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Team, Unite Up! Wonder Red for Smash Switch

Jul 12, 2014
An elevator
Half stolen from 8-peacock-8 8-peacock-8

Will Wedgewood, The Crimson Fist, Wonderful #001, Wonder Red

Who is Wonder Red?
Wonder Red is the main character of the Wii U title, Wonderful 101, made by Platinum games (but is still a 1st party title). He leads the worldwide band of superheroes in their missions against GETHJERK. They use their supersuits in order to create structures out of light to beat the over loving crud out of the alien menace.

Why Should Wonder Red be in smash?
Wonder Red was one of the great games of the Wii U, and was a new IP. Wonder Red also has some pretty great moveset potential from being able to create many different constructs made of other superheroes. Being able to punch a dude in the face with a fist made up of other dudes is pretty exciting.

He can also use giant swords, guns, whips, hammers, rocket ships, hang gliders, time bombs (as in they slow down time), tombstones and much more.

"I'll hit one ************, with a bunch of other mother****ers."

"But wouldnt that fist be way too big?"
Thankfully, smash isnt canon, so most likely the constructs would be much much smaller in order to fit smash.
And we can always just say the Wonderful 100 had been shrunk down like when they were for Vorken.

Plus, we would get Red to meet an old friend again!



Neutral special -Unite Gun: Can be charged, but the charge cannot be held (greninja neutral B). has 3 charge levels

basic--> rapid fire--> super scope
basic: a regular shot
rapid fire: fires 3 shots like in unite stinger.
Super scope: fires a high damage explosive shot

Custom neutral 1: no charging but higher damage and reduced endlag
custom neutral 2: much faster charge but lower damage. super scope does not explode

side specials are all different unites/unifies
red throws a unite morph forward at a low range. will fall if there is no platform below it (to prevent edgeguarding)

the first 2 work like ROB's gyro and remain in place after being thrown. hit multiple times instead of once

Side special 1-claws. freezes at higher %
Side special 2- naginata cant freeze but reflects projectiles and does high damage at the tips
3 however does not stay in place
Side special 3 -Voomerang. Vorkens boomerang. moves forward normally but then comes back.

Down special- Unite Spring: spring in a direction dealing damage and becoming immune. second use becomes Unite Ball works similar to wario's bike but very little damage or knockback but you also take very little damage or knockback.

Custom down 1 leaves lingering hitbox after the special ends. No ball and larger endlag

Custom down 2 spring is slower and does more damage. ball becomes spiked and increases damage but does not give resistanec buffs.

Up special: Unite Glider- look at the graph of Cos(x) on the interval [2.5,2*pi] deals damage and rises after a short fall

has generic recovery customs. highre damage less height and the opposite

Jab writes itself.

ftilt- a 2 punch combo
up tilt: a double claw swipe

Down tilt- claw swipe with both claws. Starts with claws together than swipes outward.
Up air -spins gun cowboy style then fires a shot. (During spin the gun has a hitbox) shot is a projectile

Down air- uses the hammer and slams down. the hammer itself does the highest damage and breaks shield but red does have a hitbox as well.

Fair- quick aerial punch combo. Gives horizontal movement

Nair - wonderful rising sword. holds sword out while doing flips. multi-hit

Bair- slashes with the sword behind him horizontally. very small vertical hitbox but decent damage

Dash attack- wonderful stinger for hand

Down smash-wondeful cyclone for hand

F smash- a brutal punch. Think mii brawlers forward smash.

Up smash- unite rocket. More charge is more height

grab is unite whip. has a tether

grab pummel

Down throw- uses unite drill on an opponent lying down. breaks shield of other enemies (like ryu's up throw)

alternatively uses whip and slaps them while they are down

Up throw wonder rising

forward throw- thrust with the hammer into a baseball style swing

back throw- pushes them behind him before smashing him with hammer

Final smash- engage unlimited form! All morphs become larger increasing the hitbox and damage. Up air becomes the super scope for all shots and fires an explosive shot. While dashing, rainbows follow

Team, unite up! Wonder Red is a middleweight fighter with balanced stats overall, though

specialising in physical attacks and KO power. He wields the support of his fellow Wonderful Ones,

giving him a wide variety of moves and a decidedly potent and unique fighting style: whenever he

uses an attack, he summons the aid of that particular teammate to lay down some serious justice on

even the toughest opponents! As well as that, his fighting style is based on the concept that his

moves can be charged for extra power: much like smash attacks get stronger the longer the A button

is held down, holding down the B button will power up special moves and grant additional abilities.

To get the most out of Wonder Red, learn how to make the most of he and his teammates' wide arsenal

of abilities and figure out the best weapon combination for any given situation.

Regular B - Wonder Punch

A gigantic hand emerges to punish evildoers. The mighty fist of justice increases in size

and strength the longer the B button is held and strikes when released; the hand will achieve

maximum damage and KO power when fully charged

Custom 1 - Wonder Punch Super

Wonder Punch is automatically at full power, but its speed is halved

Custom 2 - Wonder Punch Turbo

Wonder Punch is twice as fast, but its power is halved

Side B - Unite Spring

Leap aside with the power of a tightly coiled super-spring. The distance traveled and

damage dealt increases the longer the B button is held; a spike is added for maximum damage if

fully charged

Custom 1 - Unite Spring Super

Unite Spring is automatically at full power, but it travels at minimum range

Custom 2 - Unite Spring Turbo

Unite Spring travels twice as far as its full range, but it does not have the spike

Up B - Unite Rocket

Blast off into the sky and soar into the upper atmospheres with this brilliant red rocket.

The distance traveled and damage dealt increases the longer the B button is held; a great explosion

rocks the stage if fully charged

Custom 1 - Unite Rocket Super

Unite Rocket is automatically at full power, but it travels half the distance

Custom 2 - Unite Rocket Turbo

Unite Rocket travels twice the distance, but it does have have the explosion

Down B - Unite Guts

The power of numbers unites to repel any wayward strikes in a giant blob of jelly justice.

