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WoL Spirit Battles Checklist


Smash Lord
Aug 29, 2018
Hey everyone. I decided to turn fighting Spirits into a podcast listening activity, and, before I knew it, I had every Spirit in the game recorded in my inventory. Next, I decided to have one of every Spirit in the game, rather than having only the data recorded. Then, I decided, what the hey, I still have lots of podcasts to listen to, so I grinded all of my Spirits up to level 99, even for both the base and enhanced forms of Spirits that can be enhanced (for example, I have both a level 99 Midna and a level 99 Wolf Link & Midna).

Finally, I realized that certain Spirits have battles for them, but I didn't do every fight. So I went to the Spirit Board and knocked out fights here and there, looking for any Spirits that lacked that red, celebratory "Clear!" stamp when selecting a Spirit to fight them. I realized there was no easy way to keep track of this, however. The game neither give you a notification for collecting every Spirit, nor does it give you a notification for clearing every Spirit battle.

So, I made a checklist that anyone could use. Here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y57ADiD2g8LcB92Jw-e8MbFGiTmSYe10msGHVC3VT3M/edit?usp=sharing

To start using it, go to File, then select Make a copy. Now, you can check off each Spirit fight as you clear them. If you 100% completed World of Light, you can check those off first to get started.

It's best viewed on a laptop or computer, as that's how I made it. I couldn't work up the patience to make a version that's convenient for mobile users.

(P.S. For posterity's sake, I included all the bosses of World of Light as Spirit battles to check off, even though none of them show up on the Spirit Board, since fighting them in World of Light awards you with their Spirit.)

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May 19, 2008
Columbia, S.C. (USA)
Some of these are limited-time only though. Take Infantry & Tank, for instance. That one was available on the Spirit Board during the event "The More the Merrier." Beyond that, however, it's only available at Funky's shop. So if you didn't fight it during the event, you can never get the "Clear!" marker on it (unless they bring it back for a later event, but there's no guarantee of that).
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