Stage Export #6 - Halberd

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Feb 14, 2010



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From one ship to the next we end up at Halberd. This ship however is not as whimsical as the last ship we encountered and this one actually seems to be quite daunting. This stage changes from flying at high speeds through the air to landing on the deck of a huge air craft carrier. Let's see how our little blonde does here!
Feb 14, 2009
St. Louis, Missouri
When the stage first startrs out, Lucas can hide under the floor and spam PKT around the opponent's shield until the stage takes off (unless the opponent camps at the top of the platform and has like 5 jumps).

On the second transformation, Lucas can PKT2 through the stage and have it auto-cancelled on both the main platform and the floating platform depending on where you aim it. It can also shieldpoke the opponent. Lucas can also Zap Jump through the main stage and hit the opponent. When Lucas is on the stage, drop down --> double jump Nair is good shield pressure, or it hits them if they don't shield. If they do shield through it all then just go back to the ledge and mix it up with somethin different.

I don't know a lot about the third transformation, except it has the same length as FD (I think I remember reading that somewhere correct me if I'm wrong) and a huge platform in the middle. I also believe it has a short ceiling, again, correct me if I'm wrong.

I'd give it like a 7/10, it's really hard to touch Lucas until the last transformation.

I don't like this stage against Pit personally, and I'd ban either this or FD against Snake. I would ban it against MK but there are two other stages in particular that makes banning this out of the question.


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Aug 11, 2008
Dtilt locking u across the stage
The ceiling is pretty low in the third transformation, FAE.

I would probably only ban this stage against pit bc of the stupid fishing he can do from underneath you. Oh and snake too i suppose bc of the low ceiling (I'd rather go to FD against snake). Oh and i just thought of G&W. His smashes will kill you really early here, but there's better bans against him such as RC.

Against mk, count his jumps when he's off stage. This way if he tries to UpB through the bottom or come up through the bottome with 'nado, you can actually catch them with an Usmash if you bait it by standing on the platform. It's just silly when they get hit by it.

Uhhh.. other than that, it's an overall good stage. I actually like this one, and don't have any problems fighting characters here.

7/10 or 8/10 seems about right.


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Jan 24, 2009
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I'd give Halberd a 7/10.

At the beginning of the match, I like taking control of the center and spamming full-hopped PKF's if they're not on the platform already. Generally, I go on the platform to prevent any grab-release deaths.

Once the platform is in the air, watch out for sharking from characters with multiple jumps. You can go through the platform, so you can Zap Jump + PKT2 through it. Just try to time the PKT2 so that it results in no lag. The layout is nice. SH Dair auto-cancels if you move from the high part to the middle. Thundersliding on platforms. Only thing I hate about the layout is FH Dair doesn't autocancel when under the platform.

When you're on the actual ship, FH Dair DOES autocancel for some odd reason. The shape of the ledges gets annoying for PKT2. I think you can wallhug, but it's a very awkward angle. I've actually bounced off the angled wall, and ledgegrabbed though. :D Very low ceiling, so D-tilt lock to U-smash leads to low percent kills. The hazards are easy to look for. You shouldn't get hit by them, unless the opponent sets you up for one. All of you probably know this, but just in case, you can't absorb the Ship's Laser.

Bans: Snake, and Sheik imo. Maybe Fox?? Just because of early U-smash kills.

So that's all I have. I haven't fooled around with the stage yet, so if I'm not too lazy to do that, I'll post any extra info I might obtain.
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