The jelly mound will charge up as the B button is held and activate for a brief moment when

released; spikes emerge all over to damage any errant foes if fully charged

Custom 1 - Unite Guts Super

Unite Guts is automatically at full power, but does not have the ability to reflect

Custom 2 - Unite Guts Turbo

Unite Guts reflects projectiles, but does not reflect physical attacks

Final Smash - Platinum Robo

Call upon the gracious goddess of justice, the almighty Platinum Robo, to annihilate the

wicked forces of evil with a truly wonderful laser blast. The focus and power of the laser charges

as the A button is pressed - keep hitting A to incinerate your foes with the power of wonderful


Regular - Unite Hand
Combo - Unite Hand (combo)
Side smash - Unite Hammer
Up smash - Unite Sword
Down smash - Unite Bomb
Dash - Unite Claw
Side tilt - Unite Drill
Up tilt - Unite Goggles
Down tilt - Unite Dash
Regular air - Unify Naginata
Front air - Unite Gun
Back air - Unite Bowgun
Up air - Unify Boomerang
Down air - Unite Glider
Grab - Unite Whip
Pummel - Unite Whip (combo)
Front throw - Wonder Cyclone
Back throw - Wonder Stinger
Up throw - Wonder Rising
Down throw - Wonder Tombstone

Up taunt - Strikes a heroic pose
Side taunt - Stands tall and salutes
Down taunt - Punches the air a few times


Leaps onto the scene as Will Wedgewood and transforms into Wonder Red


Victory 1 - Strikes a heroic pose and says, "Team, unite up!"
Victory 2 - Nods pointedly and looks to the skies
Victory 3 - Throws his thumb up and says, "Well done, team!"

Colours / Costumes

Wonder Red
Wonder Blue
Wonder Green
Wonder Pink
Wonder Yellow
Wonder White
Wonder Black

Kirby hat

CENTINEL Suits' Wonder Mask


*Wonder-Red is facing left during the attacks' description and the left/right directions will be mirrored when facing right*

Neutral Combo (AAA)
First hit: Left punch (2%)
Second hit: Right punch (2%)
Third hit (infinite): Similar to Little Mac's (1% per hit)
Final hit (finisher): Uppercut similar to the one he does in the game's boxart (5%)

Normal Attacks
Dash attack: Pulls out his right fist while dashing. Good damage and decent knockback. (8%)
Side tilt: Pulls out his right fist, surrounded by flames. Lasts longer than expected, but has low knockback. Can be tilted (5%)
Up tilt: Performs a skyward punch with his left arm. Good juggle move against fast-fallers. (5%)
Down tilt: Downwards left hook while crouching. Decent knockback and good combo starter (5%)

Aerial Attacks
Neutral aerial: Spins around while pulling out both fist, surrounded by flames. (5% per hit)
Forward aerial: Puts fists together above his head, then does an ax-handle smash. Meteor Smash when sweetspotted. (10%)
Back aerial: Pulls out his left fist behind him, shooting a fireball from it. The fist is a sweetspot and the only part of the move dealing knockback. It is his fastest aerial. (Fist's hitbox: 8% Fireball: 5%)
Up aerial: Performs a headbutt. Has a small starting lag, but deals good knockback (10%)
Down aerial: A stall-then-fall. Lifts his right arm and punches below him while falling very quickly. Creates an explosion when it hits a platform and despite the move's nature, it cannot Meteor Smash (Punch: 5% Explosion: 20%)

Smash Attacks
Side smash: While charging, he spins his right arm just like Sonic's side smash, but with flames. Then, Wonder-Red unleashes a small explosion from his palm. Can be tilted. (8% uncharged, 18% fully charged)
Up smash: Performs the uppercut from the game's boxart while shorthopping. This smash is unusual, as charging it increases range instead of damage. (10% at any charge)
Down smash: Lifts his right fist while charging. Then, he perfoms a downward hook. Then, he does the same thing behind him with the other arm (5% per uncharged hit, 15% per fully charged hit)
Grab and Throws
Grab: Simply pulls out his left hand and grabs, nothing fancy. Has decent range and so does his running grab.
Pummel: Headbutts (1% per hit)
Forward throw: Punches the grabbed opponent in the chest. (5%)
Back throw: Grab the opponent's legs, spins and and throws, much like Mario's (10%)
Down throw: Slams the opponent with his left hand. Can meteor smash over gaps. (2%+5% if the opponent hits the ground)
Up throw: Uppercuts the opponent (5%)

Neutral Specials
Wonder Punch: Based on the Unite Punch Morph and similar to the Falcon Punch. Wonder-Red charges his right fist and unleashes a powerful punch. Chargeable, but he cannot move or shield-cancel while charging, making it difficult to land it. Can KO reliably at 50% (10% uncharged, 50% fully charged)
Gun Shot: Based on the Unite Gun Morph. If you press the B button, Wonder-Red pulls out a gun, which he can shoot with up to 6 times by pressing B again. Has unlimited range and each "bullet" has a 2-frame hitsun. Has unlimited range. If you hold B, Wonder-Red gets a second gun and will shoot a total of 12 bullets, giving more damage while sacrifing its hitstun. (2% per bullet)
Quantum Bomb: Based on the Unite Bomb Morph. Wonder-Red takes out a small bomb and punches it, allowing the bomb to travel very, very far. Once it hits anything, the bomb will blow up, but will not create an explosion and will not deal damage nor knockback. Instead, its blast radius (represented by a purple area), will slow down anyone caught in it except the stage bosses (since they're bigger than the blastzone). The time of this effect will be larger if the bomb explodes farther. (No damage)

Side Specials
Laser Whip: Based on the Unite Whip Morph. Wonder-Red takes out an energy-based whip and does a quick whip in front of him. The tip is a sweetspot and can freeze opponents. Can be slightly tilted and used as a tether recovery. (2% sourspot 10% sweetspot)
Spinning Naginata: Based on the Unify Naginata Morph. Wonder-Red takes out a naginata and spins in around at incredible speed. Can reflect projectiles. Move is performed as long as the B button is held (1% per hit)
Sword Dash: Based on the Unite Sword Morph. Wonder-Red pulls out a sword similar to Wonder-Blue's, charges and dash while slashing the sword if the hit connects with a opponent. Pressing B again after the slash adds a finisher with decent knockback. A fully charged Sword Dash deals electricity damage and the first slash activate by pressing B again instead of automatically performing it when hitting an enemy (10% uncharged 25% fully charged 10% finisher)

