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The Mach Pokémon, Garchomp Digs In!


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May 24, 2018
Waxing Moon Ritual
Miyamoto Iori
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Garchomp Splash Art.png

Garchomp Fighter Thread
Garchomp Official Art.png
Enter Garchomp, Pokémon #445, the Ground and Dragon type Pseudo-Legendary of the Sinnoh Region referred to as the "Mach Pokémon". It resembles a dragon crossed with the features of a hammerhead shark. In the main Pokémon games, it's an offensive menace boasting both high speed and attack. With a staggering attack of 130 and a blistering speed of 103, it's terrorized the Pokémon meta for a decade and it's here to bring that destructive power to Smash Bros. Infamous for terrorizing players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it makes its most popular showing as the crown jewel of Cynthia's team, in a way acting as the final hurdle for players hoping to besting and becoming the Sinnoh Champion. Later in the series, it gets a mega evolution, making it even more ridiculously powerful, but at the cost of taking some of its speed.
It's so far become a beloved fan favorite, reappearing in games, merchandise, anime, and placing 7th on the 2020 Pokémon of the Year Poll.
Garchomp is a large heavy-weight Pokemon that has a greater emphasis on speed and mobility than its peers. With its trademark offensive pressure it can trap you in a disadvantageous position the likes of which is usally reserved for the faster combo-oriented characters. The setups it's able to do and the almost unfair percentages at it can kill are only balanced out with its lackluster and predictable recovery. Even with this weakness, Garchomp is given more than enough tools to completely demolish and bury his competition.
01 Introduction
Garchomp erupts from the earth and lands on the stage, being one of the few Pokémon that don't appear from a pokéball.

02 Stance
Assumes his natural predatory stance

03 Crouch
Hunches over and leans forward.

04 Idle 1
Glares at the opponent menacingly

05 Idle 2
Sniffs at the air

06 Sprint
Barrels down the stage stomping at the ground like Bowser

07 Double Jump
Does a flipping jump

08 Wall Cling
Rock Climb
Stabs his claw into the wall and temporarily hangs on

09 Taunt 1
Beckons the opponent to come over with his claws

10 Taunt 2
Swords Dance
Swings his claws wildly at the air before posing with the light glinting off of one

11 Taunt 3
Roars out, sending a shockwave of sound outwards

12 Victory 1
Leaps into the air and slams into the earth causing it to shatter after which he lets out a loud roar.

13 Victory 2
Dragon Rush
Flies onto the scene, landing and skidding on the earth.

14 Victory 3
Garchomp lets out a boastful cry of victory

15 Defeat
Repeatedly stomps the ground in rage at its defeat being that competitor that doesn't take losses very well.

16 Victory Theme
The first 8 seconds of the Sinnoh Champion Victory Theme

17 Kirby Hat
Has the 2 hammerhead shark vestiges on.

01 Shield
Puts up his fins as a shield

02 Parry
Scary Face
Has both fins down and exhaling into the air, eyes red (due to already posessing golden eyes)

03 Shield Broken
Has his arms down and is looking at the sky with a dazed look on his face

04 Sleeping
Curled up in a ball with Zs trailing from his head

05 Forward Dodge
Sand Stream
Digs into the ground and then leaps out skidding on the ground

06 Backwards Dodge
Sand Stream
Leaps back dragging a claw along the ground to slow his momentum

07 Spot Dodge
Rough Skin
Arches his back down and leans down

08 Air Dodge
Sand Stream
Arches his back and leans into the background

09 Ledge Attack
Slams the ground with his claw while simultaneously scrambling back onstage

10 Get-up attack
Spins around slapping both sides with his tail
01 Neutral Special
Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor
A multi-charge move that can not be held ala Hero's Zap line of spells or Sephiroth's line of Flare spells.
Firstly, Dragon Breath is a short range burst of flame that comes out fast but only covers the area in front of him.

Then, Dragon Pulse is a medium range laser beam fired at the ground which then travels up.

Finally, Draco Meteor has Garchomp blast a fireball directly above him which explodes and summons 4 meteors to rain down at a diagonal angle onto the opponent, with the last one exploding and sending the enemy up.

02 Side Special
Dragon Rush
Spins forward dealing a large amount of damage and knockback. Can be angled up or down as well.

03 Down Special
Leaps into the ground and enters dig stance wherein he can temporarily move around. From there he can come back out normally with shield or attack with a rising attack with their back fin. If in the air, he digs straight down.

04 Special Up
Rock Climb
Does a rising spinning saw knocking anyone inside upwards. If next to a wall this move travels much further.
01 Jab
Does a left jab with his left claw, a right slash with his right fin, and then spins slapping them with the tail

02 Forward Tilt
Dragon Claw
Slashes an X with both claws while moving forward.

03 Down Tilt
Sand Attack
Slashes at the ground with his right fin launching sand into the opponent's face.

04 Up Tilt
Brick Break
Does a headbutt slamming his head down on the opponent covering the area above him which launches the opponent downwards for the second hit where he flips them back up with his head.

05 Dash Attack
Kicks the opponent upwards and then follows up with a haymacker downwards, sending them horizontally away.
01 Forward Smash
3 Part Forward Smash that claws at the opponent one after the other. Begins with a left overhead slash, follows with a right overhead slash, and then does an outwards X-slash with both claws. Exceedingly powerful and can heavily damage shields but is extremely unsafe if missed or blocked.

