampasaur likes this.
  24. DavemanCozy

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    Smash Photographer

    May 16, 2013
    London, ON
    3DS FC:
    Shy Guy 102
    Young Link 101

    Dark Phazon likes this.
  25. Kapus

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    Smash Ace

    May 22, 2013
    Somewhere in the clouds
    3DS FC:
    Lip's ranking just gets increasingly more depressing.

    Oh well. Can't say I'm surprised at this list at all, aside from how low Pac-Man is on the tier rankings, since Namco is working on the game.
  26. BKupa666

    Expand Collapse
    Supreme Ruler, Grand Pooh-Bah of Evil

    Aug 12, 2008
    Crocodile Isle

    Bowser Jr. seems popular even here, just to a lesser extent, since we're also pretty much the only place requesting Toad as well.

    A possible explanation for returning stages being almost universally ranked higher than new ones is that the poll lists returning stages at the top of each series' list of options. Since a lot of people only care about voting for characters at this point, but want to finish the poll, they may just click the first option they see to rush through as quickly as possible. If a future poll gets made, it would be interesting to place all returning stages at the bottom instead to see if the results change.
  27. Ultinarok

    Expand Collapse
    Smash Ace

    May 7, 2013
    United States
    I'm sure Diddy Kong isn't though.

    Voted Mewtwo, for reasons I don't even need to explain. He's probably the most likely character to be in Smash 4, even beating out K. Rool and Ridley, and he's just awesome. May be the one "new" character who will make me question whether or not to keep maining Wolf along with Fox and Yoshi.
    Dark Phazon likes this.
  28. Dark Phazon

    Dark Phazon
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    Smash Hero

    Dec 13, 2012
    London, England
    Well Its Mewtwo what can i say...hes too sick... Mewtwo Badass !.jpg
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  29. D3monicWolv3s

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    Smash Ace

    Nov 11, 2006
    Well none of the japan only characters are too popular on the polls.

    Takumaru is the only exception, but he's about to be brought to the virtual console so I wouldn't count that... claus being decent... the rest are all in the bottom section. (unless I missed some while looking)

    Makes me sad that Kumatora is being beaten out on the polls by Poo.
  30. Shorts

    Expand Collapse
    Zef Side

    • Premium
    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:

    And he's not even that high. He's only requested because people like the idea of him. 99% of the people who voted for him have never played through the game he originates from.
  31. Fuzzy Pickles!

    Fuzzy Pickles!
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    We Missed You Lucas

    Oct 24, 2009
    Tazmily Village

    So Shortie, would you be fine with me bringing the poll to YouTube? That site has a big Smash 4 community and I think we can nab quite a few votes from there. I'll also try to get some relatively well-known speculators on that site to inform people of the poll.
    It's pretty obvious that we have no Pit of Smash 4 at this point because popularity isn't going to contribute to anyone's inclusion for retros. Even in Takamaru's home land, he's uncommonly requested.

    That's why I think Takamaru is going to end up as our "surprise" reveal, even if he seems obvious to most of us.
  32. N3ON

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    Pink Sparks

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    Jan 6, 2008

    Chances are the Mario characters to skyrocket if that happens. I'm not against it, at least they vote seriously, but only a few people there (from my experience) are actually decent speculators.
  33. Autumn ♫

    Autumn ♫
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    I'm terrible with these Custom Titles.

    Apr 20, 2013
    Sakurai's Secret Headquarters
    3DS FC:
    I could help with that too. I'm fairly well known around those parts.
  34. FourStar

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    Smash Ace

    Feb 26, 2013
    who the hell is venus.... man all these characters....
    Dark Phazon likes this.
  35. Swampasaur

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    2Spook or not 2Spook?

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    Jan 4, 2013
    3DS FC:

    A user.
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  36. Shorts

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    Zef Side

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    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Yeah I don't care, you can take it there if you like. The only reason I don't wanna go to 4chan is because they'll pull some stupid **** like "Lets all not vote for Mario". BUT YEAH, take it where you like.
  37. Curious Villager

    Curious Villager
    Expand Collapse

    Jun 24, 2012
    3DS FC:

    Kinda sad (although not surprising) that Layton is so low in that list but ah well. I suppose characters like him have better hope with their creators approaching Sakurai for their character's to be in the game than mainly rely on large fan demand I guess... :/
  38. Shorts

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    Zef Side

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    Jun 8, 2009
    3DS FC:
    Layton is one of the few third party characters I believe would fit in exactly with the Nintendo characters. Same with Geno and Bomberman
  39. Dark Phazon

    Dark Phazon
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    Smash Hero

    Dec 13, 2012
    London, England
    I think Layton is like pretty much a shoe-in imo.
  40. Johnknight1

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    Always Try To Do The Right Thing!