Up Specials
Rising Fist: Based on the game's boxart. Wonder-Red performs a flaming uppercut while gaining vertical distance. The very first hitbox is a sweetspot dealing twice the damage and knockback. (10% sourspot 20% sweetspot)
Piercing Claws: A combination of the Unite Claw and Unite Drill Morphs. Wonder-Red spins around with huge clawing devices similar to Wonder-White's. Starts on 1 out of 8 directions and can be curved. (1% per hit within a total of 12 hits)
Jet Glider: A combination of the Unite Rocket and Unite Glider Morphs. Wonder-Red activates his jet boots at maximum power, gaining great vertical distance, then his suit becomes a wingsuit, allowing him to glide. Does not deal damage and hitting him at any part of the move renders him helpless. Pressing any button during the gliding section allows Wonder-Red to fall normally. (No damage)

Down Specials
Wonder's Badge: Based on the Unite Guts Morph Wonder-Red punches his badge on his chest, making him "shine" for 30 frames. If he is his while "shining", Wonder-Red will explode, dealing damage and knockback to anyone around him, including himself (but damage and knockback are lower to him) (5% recoil damage, 15% to others)
Missile Launcher: Based on the Unite Cannon Morph. Wonder-Red takes out a huge bazooka and shoots a missile from it. the missile itself is slow, but very powerful and has high knockback. (15%)
Impact Hammer: Based on the Unite Hammer Morph. Wonder-Red takes out a giant hammer and charges it. He can (slowly) move but cannot jump while charging it. (10% uncharged, 30% fully charged)

Final Smash
Wonderful: Based on the Wonderful Forever Special Morph. Wonder-Red's face mask cover his whole face. Then, he goes to the top-center of the screen and punches his badge twice, causing it to produce a lot of energy, which is then unleashed through a powerful laser than can be tilted. Last hitboxes can OHKO. (??%)

Side taunt: Does his "thumbs up"
Up taunt: Performs a pose similar to his official artwork.
Down taunt: Crosses his arms, wind blows his scarf.

Ok, I've had an idea for a potential moveset for a while, but I'll only be covering special moves for now. The idea is that his tilts, jabs, aerials and smashes are just basic punches (and maybe kicks). Now moving on...

Neutral B 1: Unite Hand: Pressing the button creates a Unite Hand out of Wonderful Ones that come from off screen. The Unite Hand will be used to make your basic A attacks more powerful. The longer you hold the button the larger the hand will become, making the attacks more powerful. Performing another B move will cancel out the Unite Hand, as will blocking. You move slower the larger the hand is and you jump lower too.

Neutral B 2: Unite Sword: More or less the same idea as before, but you use the Unite Sword which has a much longer range, but a lower damage output. A neat touch is that Wonder Blue takes over the lead instead of Wonder Red.

Neutral B 3: Unite Claw: Again, similar concept, but this time, faster attack speed but lower damage. Also, I do understand that some moves will have to be changed for the custom moves, but it would be worth it, and the developers wouldn't be restricted by a release date.

Side B 1: Unite Spring: A dodge move, where you leap over enemies. Landing on an enemy does damage (similar to the drill spring), and you get put into special fall in the air.

Side B 2: Unite Gun: Fires a shot from Unite Gun. Hold the button to charge up to Unite Bazooka (I know it's not called that) which does more damage. It's just a simple projectile move.

Side B 3: Unite Boomerang: Press to throw a Boomerang that comes back to you. Moves slowly but deals multihit damage. Hold to make the Boomerang bigger. I'd say put Vorken in the lead for the move, but I'd rather he be a alternate costume.

Up B 1: Unite Rocket: Launches you high into the air with no horizontal movement. Hold down to make the Rocket bigger.

Up B 2: Unite Whip: It's a tether recovery, but the longer you charge it the further it reaches. Can be used to grab foes out of the air.

Up B 3: Unite Naginata: Spins a Naginata around, lifting you into the air, basically like the Hero's Spin, dealing damage to those around you. Charging it makes it bigger. When charging the move, aim to the side to propel yourself forward.

Down B 1: Unite Guts: A counter move just like in the game, spikes come out when attacked, dealing heavy damage.

Down B 2: Unite Hammer: Slams a Hammer right in front of you. Again, the longer you charge, the bigger it gets. This move deals the most damage out of them all.

Down B 3: Unite Bomb: Works like Link's version, except you can charge it to make it bigger, and it slows down those within its radius, dealing a small amount of damage to foes.

Im going to be talking about Wonder Red's moveset,
not THIS wonder red:
, THIS wonder red:
I advice you to not read this if you don't know what Wonderful 101 is or you haven't played it.
Spawn animation: Wonder Red in his normal outfit(teacher), then says "Wonder eyes, red!", his mouth doesn't move but the voice echos, and then the fight begins
Idle animation: Facing towards the screen(front screen), then does a military salute
Running animation: The same as Mario's running, and a little bit faster then Mario
Walking animation: The same as Mario's walking, and a bit different.
Jumping animation: jumps up, then quickly summersaults to do another jump similar to samus's jumping
Recovery Move: Wonder jump, this has a rainbow under you when you jump, it can cause damage when people go into it, not to mention the unite hand would come up and punch upward while the rainbow is under you, double the damage!, PS this is in the game
Standard A attack:Wonder Punch, first punch would be a normal punch, second would be a kick, then 3rd would be be his unite hand, similar to Shulk's standard A attack
Forward A attack:Red would slide tackle like Mario
Standard B attack:Wonder Red would use his unite hand and smack the floor to hit opponents
Forward B attack: Wonder Red would use his unite hand to reflect projectiles similar to Palutenas reflect
Foward smash attack:Reds hand would come out and grip and then when it hits, it would punch very fast and hard forward
Up smash attack:Reds hand would charge up and punch fast upward and hard
Down smash:Red would take out his fist and then charge up and spin around on the floor, just like Shulk's down smash
Nair:Red would spin around while his fist out hitting opponents
Bair:Red would hit the opponent with his fist behind his back
Fair:Red would "falcon punch" the opponents in the air
Dair:Red would fire his arm downward
Down A: Red would punch with his fist down like meta knights sword poking the opponent
Final Smash: Wonderful Unite: Red ,Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, and White would be in this, Wonder red summons his Unite hand(giant fire fist) to grab the opponents and then the wonder colors would be in a pose while doing there Unite weapons, similar Megamans final smash but instead of lasers they do there signature moves, greens gun reds giant unite hand, etc
Taunt Up:Wonder red would say "Roger" with a military salute
Taunt Down:Wonder red would say "Team, unite up!" and bring out his Unite hand while slamming it on the ground.
Taunt Left/Right:Wonder red would say "This is JUSTICE!" and do this pose:

Grabs:Wonder Red would take out his Unite Hand and then grab the opponent, he would then either do these options
Up grab:Wonder Red would make his fist crush them then throw them up
Down grab:Wonder Red would make his fist crush them and smash them down
Left/Right grab:Wonder Red would make his fist crush them and then throw them left or right, similar to master hand grabs and then throws them the opposite way very far

Tell me what I missed for moves, dang, it sure takes too long to make a moveset, considering Wonder Red's only move is wonder jump, wonder punch, unite hand and normal punches and kicks, man that's pretty it, is there any other moves he can use? I don't remember the game that well since I played it a year ago.

