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The Reckless Rival: Bald Bull


Smash Legend
Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)

Debut: Punch-Out!! (1984)

Bald Bull is a recurring character in the Punch-Out!! series, best known for his Bull Charge attack.

Bald Bull has made the most video game appearances out of any of the Punch-Out!! boxers, even putting Glass Joe to shame. Bald Bull first appeared as the third opponent in the 1984 arcade version of Punch-Out!!, and returns in 1987’s Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. Bald Bull makes another comeback on the SNES in 1994’s Super Punch-Out!! as the Minor Circuit Champion. Bald Bull can also be found in a cameo appearance as Mask X in the 1985 arcade game Arm Wrestling. Bald Bull has also appeared as a Hasbro Action Figure and in a Topps trading card series. Most recently, Bald Bull appeared in the Punch-Out Wii game in 2009.

Nicknamed "The Reckless Bald Bull", Bald Bull has become a video game icon and has earned a special place in the world of Nintendo (up there with Glass Joe and King Hippo), most recently making a return as a Spirit in Ultimate.
Intro: Bald Bull yells out and gets into his fighting stance.

Stance/Idle 1: Bald Bull slides his left and right feet, one at a time (just like a bull).
Idle 2: Bald Bull flexes his muscles.
Idle 3: Bald Bull wipes his nose.

Notable Palette Swaps (notably his shorts and gloves):
-Contender (default)
-Title Defense (red/white)
-Punch-Out arcade (white/red)
-Punch-Out NES (cyan)
-Mr. Sandman’s shorts (yellow/orange)
-Little Mac’s shorts (green)
-Great Tiger’s shorts (orange/black)
-Bull (black)

Walk: Bald Bull angrily walks forward.
Dash: Bald Bull charges forward like an actual bull; his running speed is slightly faster than Little Mac’s
Damage: His damage animation from the games.
Jump: Bald Bull jumps similarly to Little Mac, but with a slightly higher jump height.
Crouch: His crouch from Punch-Out NES.

Weapon of Choice: Entirely his fists, being a boxer.

Normal Attacks
Jab: Bald Bull does a 3-hit jab flurry (7%, small knockback), and then follows up with 2 uppercuts (8%, OK knockback)
Forward+A: Bald Bull jabs with his left fist (9%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Bald Bull does a crouching punch (3%) and then an uppercut (5%, small knockback)
Up+A: Bald Bull does a powerful uppercut with his left hand (9%, OK knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Bald Bull spins around as he punches (12%, OK knockback)
Air Forward+A: Bald Bull spins his arms forward (10%, OK knockback)
Air Back + A: Bald Bull does a back hand punch with his right hand (5%, small knockback), and then a normal punch with his right hand (7%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Bald Bull punches upward with both hands (11%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Bald Bull bashes the opponent with his head (13% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Bald Bull hops forward as he rams his body upwards (15%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Bald Bull slams the ground with his right fist (11%, OK knockback)
Get-Up Attack: Bald Bull gets back up on his feet, and headbutts the enemy as he springs back up (10%, OK knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Bald Bull delivers a powerful jab with his left hand (26%, medium knockback); this can be transferred into an uppercut by tilting the control stick upwards, which deals 2% more damage.
Up+A: Bald Bull headbutts upwards (19%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Bald Bull shakes his fists next to each other, and then punches downward with his right fist (22%, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Bald Bull grabs the opponent with his left hand.
Pummel: Bald Bull bum rushes the opponent with his right hand (3%)
Forwards+Throw: Bald Bull headbutts the opponent, causing them to get flung out of his left hand (14%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Bald Bull drops the opponent on the ground and slams them with both of his fists (15%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Bald Bull tosses the opponent behind with his left hand (9%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Bald Bull launches the opponent with his head (11%, OK knockback)

Special Moves
B : Seeing Red
; Bald Bull inhales, then exhales through his nose, which pours out steam. His attack is increased by 3% for 12 seconds.
B + Forwards : Gouging Punch; Bald Bull delivers one powerful punch at a time with each hand (20%, OK knockback). The longer B is held, the weaker the attack becomes over time.
B + Up : Rebound; Bald Bull stretches back and flings himself forward. The launch height and distance is the same as with Rosalina’s Launch Star.
B + Down : Bull Run; Bald Bull runs in place for a second, and then charges uncontrollably for five seconds, constantly headbutting upward (20%, OK knockback). Combine this with Seeing Red to have Bald Bull grab the opponent with his head and launch them upwards (32%, far knockback)

Final Smash: Bull Charge; Bald Bull runs in place, then charges forward for a devastating uppercut (55%, devastating knockback)

Gimmick: N/A

1: Bald Bull moos like a bull.
2: Bald Bull rapidly moves his feet and laughs at the opponent.
1+2: Bald Bull bumps his fists together and exhales steam from his nose.

1: Bald Bull does a chicken dance, mocking the opponents.
2: Bald Bull lists a dumbbell in his right hand.
3: Bald Bull smacks his face with his fists.

Applause: Bald Bull has a raging fit.

Icon: The Punch-Out series icon.

Boxing Ring Title: The Reckless Bald Bull

Star K.O.: Bald Bull moos like he’s writhing in agony

Victory Music: https://youtu.be/K25NEPS2xR4

Kirby Hat: Bald Bull’s bald head.
Round 1: :ultryu: on Suzaku Castle (Ryu Stage)
Round 2: :ultrichter: on Boxing Ring (Minor Circuit (Original))
Round 3: :ultincineroar:x3 (50HP each) on :mky: (Gritzy Desert)
Round 4: :ultken: on Coliseum (With Mila’s Divine Protection (Celica Map 1))
Round 5: :ultkrool: on Kongo Falls (The Map Page / Bonus Level)
Round 6: :ultlittlemac: on Boxing Ring (World Circuit Theme)
Final Round: Master Hand (& Crazy Hand, on 7.0 or higher)
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