The Really Bad Parent Pokemon - Dragapult for Smash!

Jan 23, 2014
#887 - Dragapult

(I'll get a better picture when the official art comes out)

When it isn't battling, it keeps Dreepy in the holes on its horns. Once a fight starts, it launches the Dreepy like supersonic missiles.

Apparently the Dreepy inside Dragapult's horns eagerly look forward to being launched out at Mach speeds.
Dragapult is the pseudo legendary of the Galar region, a Ghost/Dragon type speedster that uses its babies as ammo. As you can see, Dragapult's horns serve as little tents for its pre-evolution Dreepy. It can fire these Dreepy out in battle as missiles, which seems a little bit concerning until you read that the Dreepy apparently really enjoy it, and even "eagerly look forward" to it. This gimmick of firing out Dreepy as ammo is seen in Dragapult's signature move, Dragon Darts, a Dragon-type move that hits the opponent twice (once for each Dreepy). As far as we know, there's nothing restricting Dragapult's from having more than two Dreepy, but for now, we've only ever seen them with two.


The transformation from Dreepy to Dragapult is another classic Pokemon case of a really weak, useless Pokemon turning into a huge powerhouse when it evolves. As a Dreepy, it has very poor stats and an incredibly lackluster movepool, with no Dragon-type moves and the strongest Ghost-type move being the 30 base power Astonish. Once it evolves, however, into Drakloak and then Dragapult, it gains a myriad of strong moves, as well as becoming one of the strongest and fastest Pokemon in the Galar region. Its 142 base speed outdoes even things like Mega Manetric and Mega Mewtwo Y! Though it's primarily a Physical attacker, it gets a lot of strong coverage moves on the Special side, so it can even run Mixed or Special sets. Its 100 base Special Attack isn't quite as high as its Physical Attack, but it's still nothing to scoff at.

Why Dragapult?
That's a great question, and I'm glad you asked. Dragapult has a ton of potential for a unique and fun moveset, due to its ability to use Dreepy as weapons. It has has a high focus on speed and stealth, even being the Stealth Pokemon. This could lend itself well to a style that focuses on keeping just out of reach of the opponent while pelting them with Dreepy or other quick attacks. In addition, while using characters as weapons or tools in battle isn't a new concept in Smash (Peach, King Dedede, etc.), the only character where that it's really integral to the design is Olimar and Rosalina. Adding another character like that could be cool, and Dragapult could put its own spin on the concept.

In terms of representation, while Pokemon is not necessarily hurting for another character, gen 8 could definitely use a rep. In addition, Dragapult would be the first Ghost-type and the first Dragon-type representation in the Smash roster. If you wanted, you could count Charizard's Final Smash as Dragon-type representation, but that's only one move, and it's a move that's never even seen in many forms of play. Dragapult would also be our first Pseudo legendary in Smash. It's kinda interesting that we've never had one, and some might say that Sakurai is intentionally not including them, but I'd say that as long as it isn't expressly deconfirmed, anything is fair game at this point.

In addition, Dragapult is just popular. It's one of the most popular designs of the new generation, with tons of people putting it on their in-game teams for Sword and Shield. Or at least planning to put it on their team before finding out how difficult it is to obtain. Which I'm still mad about. Seriously, though, Dragapult has been a fan favorite design out of the Galar Pokemon. Maybe it has to do with being able to use a powerful pseudo-legendary as well as its adorable baby form at the same time. Maybe it has to do with its suspicious eyes and wide mouth. Or maybe it's just because it's a really powerful Ghost/Dragon Pokemon. Whatever the reason, I'm sure many people would love to see it in Smash.

What would its moveset be like?
As I mentioned earlier, Dragapult could have a moveset all about keeping your distance from the opponent while chipping at them with your quick, long-range attacks. Dragapult is actually nine-feet tall when you include its tail, so it could definitely have some good range on its attacks. Speaking of the tail, that and the Dreepy would likely be Dragapult's primary form of attack. Its stubby little legs and arms don't really give it much momentum for attacks, so its tail is its best weapon. It could also have some nice headbutt attacks, as that's its other very prominent body feature

Neutral Special: Dragon Darts
Dragapult fires one Dreepy forward, and another if you press the button again. The Dreepy automatically home in a little bit towards opponents.

Forward Special: U-Turn
Dragapult lunches forward for a powerful tail swipe before disappearing and reappearing where it started.

Up Special: Phantom Force
A pretty typical teleport. Dragapult disappears in ghostly energy, and reappears elsewhere in another burst of ghostly energy. Any one who gets caught in the burst takes chip damage for a few seconds.

Down Special: Grudge
A counter move where Dragapult blocks for a second. However, instead of dealing damage if it activates, it simply stops your opponent from using any moves or shielding for several seconds.

Final Smash: Dragapult Dynamaxes, turning massive in size, and flies to the background. Very similar to Bowser's Final Smash, a target appears on the screen and you aim and fire a Dreepy to attack the opponent from the background. The shot is less powerful than Giga Bowser's punch, but you have two shots, one for each Dreepy.

Neutral Attack: Dragapult slashes with both of its claws before one of the Dreepy pops out for a headbutt. The claw hits have pretty short range but the Dreepy has long range.

Dash Attack: Dragapult lunges forward and hits opponents with its head. The two Dreepy shoot out a while, giving it a little bit of extra range (though the Dreepy do less damage than Dragapult).

Forward Tilt: A basic claw swipe.

Up Tilt: A headbutt upwards

Down Tilt: A tail swipe at the ground

Forward Smash: Dragapult charges up and fires a blast of Dragon energy out of its mouth, like Ridley's forward smash.

Up Smash: Dragapult flips and whacks the air above it with its tail

Down Smash: The two Dreepy fly out, one to the left and one to the right, and perform a headbutt.

Neutral Air: Dragapult spins around, hitting everything around it with its tail.

Forward Air: Dragapult fires a Dreepy forward.

Back Air: Dragapult fires a Dreepy backwards.

Up Air: Dragapult fires a Dreepy up.

Down Air: Dragapult fires a Dreepy down.

Grab: Grabs the opponent with its tail.

Pummel: The two Dreepy headbutt the opponent.

Forward Throw: Dragapult throws the opponent forward with its tail.

Back Throw: Dragapult slams the opponent on the ground behind it, sending them flying.

Up Throw: Dragapult tosses the opponent up and a Dreepy headbutts it.

Down Throw: Dragapult headbutts the opponent into the ground.

Taunt 1: The two Dreepy fight in midair while Dragapult chuckles.

Taunt 2: Dragapult roars menacingly with the two Dreepy doing the same.

Taunt 3: A Dreepy flies out of Dragapult's horn, looking around curiously, before getting scared and flying back in.

Victory Animation 1: The area is blank, with the camera looking around for Dragapult. Dragapult appears in the center of the screen in ghostly energy.

Victory Animation 2: Dragapult flies by really fast from the left to the right. The camera turns to the right to look for Dragapult, only for it to appear from the left side of the screen laughing.

Victory Animation 3: The two Dreepy are flying around Dragapult as it looks overwhelmed.

Losing Animation: Dragapult claps somewhat unsuccessfully (with its arms being a little bit too short)

So, yeah! If you agree that Dragapult could be an amazing addition to the Smash Bros roster, just ask to be added to the supporters list and I'll add you as soon as I can! In addition, if you have a moveset idea for Dragapult just post it and I can add it to the OP.

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