Blade Knight's Moveset!:
Run Speed – 4/5
Jump Height – 4/5
Weight – 2/5
Gravity – 3/5
Vertical Air Speed – 2.5/5
Horizontal Air Speed – 2.5/5

Size – Taller than Olimar, shorter than Little Mac, similarly proportioned to characters like Mario and Luigi.

Jab – Red performs a strong singular jab without any unite ability active. Deals 8%, medium hitstun and knockback.

Dash – Wonder Red becomes the Unite Ball and tumbles forward for a short distance, dealing a singular strong hit to each enemy he encounters, similarly to Mega Man’s down tilt, can be jump canceled at the cost of both of his jumps. Deals 6% with medium hitstun and low but scaling knockback.

Ftilt – Performs a dual sweep, left and right, then a downward swing, and finally an upward swing. Each swing requires an additional button input, similar to Meta Knight’s forward tilt or Marth/Lucina’s dancing blade. Each swing of the initial sweeps has 1 hitbox, which deal low damage and trap enemies into the attack, the downward swing bounces enemies off the ground with a very weak meteor effect, and the uppercut has 3 hitboxes, which launch the enemy on the last hit. Enemies will only be fully trapped in the attack at middling percents or higher thanks to scaling hitstun. First two sweeps deal 4%, the downward swing deals 5% and the uppercut’s hits deal 2%, 2% and 5%. The attack can be jump canceled after any of the swings except the last swing. The final swing of the uppercut can KO. The meteor effect on the 3rd swing is too weak to KO enemies off stage reliably, similarly to Wii Fit Trainer’s Fair spike.

Dtilt – Red swings his fist downward, until it hits the ground. Deals 6% while swinging and another 5% upon hitting the ground. Pops enemies straight upward.

Utilt – Swings a Unite Hand in a shallow arc overhead, defending from enemies above and in front of him. Deals 8% damage. Can KO ~105%

Fsmash – Charges up a Wonderful Stinger with the Unite Hand. Damage and range are increased the more he charges. A great finisher, but is very telegraphed and cannot combo into a charged variant. Delas 13-18% damage and medium knockback.

USmash - Fires a Unite Bazooka round a short distance overhead, which then explodes dealing 11-19% damage and middling knockback.

DSmash – With two mid-sized Unite Hands, he performs the Wonderful Cyclone! The Cyclone has a ton of hitboxes, and spins longer the longer he charges. Each hitbox deals 2-3% damage and the final hit launches enemies only a short distance. Great for racking damage and combo ending but not as a get off me tool.

Nair – Slashes around himself three times with the Unite Claws. This attack has an aesthetic ice damage effect. Each hit deals 5% damage and links into itself. Autocancels.

Fair – Red reels back with the Unite Hammer before smashing enemies downward with a powerful meteor spike. Deals 14% damage and is almost certain to KO off stage foes. Also pops opponents straight upwards if they are on the ground. Has high endlag and a rather large startup window.

Bair – Swings a Unite Hand backwards for a mighty backfist with a flaming effect. Deals 10% damage and high knockback. Similar in flavor to Ganondorf’s or Captain Falcon’s Back Air. Autocancels.

Uair – Cracks the Unite Whip upwards, dealing more damage the farther away on the whip he hits the opponent. Deals good damage and is great for juggling. Deals 4% near to him or 11% at the very tip of the whip. Can KO at high percents as well. Suffers immensely from stale move negation, also deals great shield damage if hitting an enemy who is shielding on a platform above Wonder Red.

Dair – Unite Tombstone, Red drops to the ground as a tombstone, which spikes enemies in the air, and buries enemies on the ground if he lands directly on them. He cannot cancel this attack for some time however, so it is dangerous to use off stage. Deals 9% on the dropping hit and 11% on the burying hit. Has good amount of end lag making it bad for comboing.

Zair – He cracks the Unite Whip forward sharply, dealing 3% damage at the end of it, specializing in breaking shields. Can grab ledges from a medium distance away.

Neutral Special – Wonder Liner
A red line begins drawing a circle around Wonder Red, growing as it continues to be drawn. Based on how long he charged (up to a cap) his next attack using the Unite Hand has extra range and power, but only for one hit. He’s left completely helpless while drawing the Wonder Liner, however.

Neutral Special 2 – Attack Liner
The red line he draws has rapidfire hitboxes that deal 1% but have low priority. He can be attacked through it. The line moves a little slower, and the final boost in attack power is somewhat higher. At maximum charge with this special Wonder Red’s next Unite Hand attack is on fire.

Neutral Special 3 – Speed Liner
The line moves immensely quickly, but doesn’t power him up as much damage wise. Range increase is still the same.

Forward Special – Unite Sword Stinger
Wonder Red can simply tap the button and release to attack or can hold the button to charge this attack and as he does, a blue line moves straight forward from his body a short distance. This has no hitbox and is purely aesthetic. Based on how long he charges the unite sword he fires at the end travels farther and is larger, as well as dealing slightly more damage. Deals 4% if he just fires it right away, but still has a wide hitbox and travels a good length. At maximum charge it deals 2 hits of 7% damage and will travel fully across final destination.

Forward Special 2 – Unite Sword Autopilot
He places a sword down in front of him which flails about for four swings, moving slightly forward with each one. Great for stage control, and trapping enemies, but the swings take too long between each one to combo by itself. Each swing deals 3%, this attack cannot be charged, and will clash with many projectiles.

Forward Special 3 - Unite Sword Reflector
The line that appears moves straight upward this time and when released a sword standing upright appears. It has no hitbox and can be passed through by Wonder Red and his foes with no difficulty, but it will reflect any hostile projectiles from either side while it stands. When uncharged the sword is only as tall as Red himself, but fully charged will reach slightly through Battlefield’s top platform.

Up Special – Wonderful Upper
Wonder Red performs an uppercut that gives him great height and has 3 hitboxes that carry enemies along with him. The hitboxes deal 3%, 3% and then 4%, and the final hit can KO. When powered up by neutral special, Wonder Red can simply use this power twice before hitting the ground rather than once, it’s range and attack power is not increased.

