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The Master of Blasters: Jason Frudnick for Smash!


Smash Rookie
May 25, 2020
Welcome to the support thread for Jason from the Blaster Master series!

Who is this guy? What's with the tank?
Jason is the main character of the Blaster Master series, he’s a scientist who specializes in robotics. One day while he’s out exploring, he finds a frog-like creature. Jason captures this creature and named him Fred. However, Fred escapes and creates a wormhole to a cave far underground. Jason follows Fred who leads him to a tank named NORA MA-01 also known as SOPHIA the 3rd. Jason uses the tank to help him fight off mutants and eventually escape. Along the way, Jason finds a girl named Eve, she’s SOPHIA’s support droid and helps Jason operate it.

What’s A Blaster Master?
Blaster Master was originally developed by Sunsoft, the people who did Batman: The Video Game on NES and Game Boy and Aero The Acrobat on Genesis/Megadrive and SNES

The games combine 2 genres, Metroidvania and Top Down Shooter. In the Metroidvania sections, you drive around the level with SOPHIA. Scattered around the world are caves that Jason can fit into, then the game switches to a top down shooter. By clearing a dungeon in the top down sections, you gain parts to allow SOPHIA to access new areas.

The original game was released as Chō Wakusei Senki Metafight in Japan, it wasn’t very popular there. It was localized as Blaster Master for the Western market with some level design alterations and a completely different story. It was pretty popular in the west, so much so that it got a Worlds of Power book, World of Power was a series of novelizations of NES games. Metal Gear, Castlevania 2, Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man 2 all got novelizations (alongside some other lesser known ones such as Infiltrator).

After that, it got a sequel on the Megadrive/Genesis and a third game on PlayStation 1, both of which weren’t very successful. It also got 2 games released for Game Boy. Blaster Master: Enemy Below was a rerelease of the original with brand new level design and Blaster Master Boy was a reskin of a Bomberman game. In 2010, The original got a remake on Wiiware called Blaster Master Overdrive.

Nothing else happened with the Blaster Master IP… Until 2017 when Sunsoft collaborated with Inti Creates (the developers of the Gunvolt games) for a complete reimagining of the original game with updated controls and a storyline that mixes the western and Japanese versions called Blaster Master Zero. It was released on both the Switch and the 3DS (with it even being a launch title for the Switch). It received 4 guest characters as DLC, and they’re all pretty big names! Ekoro (from GalGun), Shantae, Shovel Knight, and Gunvolt.

In 2019, Blaster Master Zero 2 was shadowdropped during the Spring 2019 Nindies Showcase. It has Jason exploring space trying to find a cure for a mutant infection Eve got during Blaster Master Zero.

If you’d like to try out the games, I’d recommend starting with Blaster Master Zero. It has a demo on the Eshop. The original is also on the Nintendo Switch Online NES App.

Ok, so he has a legacy, but what would he bring to Smash?
The main gimmick I could see Jason having is that he’s a pretty weak fighter, but he can spawn in SOPHIA to give him the upper hand. I based most of the moveset off of the Zero games, but I also included some stuff exclusive to the classic games.

Weight: 100
Air Speed: 0.915
Falling Speed: 1.300
Fast Fall: 2.540
Walk Speed: 1.305
Dash: 2.002
Run Speed: 1.805
Amount of jumps: 2
Crawl?: Yes
Wall Jump?: No

Neutral Attack
Jason does 3 light shots from his gun

Flurry Attack
Jason switches the gun to Splasher mode and shoots many light projectiles forwards

Jason flips upwards onto the ledge

Jason does a kickflip

Dash Attack
Jason does a shoulder bash move

Forward Tilt
Jason switches the gun to Flamethrower mode and starts to shoot fire from it while walking slowly, turning around will exit out of the move
The flames get smaller after a while.

Up Tilt
Jason fires upwards in Standard mode at a 45° angle.

Down Tilt
Jason uses the Turret subweapon to place down a small robot.
The Turret automatically attacks opponents in a short range by firing energy shots at them.

Neutral Air
Jason spins around while his cape damages opponents.

Back Air
Jason switches the gun to Whip mode and whips backwards.

Forward Air
Jason switches the gun to Whip mode and whips forward.

Up Air
Jason switches the gun to Splasher mode and shoots multiple light projectiles spread out above him.

Down Air
Jason tosses a grenade downwards, it’s like Snake’s but can’t be picked up and makes a larger explosion.

Standard grab

Jason punches the opponent

Forward/Back Throws
Jason switches the gun to EX-Charge mode and he charges up his gun, then he tosses the opponent and shoots them with the fully charged shot

Up Throw
Jason switches the gun to Whip mode and whips the opponent upwards, this move is identical to the Belmont’s Up Throw

Down Throw
Jason slams the opponent down and shoots them with his gun in Standard mode

Side Smash
Jason switches the gun to Seeker mode and he fires an electric ball forwards, if it hits an opponent, it flies back and hits them again, then once more. The final hit can launch opponents

Up Smash
Jason switches the gun to Wide mode and he fires a projectile the size of Blade Beam upwards, the projectile deals more damage and can launch easier than Blade Beam
This move only hits above him, not to the sides

Down Smash
Jason calls upon GAIA SOPHIA to do a Remote Blast, it fires in front of him then behind him

Neutral Special: Reflex Striker
Jason spins around and then fires from his gun, if a projectile hits him during the move, the shot will be stronger and hit the opponent
If you press left or right while he’s spinning, Jason will dodge left or right

