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SNK's Terry Bogard and more characters coming to Smash


In the most recent Nintendo Direct, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received a surprising amount of updates.There was a quick teaser in the Direct itself to announce SNK’s Terry Bogard as the fourth character in the Fighter Pack. After the direct, there was a 25 minute breakdown of the Banjo-Kazooie content as well as a few more features that came in patch 5.0. You can check out our rundown of the new patch here!

In the direct, we were treated to a new trailer announcing the fourth Fighters Pass character, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. While the invitation passed by several of SNK’s best, Terry made the jump into Smash.

After that announcement, everyone was left to question who the final character in the pack would be. We still don’t know who gets the invite, but we now know that plans are in place to continue adding DLC characters after the Fighters Pass is over. In his separate presentation, Mr. Sakurai stated that it’s not likely all of these worlds will come back for whatever the next Smash Bros. is, but while he is at the helm he is going for a new high score of collected IP’s.

New characters don’t always take the form of full players, and we’ve seen a lot of Mii costumes to help broaden the representation. Along with some returning Mega Man costumes from the last Smash, Sans from Undertale can now be played as a Mii Gunner costume. There was also a new Team Rocket set for Mii Fighters. Finally, Homerun Contest, one of the most recurring Smash modes, will be in 5.0. This was said to be the last major mode update, so we are now looking at a feature complete version of Smash Ultimate.

Author’s Note: Now that we know there are plans to continue adding characters, I think we can look forward to a lot of recent Nintendo characters joining the roster. Byleth and Akira from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Astral Chain respectively are both awesome candidates for our favorite game. That said, they may opt to continue making every new character a big third-party surprise. More than ever, I think the rules are out the window for newcomers. What dream characters do you still want to show up?
Randy Marr


I feel sorry for the poor ******* who fell off the building trying to get the smash invitation in the reveal trailer.
IDK anything about Fatal Fury.
Terry has a brother called Andy (the blonde haired guy in a white gi trying to grab the invitation) and raised by Ana adoptive father who ends up getting killed by Geese (the dude falling) who is a crimelord ij Southtown. The brothers train extensively for years to get revenge and do so while fighting Geese. Geese falls off his skyscraper. He survives but much later in the actual story.

That’s a basic rundown.
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Since we're supposedly getting another Fighter's Pass, I'm not really stressed about the final slot, but I still hope that Sora and Doomguy join the battle.
Fire Emblem has a lot of generic sword fighters who still need to be added to Smash. Let's see if Sakurai can add enough clones and pseudo-clones of Marth to make it so that at least half the roster is either a clone or pseudo-clone of Marth.
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