Up Special 2 – Unite Rocket
By mashing the B button as fast as he can, Wonder Red charges up the Unite Rocket. The more he mashes the higher it goes. Has a hitbox as it blasts off that pushes enemies harshly away and deals a scaling amount of damage from 1% to 15% based on how much he charged it.

Up Special 3 – Wonder Jump
Red jumps to the nearest safe platform on an automatic trail, but this move is not refreshed if he’s hit out of it. He also travels more slowly than a normal jump while performing this technique, but he can recover from any distance.

Down Special – Unite Guts
A counter type attack that paralyses enemies and then repels them sharply. At high percents the paralysis will last long enough for him to follow up on, and extreme percents the blowback can KO enemies on its own. Damage scaling is .75x what he would have taken, knockback scaling on the blowback is 1.6x. Requires very strict timing to get down, but can repel an unlimited number of strikes during its active frames.

Down Special 2 – Spikey Guts
Deals damage to enemies simply for touching the guts, on top of dealing harsher damage but less knockback if they strike it. It’s active time is even shorter, but the spikes persist the whole time. He’s also stuck in this form slightly longer.

Down Special 3 – Healing Guts
Upon successfully countering an attack, Wonder Red heals 10% damage, +25% of the damage he would have taken. In exchange this deals significantly lower damage and knockback.

Final Smash – Unlimited Form
After striking an intricate and cool pose, all of Wonder Red’s abilities are boosted to the maximum. His damage and knockback are increased immensely across the board, all of his Unite Morphs are drastically increased in size, his speed and jumping power are increased to maximum, and his shield cannot be depleted during this time. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Others - His rolling dodge animation ought to be the Unite Spring in appearance, but function the same as any other.

Entrance: Wonder Red is in his civilian mode and then he turns into hero form.
AAAA: Basic Combo - Unlike other basic combos this one has four hits. (Right hook, left hook, uppercut, charge punch)
Dash: Wonder Stinger - Wonder Charges forward at high speeds with his fist pointed forward.
Forward Tilt: A forward kick.
Down Tilt/Crouch: Foot sweep.
Up Tilt: Does an upward kick.

Down Smash: Wonder Yellow appears and smashes the hammer onto the ground creating an explosion.
Forward Smash: Wonder Blue appears and uses the Wonder Stinger.
Up Smash: Rising Upper - Wonder Red deals a powerful uppercut and launches him up into the air.

Neutral: Wonder Red will spin around in the air punching with Unite Hand!
Forward: Wonder Red punches forward with his unite hand.
Down: Wonder Red slashes down with a GEATHJERK large sword. (Feeling a bit beside yourself Laambo?)
Back: Wonder Green appears and shoots a round behind Wonder Red.
Up: Rising Upper - Wonder Red uses his uppercut move.

Neutral Spacial: UNITE GUN! - Wonder Green appears and fires off a round from his unite morph.
Forward Spacial: UNITE CLAWS! - Wonder White appears and slashes his claws. This sends waves of energy at opponents and will randomly freeze opponents.
Up Special: UNITE ROCKET! - Wonder Red does his unite morph and creates his rocket. This allows him to fly upward in a straight line. (The rocket will continue to fall until it lifts off if done in the air)
Down Special: UNITE BOMB! - Wonder Black appears and tosses one of his bombs. This bomb will slow down the opponents in time temporarily. This moves can NOT be spammed.]

FINAL SMASH: UNITE BIG! - Wonder Red becomes his giant unite morph and proceeds to plow through enemies. He will only be able to do his basic combo while in this form. (Massive strength boost and the inability to be ko'd by enemies makes up for this)

Grab: UNITE WHIP! - Wonder Pink appears and pulls the opponent towards Wonder Red with her whip.
Pummel: Wonder Red holds the opponent by their clothes/fur/armor and punches them repeatedly in the face.
Forward Throw: Wonder Green shoots the opponent away in a super scope round.
Down Throw: UNITE TOMBSTONE! - Wonder Red slams the victim on the ground, jumps in the air, and turns into the tombs stone. The tomb stone will then fall and crush the opponent.
Up Throw: Wonder Red will toss the opponent up into the air and then toss up a car to him them from bellow.
Back Throw: Wonder Blue appears and uses his sword to sling the victim away.

Dodge Roll: Wonder Spring - Wonder Red will bounce back in a giant energy spring.

Shield: Unite Guts - The Unite Guts will appear instead of the usual shield.

The Wonderful 100

In this moveset, I've color-coded the attacks to the Wonderful One that performs it, like this:
Wonder Red: Unite Hand
Wonder Blue: Unite Sword
Wonder Green: Unite Gun
Wonder Pink: Unite Whip
Wonder Yellow: Unite Hammer
Wonder White: Unite Claw
Wonder Black: Unite Bomb

Some attacks are available for all the Wonderful Ones (Jab, Nair and B-moves). The other moves will change your Wonderful One instantly.

Jab: Punch, Punch, Uppercut.
Jab: Horizontal slash, upwards Slash, downwards slash. During Nair, last hit will slam down into the ground. It also spikes opponents.
Jab: Fires one shot forward.
Jab: Two whip lashes.
Jab: Slams hammer into the ground. Spikes during first active frame.
Jab: Five quick hits with the claws. Has a freezing effect on higher percentages (Goes for all of his moves)
Jab: Throws a bomb that slowes time in a small area upon detonation (Takes a while to detonate, and can be picked up by the opponent. This also goes for Nair and bombs from B-moves. You can't throw more bombs when there's already one on the field.)

Ftilt: Sword stab.

Utilt: A quick, standing uppercut.

Dtilt: Pokes at the opponent's feet with the claw. Works similarly to Ness' or R.O.B's Dtilt.

Dash A: Slidws forward with the whip spinning in a spiral.

Fsmash: Swings the hammer sideways.

Usmash: Throws a bomb up into the air. Unlike the time-bomb, this one will detonate with a normal explosion almost instantly (Power and blast radius are greater if charged for a while)

Dsmash: Fires the Super Scope into the ground, similarly to Samus' Dtilt.

Grab: Grabs the opponent with the whip.
Pummle: kicks the oppponent with her heel.
Fthrow: Simple forwards throw with the whip.
Dthrow: Quickly bash the grounded opponent with the hammer.
Uthrow: Throws the opponent into the air and shoots them a couple of times.
Bthrow: Wonder Black jumps over the opponent and lays a bomb behind them, that explodes normally.

