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Super Smash Bros 6: Make your Favourite Series in the way you like!

Oracle Link

Smash Master
Oct 9, 2020
So you all probably have you favourite series right?
Be it Zelda or Kirby in my case or mario etc.!
Ususally when we talk about smash 6 we either talk about little things or make the Entire Game this time your ONLY allowed to talk about your Favourite Series!
And i mean your all time favourites for example i like mario but i wont talk about it here instead ill list Everthing Zelda Related i want including Music and Co. !
Again only talk about your favourites!
also you are limited to:
8 Characters
8 Stages
40 Music Tracks
50 TRophy thingies
2 Bosses
4 assist trophys
and 6 Smash run style enemys!
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Oracle Link

Smash Master
Oct 9, 2020
Zelda in the Way i like:

1. Zelda Main Theme (new Composition)
Zelda Main Theme (NES)
Zelda Main Theme (ALLTTP)
Zelda Main Theme (GBC/ ecxtended)
5. Zelda Main Theme (ALBW)
Zelda 1 Dungeon Theme
Zelda 2 Temple Theme
Zelda 2 Dark Link Theme
ALTTP Dark World
10. ALTTP/OOT Agahmin/ Ganondorf theme
ALTTP Ganon Battle
ALTTP Dungeon Medly
ALTTP Hidden forest and death mountain
OOT Hyrule field
15.OOT Lon Lon Ranch
OOT Lost woods
OOT Goron Theme
OOT Fire Boss Theme
OOT/ ALTTP Kakariko
20.MM Clock town 3 days
MM Majoras/ SKull kids Theme
WW Sail the great sea
WW Dragon roost island
WW Ganondorf battle
25.Twilight Princess Main theme
TP Midna Lament
TP Zoras Domain
SS Ballad Of Goddess
SS Ghirahim
30. SS Ancient cistern
BOTw Guardian
BOTW Main Theme
BOTW Hyrule castle
TOTK Main Theme
35. TOTK/ Botw Gerudo Town
TOTK Demon King Ganondorf
Zeldas Lullaby
Tarm Ruins/ Lost woods
MC/ FS Vaatis Theme
40.Full steam Ahead
i will clean this list later!

Pig Ganon
Pig ganon from the 2d Games is the boss for all the links and zelda!
Marbled Gohma
Marbled gohma is the boss for all other zelda Characters! and is some good totk Rep!

Octorok (Classic/ 2d)
Octoroks run arround and spit rocks this time they are in their cute 2d look!
Stalfos (Ocarina)
Stalfos come from Ocarina of time!
Chu Chus (Toon Games)
Chu Chus from windwaker they are iconic enemys so i included them!
Darknut (Twilight Princess)
Darknuts are strong and nimble! they gets faster after half health!
Bokoblin (Skyward Sword)

Guardian (BOTW)

You see i picked an enemy from each major era! i also other than guadian coverd the bases!


Smash Apprentice
Dec 14, 2020
Well, okay then. I may as well talk about Xenoblade first.

Shulk and Pyra/Mythra will be returning as veteran fighters. Noah (Xenoblade 3) will also be a new character. Shulk will receive Future Connected attire alts.

Unsure if Mio could be a tag team with Noah, due to system limitations (it happened before with Pyra/Mythra, Zelda/Sheik, and Ice Climbers). A suitable compromise could be an echo fighter (being N).

Shulk - Final Smash: Chain Attack, Transformation: Monado II, or Monado III
Pyra/Mythra - Final Smash: Burning Sword/Sacred Arrow, Transformation: Pneuma
Noah - Final Smash: Ouroboros, Transformation: Lucky Seven

Gaur Plain and Cloud Sea will be returning as stages. For a new stage, I suppose Agnus Castle makes for an interesting pick.

All previous music tracks from Ultimate are coming back, along with new music tracks from Xenoblade 3, as well as from Future Connected and Future Redeemed.

Some Music Tracks:
Keves Battle
Agnus Battle
Immediate Threst
Moebius Battle
Carrying the Weight of Life (New Remix)
Kaleidoscopic Core
Showdown with Z
New Battle! (Future Redeemed)
Redeem the Future
Battle (Future Connected)

1. Shulk
2. Shulk (FC)
3. Pyra
4. Mythra
5. Noah

6. Fiora
7. Mecha-Fiora
8. Dunban
9. Reyn
10. Sharla
11. Juju
12. Riki
13. Melia
14. Melia (FC)
15. Kino
16. Nene
17. Egil
18. Alvis
19. Zanza

20. Rex
21. Nia
22. Nia (Blade)
23. Dromarch
24. Tora
25. Poppi a
26. Zeke
27. Morag
28. Lora
29. Jin
30. Malos
31. Pneuma

32. Mio
33. Eunie
34. Taion
35. Lanz
36. Sena
37. Riku & Manana
38. Ethel
39. Ghondor
40. N
41. Z
42. Shulk (FR)
43. Rex (FR)
44. Nikol
45. Glimmer
46. Na’el
47. Matthew
48. A
49. Alpha

Assist Trophies:
Riki, Nia

Smash Run enemies:
Telethia, Territorial Rotbart, Bunnit, Armu
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