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    Feb 25, 2007
    Livermore, the Bay repping NorCal Smash!
    3DS FC:
    ^^^ I still think Mega Man easily fits in the best. He just looks, feels, and plays like a truly classic Nintendo character.

    I was ridiculously liberal with my choices, but here I go...[Collapse="My choices:"]-Every character that was playable in Brawl
    -Paper Mario
    -Kamek: Yes, this is something of a cult/nostalgia choice that I know has little to no shot at being playable!
    -Cranky Kong: I think he'd make a great "WTF?" character. Plus he is the ORIGINAL Donkey Kong.
    -Dixie Kong
    -Lanky Kong: He is my "guilty pleasure" choice, because I absolutely loved him in Donkey Kong 64.
    -Mewtwo: Both appearances are preferable (see: Wario for how to do this almost entirely correctly).
    -Pichu: Now with a new moveset and epic playstyle (or so I hope!).
    -Plusle and Minun: They both would make great "opposites" (ie: one has the forward smash as a kill move, the other has it as a damaging move).
    -A 6th Generation Pokémon
    -Ridley: My most wanted Nintendo-owned character.
    -Samurai Goroh
    -Roy: With a new moveset, some new rags, and maybe an Eliwood look-alike costume!
    -Hector: DAT AXE IS BOSS!!!
    -Paula: I would really want a totally magic-reliant character in smash, and Paula fits that billing as good or better than anyone else I can think of.
    -The Balloon Fighter
    -Isaac: Earth-based magic would be BOSS in smash bros!
    -Little Mac: I love fight sports and cartoony-ness, and quite frankly, I could see Little Mac being a perfect marriage of the two.
    -Mach Rider: A dude who could literally fight by riding on a bike with freaking guns. What is there not to love=???
    -Mii's: I got a sweet spot for them. Plus, you could play as anyone if they are playable!!! :eek:
    -Saki: Awesome weapon? Check. Stupid name? Check. Great potential? Definitely.
    -Shulk: Along with/after a new-ish Pokémon, he is the most likely recently created character to be playable in smash bros.
    -Sukapon: It would be a nice touch to see the original Nintendo fighter playable.
    -Banjo & Kazooie: This is not gonna happen unless Nintendo buys the rights to Banjo back from Rare and Microsoft, but still, a man can dream!
    -Bomberman: I grew up with his games and I love them.
    -Castlevania character: Specifically Simon Belmont, who would be awesome in anything as a playable character.
    -Conker: He is in the same situation as Banjo sadly.
    -Crono: Chrono Trigger = one of the best games of all-time, and Crono would fit right in with the best of the best.
    -A Dragon Quest character: I don't know why, but the idea of a Dragon Quest character in Smash Bros. is pretty exciting.
    -Mega Man: My #1 most wanted playable character in Smash who has yet to be playable, and my #1 most wanted character who wasn't in Brawl.
    -Travis Touchdown: I just see him being too awesome potentially not to select him.
    -Pac-Man: I see Miyamoto making a great character here.
    -Rayman: I grew up with Rayman, so I got a sweet spot for him.
    -Tales series character (specifically Lloyd Irving): Whether with one or two swords he would make a freaking fantastic playable character in any fighting game franchise, let alone smash bros.
    -Super Mario RPG characters (specifically Mallow and Geno): Mallow would be an okay character with his variant attacks, but Geno would be an incredible magic-centered character in smash.
    -A 2nd Sonic character (specifically Knuckles, Tails, and Dr. Eggman): Knuckles would be so freaking awesome in Smash. Tails IMO would be a nice new style for Smash, and Dr. Eggman could be a randomaniac in smash.