Nair: Works like the Jab. When used in midair though, it will halt your downwards momentum slightly the first time used, but not enough for you to gain any height.

Fair: Swings the hammer in front of him. Can spike the opponent (Think Snake's Fair)

Dair: Swings the sword in a wide arc below him, similarly to Marth or Meta Knight.

Uair: Quick, aireal uppercut.

Bair: Slashes with the claws behind him multiple times.

Zair: Lashes out with the whip. Can tether.

B: Wonderful Cyclone. Is generally a spinning move that hits on both sides. When used in midair it will not put you in a helpless state. If Kirby swallows you, he'll get the move of the active Wonderful One.

Wonderful Cyclone: Spins around, fist first. Mash to keep it active for longer and gain height if used in mid-air.
Wonderful Cyclone: Works similarily to Red, but with more range and less damage/knockback.
Wonderful Cyclone: Spins 360 degrees with the gun, fires a shot forwards and one backwards while knocking away nearby opponents.
Wonderful Cyclone: Spins 360 degrees with the whip. Hits once, good range, good knockback.
Wonderful Cyclone: Spins and hits twice with the hammer. Similar to Kirby's aerial side B.
Wonderful Cyclone: Good horizontal range. Moves quickly sideways. Mash it to keep it going indefinitely. Doing this in the air will make you fall slower, but not gain any height. Creates a tornado above you that will make opponents fall slower.
Wonderful Cyclone: Throws one bomb forward and one backwards.

Side B: Wonderful Stinger. Generally a quickly advancing move. Leaves you helpless unless otherwise stated.

Wonderful Stinger: Rushes forward fist first.
Wonderful Stinger: A far-traveling stab witht he sword.
Wonderful Stinger: Mash B to fire multiple shots. Won't leave you helpless, but can one be done once per jump. Freezes you in place as he fires.
Wonderful Stinger: Dashes forward with the whip completely straight. Tethers.
Wonderful Stinger: Jumps on top of the hammer as it travels forward using its thrusters.
Wonderful Stinger: Fires a claw boomerang forward, which then returns. Won't leave you helpless, but can one be done once per jump. Freezes you in place as he throws it.
Wonderful Stinger: Throws a bomb, further than with Jab/Nair. Won't leave you helpless, but can one be done once per jump. Freezes you in place as he throws it.

Up B: Wonderful Rising. Generally a rising uppercut-like move. Leaves you helpless like up B-moves usually do.

Wonderful Rising: A quick, rising uppercut.
Wonderful Rising: Spins sword 720 degrees around him while doing backflips and going upwards.
Wonderful Rising: Does a slight hop upwards while spinning his gun, which you can then fire multiple times in an upwards angle by mashing B. Bad for recovery purposes.
Wonderful Rising: Does a slight hop upwards while sending the whip straight upwards. Can tether.
Wonderful Rising: Swings the hammer upwards. It has a slow start-up, but it will move quickly once it gets going, thanks to the thrusters on the hammer. He will also rocket downwards after getting to the peak, making it more safe than others while used on the ground.
Wonderful Rising: Jumps upwards while spinning rapidly, forming a claw sawblade. Mash B to keep spinning. Will start losing altitude after a while.
Wonderful Rising: H Does a slight hop upwards while throwing a bomb straight up. It is thrown in such a way that it will detonate at roughtly the same height as it was thrown. Bad for recovery purposes.

Down B: Wonder-Liner. Allows you to draw what weapon you want to use with the Analog stick. It will freeze you in place for a while upon activation in the air, similarly to Ness' Up B. Can only be done once per jump. Drawing at the opponent will cause minor damage.

Draw a circle.
Draw a straight line.
Draw an L.
Draw an S or another wavey shape.
Draw a straight line, then a circle.
Draw a Z.
Draw a circle, then a straight line.

The bigger your drawing is, the more powerful (and slow) your weapon will be, for a limited time.

Each WOnderful One has at least one special effect:
Block a fire-based move with your shield to do extra, fire-based damage until you switch weapons.
Block a lightning-based move with your shield to do extra, lightning-based damage until you switch weapons. Block a laser-based move with your shield to reflect it automatically.
Green is noticably heavier than the rest.
Jumps slightly higher, but falls faster than the others.
Slightly heavier than the others. He throws items further, and will move faster while carrying a crate.
Is able to wallcling.
He is able to jump midair twice. He's a small target that weights less than everyone else.

Shield: Unite Guts.
Shield roll: Unite Spring.
Run: Unite Ball.
Glide: Unite Glider. (Can only be done by drawing a triangle during down B midair.)

Final smash: Unlimited Form.
The team enters unlimited form. This grants them an infinite amount of midair jumps, removes the helpless state from all of their moves, and gives them max-size weapons for the entire duration of the FS.

Where do I sign up for this?
Btw, for the guy saying the Unite Morphs are too big(lol this again) if you just press A when they are selected, it is like 1.5X Wonder-Red's size

And my Moveset for him
One thing I would like to note is that it could be just Wonder-Red creating the Unite-Morphs(with the multiplayer color) as in the final battle it is shown that they create Unite-Morphs from thin air
S-Smash:Wonderful stinger(U-Hand)
D-Smash:Unite hammer
U-Smash:Wonderful rising(U-Hand)
N-Special:Unite-Gun(projectile, chargeable, transforms into bazooka when fully charged[I assume it's what it becomes])
S-Special:Unite-Claw(projectile, can freeze opponents)
D-Special:Unite-Bomb(slows down fighters, chargeable, makes blast radium and slow time longer)
U-Special:Wonder-Jump(causes no damage)
Final Smash: "Wonderful 100, diplomacy has failed. Team, engage Unlimited Form!"
Causes to all Unite-Morphs based moves have 2x their original size; Wonder-Jump has a hitbox and is larger; Damages causes no flinching to Wonder-Red

Alt Costumes:Blue/Wonder-Blue
Black/Wonder-Black Screw this, Prince Vorkken is the only Alt Costume you will ever need
I wish Blue would be in as one of the last characters you unlock, Because he was just important as Red to the plot and could give him all the sword skills on a smaller scale like stinger, rising, and cyclone... in fact here is a moveset for the both of them

Stage: Blossom City Invasion
the school bus from the prologue with Blossom city in the background being attacked.
Just two bus sections with holes in the roof and an attack-able switch then detaches the bus sections, and falling on the road causes you to go off camera

