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  • Paper Mario Move Set
    for Smash Ultimate

    Paper Mario’s games have plenty of material to offer, specifically the original PM and The Thousand Year Door. That is why his move set is inspired from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. If you think Paper Mario would more likely be an echo fighter you have clearly have not played a Paper Mario game. In his games, he had various items use, like his trusty hammer or his boots. He also has his partners by his side like Goombella and Koops.

    Let’s start with Specials

    Neutral Special: Fire Hammer
    I had trouble picking his neutral Special but decided to go with this.
    Paper Mario hits a fireball forward with his hammer. The fireball can bounce between platforms.

    Forward Special: Koopa Shell
    PM shoots Koops’s shell out forward.

    Koops spins and levitates in place where he was shot to. The shell can be used for combos (try Forward Air-ing your opponent into Koops!).
    Koops only stays in place for a short amount of time, let’s say 5-10 seconds.
    Koops can be used for spacing. He also picks up any items he connects with and brings them back to PM to automatically equip them for PM.

    Down Special: Bombette
    PM lays down Bombette. She walks around the stage, like the activated Bomb-omb item. She is similar to Link’s new bombs, meaning she can be detonated by pressing Down Special. She can not be picked nor moved by a player.

    Up Special: Ultra Boots
    Paper Mario gets launched into the air.
    Some people may prefer other methods for PM’s recovery, but I think this one suits him well.
    This recovery can be charged up. The knock back and damage will always stay the same, but the height is increased.
    This move is similar to Diddy Kong’s recovery but without the crazy handling.

    If Paper Mario hits a roof or a horizontal wall, he will hit the wall and fall flat. He now floats and his horizontal recovery has been buffed. He can go out of his flat position and do an aerial.

    Basic Attacks

    1-Paper Mario kicks his foot out first
    2-Then he uses a tail sticker to smack the opponent
    3-Quickly thrusts his hammer horizontally for a finisher.

    Forward Smash:
    Smacks his hammer forward.

    Up Smash: (I have two ideas for this)
    Idea 1-Puts on a Spiky Helmet and hops up
    Idea 2-Goombella hops on PM’s head to do a headbutt.

    Down Smash:
    Calls in Vivian to use fire attacks on each side of Mario.


    Up Tilt:
    Basically Mario’s Up Tilt but with a spinning animation.
    Forward Tilt: PM quickly rolls up into a tube and thrusts forward.
    Down Tilt: Paper Mario falls flat like the wonderful piece paper he is.

    Dash Attack:
    PM preforms a spin dash which sends him spinning forward.


    Neutral Aerial:
    Spin around in a circle.
    Forward Aerial:
    Quickly folds into a paper airplane and stabs forward. Wind blows PM forward.
    Up Aerial:
    Pulls out a quick punch.
    Back Aerial:
    Pulls out a Fire Flower that quickly launches “fire pellets”.
    Down Aerial:
    Does a ground pound. Paper Mario can be thrusted downwards. This move spikes.

    Just a plain old grab, for the range.
    Forward: Simple toss forward
    Up: Spring launches opponent upwards
    Back: Tosses opponent back while Vivian spawns a fiery attack headed for the opponent.
    Down: Paper Mario hurls the opponent down as he quickly jumps in them repeatedly.
    Pummel: Just a plain old smack.

    Final Smash:
    Paper Mario first spawns the crystal stars. He then charges at the enemy with his hammer. A message above says “You struck first!” Like it does in the game. Paper Mario then repeatedly attacks the opponent with his hammer and various partners. Then, for the finisher, Paper Mario preforms a “stylish move” with his hammer and hits the final blow.


    Entrance: He unfolds from a crumble of paper on the ground.
    Idle: Practically no movement and the eyes blink from times to time, but after awhile, he will yawn followed by snoring while looking asleep.
    Walk: Only his feet move in walking speed.
    Run: Same as walk, but his feet move faster with a white smoke trail behind.
    Crouch: Crouches down and holds his cap tight.
    Jump: Exactly like Mario, but the second involves him folding a little while spinning.
    Hit: On one foot and his face behind looks like he's hurt.

    Extra Stuff

    When Paper Mario footstools an opponent, they will take a modest amount of damage. Not super high, and no knock back.
    1. Paper Mario gives a thumbs up
    2. Paper Mario looks confused, and has a question mark over his head.
    3. Paper Mario quickly fold into a boat, and then quickly folds back.
    This is pretty nifty, but you might want to put it on the Paper Mario newcomer thread. Just a suggestion!
    I’ve been playing smash since Melee.
    My top 3 newcomers I want:
    1. Chibi-Robo
    2. Paper Mario (based on 64 & TTYD, not the newer ones.)
    3. Ashley

    They all have great potential and are amazing characters, y’know
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