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The Grass Quill Pokemon, Rowlet for Smash Ultimate!

josh bones

Smash Lord
Mar 10, 2013
A city
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Rowlet is one of the three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, along with Litten and Popplio. A grass/flying type with a penchant for sleeping, Rowlet could be a good pick for smash.


Why should he get in?
Well, according to polls, he's the most popular generation 7 Pokemon in Japan, with a major role in the Pokemon anime, which has gotten pokemon in in the past.

List of Rowlet Supporters:
Josh Bones


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Smash Rookie
Aug 12, 2018
Though I somewhat agree he could be good, I feel that if any new pokemon fighter makes it in, it'll be rowlet's final evolutionary stage, decidueye.


Smash Hero
Jul 13, 2011
Best Jigglypuff echo candidate, lol


Smash Lord
Aug 29, 2018
Count me in, I'd like to see anyone from Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Rowlet, who is coincidentally my favorite of the starters, would be real fun.

The OP makes a good point of Rowlet being bar none THE most popular Pokémon that debuted in S&M. Lots of people want Decidueye by association and while I'd be fine with that, I think Japan has the right idea in considering Pokémon in an evolutionary line separate from one another. Lots of us Americans on the internet consider Rowlet, Dartrix, and Decidueye collectively with the final evolution Decidueye as the "face" of the whole line, but I think Japan and the general public don't do that. So I think it's more realistic to see Rowlet separately from Decidueye.


Smash Rookie
Aug 19, 2018
may be the only one to say this, but if we get a new Pokemon rep, I feel that it should be something that needs more rep, and by that I mean the spin-off series, namely Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. One of the best series ever made, one of the most recognizable spin-off series that Nintendo has, and seeing that Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are Nintendo’s big three series, and Dr. Mario and Toon Link both represent the Spin off series for Mario and Zelda, its about time that Pokemon get their own, and in my opinion, I believe that Darkria would be the best option. He would be the first true Pokemon villain (no Mewtwo does not count), is a highly popular pokemon, being the main surprise protagonist to Explorers of Time, Space, and Air (Spoilers) which did the best out of the four, and in my opinion, was the actual best, with the first and third being ok, but the fourth completely bombing, I just think that the second game would be the first out of the four to get rep in smash. ot only that, but he does have potential to be a Mewtwo eco fighter, or give him the Isabelle and Dr. Mario treatment, being a suedo-clone, both using physic attacks, shadowball, teleport, it wouldnt be that hard to implement, although he made need some physical frame rework overall. However, i do think he has a chance, and would be the first pokemon villain, if Pokemon was willing to put a villain into smash to begin with. :)
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