Moveset for Wonder Red

Unlock: Play 101 matches

Size: bit bigger than Toon Link Weight: same as Marth Speed: Same as Ike's

not very fast moving and low-ranged attacks and a little floaty, but good at jumping and had really fast powerful attacks and very low kill %s

Special Fire Hand: Red punches with a fire affect and sends a fire ball bouncing across the stage, it does fire damage to those hit by the punch
Side Special: lunges forward with a punch that does a lot of knock-back, can be charged for more range/damage
Down Special Wonder Cyclone: Red spins around like a smaller MK Mach Tornado trapping opponents but it stays in place and can't be spammed
Up Special Wonderful Rising: Red does a powerful uppercut that makes him go a bit higher than Mario's ^special and does more damage but has a lot of start-up

Final Smash: Unite Hand! Red shouts "Unite Hand" and his hand grows 4 times the size for 7 seconds and in that time all his attacks are basically instant kills but his take a while to swing and are easy to dodge

Up: he does a fist pump and says "Team Unite Up"
Side: takes a pose and says "Diplomacy has failed"
Down: P-Star comes out and flies around Red and then disappears

very powerful attacker
good Recovery
fast attacks
low kill %

a little slow
low attack range

Moveset for Wonder Blue

Unlock: Play 1001 matches or beat classic on all difficulties

Size: bit bigger than Toon Link Weight/Speed: Same as Marth

Good at jumping and can swing sword as fast as Meta Knight but can't spam it but is a little floaty and has bad Aerials

Special Thunder Sword: Blue swings his swords while electrically charged and sends a small bolt across the stage like Luigi's fireball and will knocks back any who are hit by the swing
Side Special Wonder Stinger: Blue rushes forward same speed/distance a Fox's side special and can be used for recovery
Down Special Wonder Cyclone: Spins in circles with sword like link's ^special on the ground and is good for combos but isn't good for recovery
Up Special Wonderful Rising: Goes up into the air at a decent height then if opponent is hit does a few attacks and comes back down

Final Smash: Unite Sword! Blue cries "Unite Sword" Blue's sword grows three times as big as it was (as big as the smallest you can have sword in W101) for 10 seconds and all his attacks have amazing range, but take a while to swing so your opponent can get out of the way if there is enough room

Up: he practice swings sword and says "feel the sting of the valiantium blade"
Side: practice jab's sword and says "I'll cut you in 3 halves"
Down: Throws rose into air to catch it but misses

fast attacker
good attack range
good recovery

bad aerial game
easy to juggle
Krutentier7's moveset said:
I have some general ideas regarding Wonder Red's playstyle in Smash. This is not a full moveset, just a basic concept:

- Being a character from an action game, Wonder Red should be all about combos. While comboing is definitely possible in Smash 4, it's not a gameplay element that is heavily emphasised compared to other fighting games. Wonder Red should be a character that can do follow-up attacks and keep attacking the enemy very easily. He should be very quick, with moves that are smooth and pretty much lagless.

- To balance this out, he should also be one of the weakest characters in the game in terms of physical strength. This makes a lot of sense when you look at The Wonderful 101: the heroes are fairly weak on their own and only pose a real threat as a group. I want Wonder Red to be mostly on his own in Smash, since that meshes well with the idea of having a combo-heavy character.


Neutral B: Wonder Cyclone - A roundhouse attack similar to Bowser's / DK's recovery. Unlike those, Wonder Red does not gain altitude while executing this move - his aerial momentum will be halted to a certain extent. Horizontal movement is possible. Traps the enemy and hits multiple times. Can be used in succession in the air.

Up B: Wonder Rising - A straightforward uppercut that acts as a decent recovery tool and launches enemies into the air / pulls them toward Wonder Red. What makes it unique is that Normals and Specials (other than Wonder Rising, obviously) are still possible after execution (similar to how Sonic does not enter the "freefall" state after doing his Up B). For example, you can launch an enemy into the air with Wonder Rising and then follow up with Wonder Cyclone.

Side B: Wonder Stinger - A gap-closing punch with decent range, similar to Falcon Dive / Kick. Homes in on the enemy; if, for example, Wonder Red is in the air and the enemy diagonally below him, Wonder Stinger will send him straight there. Can be used in succession in the air, although it is somewhat laggy (meaning that Wonder Red will lose altitude every time he uses it). If no enemy is within its range, Wonder Stinger will send Wonder Red straight forward.

Down B: Hero Counter - A counter move. Compared to other, similar moves in the game, the time frame for using Hero Counter is very strict; it is only active for a very short amount of time. Doesn't do a lot of damage; instead, it staggers the enemy briefly and opens them up for a combo / Smash attack. Halts momentum when used in the air.

Final Smash: Unlimited Form - Wonder Red transforms and gets help from his companions. Every move is now accompanied by Unite Hand, a gigantic fist made up of the other Wonderful Ones. Extremely strong, though his moveset remains the same. Only active for a short amount of time.

Bio: The battle takes place on top of the ship's outer hull. The ship will be flying through Blossom City during the invasion at the beginning of the game.
Hazard: Lasers will occasionally hit the deck of the ship.

Name: School Bus Pandemonium
Bio: The Battle takes place on the roof of the runaway bus from the beginning of the game.
Hazard: GEATHJERKS will sometimes appear and shoot at the fighters.
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Still haven't played it, but I support! The demo was interesting enough to at least give me a taste of how he could work. Unfortunate that the game didn't do all too well though.


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Jul 7, 2014
Still haven't gotten around to play this gem of a game, but I know in my heart of hearts that more platinum is never a bad thing.

Unite Support!
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Feb 26, 2014
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I'll be honest, I was pretty surprised Sakurai just flat out gave him the axe in Smash 4.

I haven't played Wonderful 101 before, but the least I can do is support the character out of sympathy from a pretty embarrassing disconfirmation he suffered.


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May 21, 2015
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Still support. Could never get those controls down, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize the greatness of Wonder Red.
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Aug 21, 2014
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Wonderful 101 is still the best Wii U game and still my second favourite game ever.

I'm in.



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Personally think the game is overrated...tho underrated commercially.

He would be an interesting addition. Better than Viewtiful Joe and Captain Rainbow :p.
I'll be honest, I was pretty surprised Sakurai just flat out gave him the axe in Smash 4.