Side Special: Enter G-SOPHIA
Fred, Jason’s Support Life Form, appears and opens up a wormhole which drops G-SOPHIA in front of Jason, Jason then hops into G-SOPHIA

Up Special: Shift-Up Attacker
Jason dashes upwards and then does a slash

Down Special: Vector Reflector
A shield is emitted around Jason for a short time. If any projectiles hit him, they turn into an energy projectile which circle around Jason, when the shield is down, the projectiles fire back at the opponent

Final Smash: Acceleration Blast
Jason hops into G-SOPHIA and it transforms into a large cannon, then it fires a huge laser (this is identical to Samus’ but with a wider beam)

Up: Fred appears and hops around
Side: Jason throws the gun upwards and then catches it
Down: Jason puts on/takes off his helmet, this has no effect on gameplay, just looks
G-SOPHIA Moveset

G-SOPHIA is a very large, heavyweight vehicle (1.3 x 3.3 units) with 100 HP, if it drops below 0, G-SOPHIA explodes and Jason is immediately KOed
G-SOPHIA has Super Armour and cant be burried
G-SOPHIA cant use items, but can still get effects from being attacked by items such as Lip's Stick and Freezie
You can’t heal G-SOPHIA, but it’s health is restored every stock
It can be used as a platform

Inside G-SOPHIA, Jason has a limited set of moves, all using the cannon
The cannon can only fire directly in front, directly above, and at a 45 degree angle
The grab and shield buttons are used to point the cannon at a 45 degree angle without moving

Gimmick: GAIA meter
SP is used in almost all attacks, when it’s depleted, it fills back up again, you can’t use moves that use SP while it’s refilling
While it’s refilling, you take 1.5x more damage
By falling from a high surface, the GAIA meter fills a bit faster
The GAIA meter can only fill while driving G-SOPHIA
If you use a move that uses more SP than G-SOPHIA has, it will drain the rest of the SP and the move won’t happen

Weight: 160
Air Speed: 0.900
Falling Speed: 1.900
Fast Fall: 3.540
Movement speed (yes, only one move speed): 1.450
Amount of jumps: 2
Crawl?: No
Wall Jump?: Yes

A button
The A button uses the G-Crusher mode, a standard shot is 0.7 units tall at ¼ charge when the GAIA meter is refilling, the shot is much weaker and 0.2 units tall

Smash Attacks
Inputting a Smash Attack uses the Revolv-Buster mode, it’s a much more powerful shot that uses 1/10 of the GAIA Meter every time

Up Special: Hover
G-SOPHIA starts to hover upwards, at full SP, you can hover for 7 seconds
If the GAIA meter is empty, it’s a short extra jump

Side Special: Select Shot
Scrolls through a list of Special Shots
  • Warhead Missiles
  • Laser Shot
  • Homing Missile
  • Shield Mine
  • Thunder Breaker
  • Burn Spark
  • Impact Wave
  • Full Accel Burst

Neutral Special: Special Shot
G-SOPHIA fires a shot based on the one selected
  • Warhead Missiles: G-SOPHIA launches 3 missiles that spread outwards, uses ⅙ of the SP
  • Laser Shot: A light laser that can fire through solid walls to the edge of the stage, uses ⅕ of the SP
  • Homing Missile: G-SOPHIA launches a single missile that can home in on opponents, uses ⅕ of the SP
  • Shield Mine: A wall of energy pops up in front of G-SOPHIA for a bit, uses ¼ of the SP
  • Thunder Breaker: An 8 directional electrical attack, each spark hits twice, uses ½ of the SP
  • Burn Spark: G-SOPHIA dashes forward covered in fire, uses ⅔ of the SP
  • Impact Wave: Like Hero’s Magic Burst, but only hits once, uses ⅔ of the SP
  • Full Accel Burst: A charge move that creates a large orb above SOPHIA, at full charge, it’s the same size as SOPHIA and uses all of the SP, it’s also the slowest moving projectile in the game

Down Special: Exit G-SOPHIA
Jason exits G-SOPHIA and Fred creates a wormhole under it, making it fall in

The Final Smash is the same, but activates quicker

G-SOPHIA only has one taunt, the window starts to glow while the Item Get jingle from Blaster Master Zero plays

He may not be the most popular character, but you need to remember that popularity isn’t the only deciding factor in who’s chosen for Smash.

So, do you think Jason has a shot?

Phoenix Douchebag

Smash Lord
Mar 19, 2020
Oh wow man, I can't believe you did a thread for this guy. I actually just finished Blaster Master on the NES and while it had its flaws, it has made me want to play Blaster Master Zero 1 and 2.

With that said, i more of a Sophia guy myself. Come on, Jason is neat and all but playing as the tank is where it's at. I think Jason could work just fine as Mii Costume (with the helmet on of course). Ideally it would be a two in one character though as shown in @Pizzadudemanguy's video:

So you can put me in the Support List.


Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
I'm all for Jason and Sophia, but I'd much prefer the focus to be on the tank rather than the guy. Just having Jason pop out for taunts and things would be perfectly okay with me.

Giga Man

Smash Journeyman
Jul 22, 2012
Sign me up! I've been in a Blaster Master kick lately, and having Jason and Sophia in Smash would be a win for both Sunsoft and Inti-Creates ('cause I totally want it to be based on Blaster Master Zero).


Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
Either one of Jason's taunts or his intro need to feature his pet frog.
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