    78 choices, technically 81 since I had multiple characters I wanted with my last two picks. That's a lot of characters I want! Embarrass[/Collapse][COLLAPSE="Stage choices"]-
    -I'll just go ahead and say I picked every stage that's been in Smash thus far (because I think even the bad stages can be fixed, or they can be fun to play on and they are easy to port).
    -Good Egg Galaxy
    -Comet Observatory
    -NEW Mushroom Kingdom
    -Airship: I've wanted to play on this as a stage in smash bros FOREVER!!!
    -Bowser's Castle: Ditto on the last point.
    -Rainbow Road: Any version will do (although I was disappointed by the lack of Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64).
    -Castle Bleck
    -Battle Stage (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door): That would make such a fun setting!
    -Rougeport: I freaking love this place and this game!
    -The Glitz (Pit): Freaking awesome place. That part of that game was one of my favorite parts in any game ever.
    -Cloud World
    -Emerald Island
    -Virtual Boy Wario Land
    -Sunset Shores
    -Gangplank Galleon: I've freaking wanted this stage in Smash since like 2000.
    -Jungle Hi-jinx: As tired as I am of Jungle DKC stages, I would love to see this one.
    -Bramble Scramble
    -Frantic Factory: This stage had so many awesome things to it IMO. I also think this would be a great "mine level" stage.
    -Creepy Castle: IMO it is a perfect setting for a stage, and it really has a unique atmosphere.
    -Angry Aztec: Probably my favorite DK 64 area, so this is a given. Those cool temple areas ranged from wicked cool to SCARY as a kid!!! (nostalgia overload!!!)
    -Hyrule Castle - Interior: Because that area in Twilight Princess and especially A Link to the Past was AWESOME!!! With ALTTP 2 coming out soon, the stars are finally aligning on this stage!
    -Dragon Roost Island: With all the cool things here, how could this be a bad stage=???
    -The Temple of Time: It's just too nostalgic for me not to pick.
    -Ganon's Tower: Ditto, especially since we got many awesome versions of this location.
    -Koroki Village: That sea of trees, those eternal kids, and those two memorable songs... THE NOSTALGIA!!!
    -Clock Tower: This stage would be amazing.
    -Death Mountain: Whether the ALTTP, Ocarina of Time, or Twilight Princess version, I would love it. Something about being on top of the world is special.
    -Kakiroki Village: Whether the ALTTP or Ocarina of Time version, this place is awesome.
    -Skytown Elysia
    -Phendra Drifts
    -Tallon IV
    -Cookie Country: I just love this place and its' songs!
    -Mt. Dedede: Just so awesome and nostalgic.
    -Luminose City: It just gives off such a cool feel.
    -Battle Subway: Something about Subway fights sounds awesome.
    -Castelia City: I love huge city Pokémon stage ideas, especially after how awesome Saffron City was.
    -Dragonspiral Tower
    -Unova Victory Road: It and the area around it are so fun to visit!
    -Pokémon Stadium 3: Imagine it as the biggest soccer/football stadiums in the world, in full HD!!! IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS!!!
    -Pokémon Colosseum: Ditto as the last point, but with a more distinct GameCube-era Pokémon feel.
    -Meteor Falls: This area could just look so good in HD! It makes me sad we never got a 3rd Generation Pokémon remake or even a revisit to Hoenn!
    -Tin Tower: I just love this area, so I couldn't resist. I'd prefer the Burnt Tower personally, but having Ho-oh is a huge plus IMO.
    -Pallet Town: There's just too much nostalgia here!!!
    -The S.S. Anne: Because "FIGHTING GAMES ON CRUISE LINERS!!!" should be the next "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!"
    -Macbeth: I've wanted this as a stage since like 1999.
    -Zoness: I love the battle here and the level design so sure, why not=???
    -Area 6: Such a fun level in Star Fox 64.
    -Sand Ocean
    -Fire Field
    -Mount Prism: It looks cool.
    -The Arena
    -Dragon's Gate
    -Fields (Fire Emblem 7): NOSTALGIA!!!
    -Crimea Caste Yard
    -Saturn Valley: An awesome and unique place with a freaking killer tune!
    -Magicent: An awesome area in the original MOTHER that's freaking cool as cool can be.
    -Threed: The city has freaking zombies! ZOMBIES!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! It also has cool caves and awesome buildings.
    -Tazmily Village: Just a cool area and it would be a nice place for a battle.
    -The Underworld (Kid Icarus): Such a cool area that would be awesome to play on!
    -Bulbax Kingdom: Freaking so much potential for greatness.
    -A new Smashville: Because more of an awesome idea is never a bad thing!
    -Game and Watch Gallery: It would be much better than Flat Zone.