I haven't played Wonderful 101 before, but the least I can do is support the character out of sympathy from a pretty embarrassing disconfirmation he suffered.
I do not remember this moment. Must have been less embarassing than Waluigis.
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Feb 12, 2014
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101% support Wonder Red. I want a sequel for this game on switch more than any other game that was released on Wii U. The Wonderful 101 is such an underrated masterpiece.


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May 18, 2015
Unite Support!! I still like the idea of Will Wedgewood a.k.a Wonder Red getting into Super Smash Bros. I like the game, he's got great moveset potential, and overall would be a great addition.

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Jan 4, 2013
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If you haven't played the game and you have a Wii U.

Go get it.


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Dec 5, 2013
Still hope to see Wonder Red. A supporters list would be nice in the OP as there is quite a few. I hope we see a sequel on the Switch soon. Does anyone know if it has been hinted at all recently?
Jul 12, 2014
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Still hope to see Wonder Red. A supporters list would be nice in the OP as there is quite a few. I hope we see a sequel on the Switch soon. Does anyone know if it has been hinted at all recently?
Since that tease we got about a month back, we haven't heard anything about W101. And before that I dont think we heard anything after release.

So, not much although Nintendo has been quiet in general lately


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Jun 29, 2012
Since that tease we got about a month back, we haven't heard anything about W101. And before that I dont think we heard anything after release.

So, not much although Nintendo has been quiet in general lately
whoa is that real? that's quite a tease if it is, anyone got a translation?


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Jun 28, 2013
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I've never quite managed to get the controls down for that game, but I'd love to see Wonder Red make it into Smash! Those trophies were such a tease. I feel like his moves would transition well to Smash Bros. (look at how effectively they were able to bring Bayonetta's moveset over), and the potential stages would be fantastic.


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May 18, 2015
Alright Wonderful Supporters, new Smash has just arrived. There's a chance we might get a Wonderful character in.
Jul 12, 2014
An elevator

So, smash is back around, huh? A little disappointed that if there is a Wonderful 101 port on the way, it would be way too late to mean anything for the roster. But I won't give up hope entirely. Red seems like just the kind of character Sakurai would pick out for seemingly no reason. Here's to the future.

Deleted member

I doubt he'll make it in but I don't plan on actively supporting anyone this time around so I'll just hang around here, should be fun at least.

And you know Zeb stole a thread when my quoted post still has my old username in it. Surprisingly, I like old me's ideas.


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May 7, 2015
I just hope that those teases do bear fruit to a new game. Whether it be a port, a sequel, or even a prequel.

1. So Red can (hopefully) get into Smash.
2. So I have no more reasons to keep my Wii U.
Aug 1, 2013
Where is my port already so I can spend another 160 hours playing this game. Now that Nintendo has better marketing and a system which isn't selling terribly, The Wonderful 101 can possibly finally get the attention it deserves. Any way, I hope this character gets in Smash. All the punching and combos... Since the Wonderful 101 was released august 23 2013, it may have been too late to put him in Smash 4 if they finalized the roster choices before then. Any way, here's hoping this is the game where he gets his chance in Smash.


Jun 21, 2013
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He is a dark horse pick, in my opinion, I could see them adding Wonder to Smash to promote a port of the game. I can only speak for myself, but it might be better to use an IP that is relatively known compared to a lot of the other suggestions. I personally want him, just to have a superhero-esque character, aside from Falcon, in the game.


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Mar 27, 2018
Let’s hope the port for switch is being made, he was my top wanted newcomer for smash 4.

Him being a first party character and Bayonetta being included in smash 4 helps his chances


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Mar 27, 2018
Sorry for the double post, but I think the timing of when this smash bros was being planned, and wonder Red representing the Wii U era, make him much more likely than he was in the last game.
Let’s hope Sakurai sees his potential.
Aug 1, 2013
Honestly they are porting so many games I don’t see why not give this game another chance. Also Wonder Red in Smash Bros would not only promote the game but at least give Wonderful 101 a way to live on through Smash. Kinda like how people adore Captain Falcon but he hasn’t had a new game in a long time.
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Mar 27, 2018
And he’s one of two brand new character IPs that debuted on Wii U, the other being splatoon. And we know how that turned out. :grin:


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May 7, 2015
I thinks that's a safe bet. Rarely does a Smash game take after the console it's based on.

Smash 64- uses iconography and characters from SNES (Yoshi, Samus, Ness) and some N64 (Mario, Link)
Melee- Almost entirely based off N64 iconography
Brawl- Mostly Gamecube iconography with Mario Sunshine, Twilight Princess and the Metroid Prime focus and newcomers like Olimar and Ike being based off their Gamecube designs. But rarely anything taken from the Wii era itself
WiiU/3DS- More Wii iconography, Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, Other M and newcomers like WII Fit Trainer, Lil Mac and Rosalina. But there was some stages and themes based off Wii U games.

I'm of course ignoring the fact that these games were mostly developed during early stages of the consoles life span but I digress. I think we can see a similar trend going to happen with Smash Switch with a lot of Wii U iconography.
I brought this up with Elma, but do you think this could apply to Red aswell
Jul 12, 2014
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TBH im sad a port isn't already in development and they only want one. I sort of expected that was what they meant by the hinting. A port would be great for the future of the series. I guess not but oh well.

I do agree with the sentiment that smash is usually backwards-looking so I haven't completely given up on Red. The non-existent sales will definitely be a problem though. But hey, better to have a fighting chance in hell over quite literally none.


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Dec 19, 2013
TBH im sad a port isn't already in development and they only want one. I sort of expected that was what they meant by the hinting. A port would be great for the future of the series. I guess not but oh well
Yeah, I was hoping the port was already in the works. But the Switch userbase keeps on growing so at least there’ll be a bigger pool of Switches for W101 to jump in in the future.
Aug 1, 2013
I brought this up with Elma, but do you think this could apply to Red aswell
I think its certainly possible that Wonder Red can get in to help focus on the Wii U era. I hope they manage to cater to the switch a decent amount though despite how the older Smash games were not able to focus that well on their respective generation.


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Feb 19, 2011

I run a thread called Convince Me!

Every few days a character gets featured and has a chance to be pitched to the general forum as a fighter for Smash Bros Switch. It's less about how good their chances are, and more about getting people excited for what a character could bring to the table, either moveset, history, or uniqueness-wise.

Wonder Red is the newest featured character, so I thought I'd pop in and let you guys know in case anyone has thoughts on him to post them in the thread.

You can find the thread here:
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