02 Down Smash
Leaps into the air and smashes into the ground causing a localized earthquake that sends enemies flying. Covers a huge area

03 Up Smash
Summons a spinning tornado that sends enemies near and above him into the sky. At max charge, summons 3 smaller twisters that circle around himself
01 Neutral Aerial
Aerial Ace
Does a forward spin, hitting enemies with the back fin. Covers a huge area and is great for general use.

02 Forward Aerial
Dual Chop
An overhead slam with both claws that sends the opponent flying downwards. A bit slow, but covers a large area and is devastatingly powerful

03 Back Aerial
Iron Tail
Slaps the opponent with a horizontal swing of their tail. Relatively quick and covers a large amount of horizontal space and has decent killing power

04 Down Aerial
Giga Impact
Flips over and slices downwards with his tail spiking anyone caught inside the sweetspot. Slow but is very large, especially for a move that spikes.

05 Up Aerial
Iron Head
Spins and headbutts the opponent launching them forward and up.
01 Grab
Uses both his claws to stab into the opponent .

02 Pummel
Bites the opponent repeatedly.

03 Forward Throw
Slams the enemy into the ground and runs forward dragging the enemy through the earth tossing them up after a short distance.

04 Back Throw
Punches the enemy in the gut with his right claw and then throws them over his shoulder bouncing them off the ground.

05 Down Throw
Stone Edge
Slams the opponent bouncing them on the ground, wherein a spike made of rock launches the opponent up.

06 Up Throw
Sand Tomb
Whips up a sandstorm and traps them in it sending them up. Doesn't go very far, but its consistent knockback sets up for combos up.
01 Final Smash
Sand Force
Mega evolves into Mega-Garchomp and whips up a humongous sandstorm, trapping anyone caught in the center top of the screen. Garchomp them dragon rushes up above any enemies caught and claws them downward with his scythes, traveling down to the ground and releasing a massive explosion of kinetic energy on impact.

Garchomp's accompanying stage would be the Distortion World, an eerie and bizarre dimension in which physics and logic do not conventionally apply. With floating islands, trees growing into the earth, and waterfalls flowing wherever they please, it makes for a unique battleground that heavily affects how players would fight.
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Smash Master
Mar 21, 2019
One of my favorite Pokemon from one of my favorite generations. I support :p


Smash Hero
Dec 9, 2009
Garchomp would be amazing. He is one of my favorite Gen 4 Pokémon and would be a great fit. If the Gen 4 remake rumors are true it would actually be a reasonable choice too.


Smash Lord
Aug 24, 2018
Center of the Zero Point
Switch FC
Hell yes I'm supporting. As obnoxious as it is in competitive play as a Xurkitree user, it would still make an amazing addition that isn't another starter Pokémon.


Smash Champion
Writing Team
Mar 5, 2019
Yep I'm jumping on the Garchomp wagon now. I'm a big fan of Gen 4 since Platinum was my first Pokemon game. The remakes look good and Legends look sick so I think I'm back on the Pokemon train again. Garchomp would be a great choice so I'll lend my support.


Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2018
The smash community the past two days.

Friendship ended with Gen 8, now Garchomp and Decidueye are my best friends.
While I'd scream if either of them got in, I feel this narrative is too similar to how people payed WAAAY to much attention to game releases around smash reveal dates only to be left dumbfounded. If we could get ARMS & Xenoblade 2 character years after the games launched, then Gen 8 is nowhere near out of the running.

But at the end of the day, I want a pass with nothing but Pokemon newcomers: 50 of them please (since Pokken seems to be on Ice for the near future).
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Adrianette Bromide

Smash Lord
Dec 22, 2020
Beeland Capital
The smash community the past two days.

Friendship ended with Gen 8, now Garchomp and Decidueye are my best friends.
Never had much a friendship with 8 to begin with so I'm totally down for the Chomp. Although if I'll be kind of honest I think Pokemon has enough in the way of fighters but I'm down for Garchomp. He's so iconic for Sinnoh and I think with all the love Sinnoh is getting now, it'd be at the very least very cool.

Diddy Kong

Smash Obsessed
Dec 8, 2004
Switch FC
Garchomp would really be a nice and unique Smash character the more I think about it. Claws, heavy, but still relatively fast, he would be a nice unique addition and probably well received. Because his design is simply awesome, and his abilities would make even non fans hyped I imagine. He stood the test of time in the popularity department as well. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. I actually fully support Garchomp now.


Smash Rookie
May 6, 2021
Hell yeah, getting a Gen 4 rep would be amazing considering Garchomp is the 2nd most popular Sinnoh starter outside of the one that's already in (Lucario), and we have every other Pokemon, like Starters with Pokemon Trainer and Greninja, standard pokemon like Pichu, Pikachu, Lucario, Jigglypuff, and the Legends like Mewtwo, we're still missing a Pseudo-Legend (although unofficial) which is perfectly filled by Garchomp. BIG support on this one


Super Pac-Fan
Jun 7, 2013
US (Mountain Time, -7 Hours)
Not only do I think it'd be really interesting; I also think Garchomp is one of the most overlooked possibilities for DLC if we get a Pokemon character at this point. I could see the Sinnoh games being known ahead of time and Sakurai being told to pick a Sinnoh mon, and Garchomp is the obvious remaining choice.


Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2018
Not only do I think it'd be really interesting; I also think Garchomp is one of the most overlooked possibilities for DLC if we get a Pokemon character at this point. I could see the Sinnoh games being known ahead of time and Sakurai being told to pick a Sinnoh mon, and Garchomp is the obvious remaining choice.
And this is the only time where the old gen revisit has more than 1 game taking place in it, with Legends Arceus.

Question, would Haxorus be a good Garchomp echo?
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