    -WuHu Island
    -Guar Plains: In full 1080p this area would look like a freaking masterpiece.
    -Warzone (Advance Wars): Because this franchise is freaking awesome.
    -Punch Out Ring: Because nothing beats the spectacle of a ring surrounds by screaming fans (other than a cage of some sorts).
    -Murasame Castle: It has lots of cool areas.
    -Apollo Sanctum: Not my first choice for a Golden Sun stage area, but it would be pretty sweet.
    -Venus Lighthouse: The ideal Golden Sun stage.
    -Urban Ruins (Sin & Punishment: Star Successor): Because it is a ruins stage, and I like those ideas.
    -Puffpuff Palace
    -Orange Star Headquarters: THE NOSTALGIA!!!
    -Panel de Pon
    -Dolphin Park: Because this area was freaking rad and this game was freaking rad.
    -Wild West: Because it's an awesome setting for anything.
    -Balloon Land: Because I love the stage layout(s) in the actual game and it would be awesome if we got an epic 8-bit stage like this.
    -Highway (Mach Rider): Because I imagine Sakurai could make this into an inspired stage.
    -Nintendo Land
    -Sim City: Because I love this franchise.
    -Swapnote: Just because it seems like a good idea.
    -Nintendo 3DS: Because it's in... *gasp* THREE-DEEH!!!
    -Tetris: If you don't want this stage, please, disappear.
    -Casino Night Zone
    -Sky Sanctuary: I've wanted this stage as a second Sonic stage forever.
    -City Escape: It's just too perfect of an area.
    -The Jungle (MGS3): I freaking love the whole setting of this place.
    -Outer Haven: Two freaking giant warships in HD filled with Metal Gears? THAT'S AWESOME!!!
    -Smithy Castle
    -Forrest Maze: Because it's an awesome maze area with cool enemies.
    -Dr. Wily's Fortress: Such a classic location.
    -The Robot (Master) Museum): Just because of all the Mega Man history.
    -Central Highway: Just a classic area.
    -The Airship (Final Fantasy): NOSTALGIA! MY EMOTIONS!!!
    -Alefgard: Because it's awesome.
    -The End of Time (Chrono Trigger): Because it's only the beginning.
    -Zenan Bridge: I freaking love everything about this place.
    -Spiral Mountain: My childhood... but the current Rare and Microsoft destroyed IT!!! THE HURTS!!!
    -Grunty Industries: Such an underrated level.
    -Windy: Anything from Conker's Bad Fur Day in smash I approve of.
    -China: Just because the setting is freaking awesome.
    -Dracula's Castle: I'd prefer the Brawl mod Castle, but anything Castlevania I'll take.
    -Bomb Area: So classic.
    -Pac Land: You know you got that song in your head right now. ;)
    -Ancient Citadel (Soul Calibur): Such a great freaking level.[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Assist Trophy characters"]-Everything in Brawl (except the ones I chose to be playable)
    -E. Gadd
    -Hammer Bro
    -Captain Syrup
    -Animal Buddy (DKC): This would be the greatest thing ever.
    -Funky Kong: I love this dude.
    -Vatti: I just think it's a great role for him.
    -Princess Fluff
    -Kumatora: Especially if she has her sass ready!
    -The Eggplant Wizard
    -Magnus (Kid Icarus)
    -Jenna (Golden Sun): She's one of my favorite Golden Sun character, and she'd make a great Assist Trophy character.
    -Chib Robo
    -Doshin the Giant
    -Lip (Panel de Pon)
    -Muddy Mole
    -Nintendogs + Cats: I Know Nintendogs was an AT in Brawl, but I added this because of the Cats.
    -T. Rex (Fossil Fighters)
    -Raiden: Ninja Form please.
    -Black Bomber
    -The Grim Reaper (Castlevania): How is that not awesome=???
    -Protoman: Such a BAMF.
    -Roll: Could give you cool weapons and stuffs!
    -Nemesis: Because he's a freaking psychopath BAMF!
    -Mumbo Jumbo
    -Pac-Man Ghosts
    -Moogle[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Bosses"]-Every boss in Brawl that I didn't vote as a playable character (which is only Ridley)
    -King Boo
    -The Koopalings
    -The Shake King
    -Phantom Ganon
    -Andross: He'd be great as a boss as well as his previous Assist Trophy form.
    -The Black Knight: If you oppose this (other than the Black Knight being playable) then you absolutely suck.
    -Fusion Dragon: Just an EPIC BOSS!!!
    -King Hippo
    -Metal Face
    -Queen Bulbax
    -Metal Gear REX: C'mon, this would be freaking incredible, especially if Liquid Snake/Ocelot drove it. This would also make a great Final Smash for Snake!
    -M. Bison: YES YES!!!
    -Dracula (Castlevania): Because Castlevania bosses are amazing!
    -Smithy (Super Mario RPG): It was an epic boss fight, so I can't imagine it going wrong in Smash Bros.
    -Gruntilda: Because that was freaking one of the coolest boss fights ever in Banjo-Kazooie!!![/COLLAPSE]
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