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SmashBoards Writer Interview (#1) - SmashCapps!

Welcome to SmashBoards Writer's Interviews! This is a series that will appear at least once every month covering a writer. These are more casual interviews, but depending on the interviewer, we leave it up to you whether they'll answer further questions.

This week we have SmashBoards Second-in-Command writer, SmashCapps! Given that many other head honcho's of the writing staff are busy, he does a lot to make sure things stay active around here, so give it up for SmashCapps.

SmashCapps in his natural habitat

Thirdkoopa: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

SmashCapps: There's probably a lot to say here. I have a first name, but everyone just called me Capps so I combined that with Smash and made the unoriginal name I've got today! I used to go by AylasHero and was the largest tournament organizer for Playstation All Stars back when the community was strong. I've hosted tournaments from Smash to even Beyblades back in the day and am a published award winning author (probably surprising but all true). I even worked for a circus for FOUR years.

I would mention my disability, but that interview on characters discusses it a bit. Waking up one morning unable to really move and in massive pain... Kind of rough stuff. Gaming is basically what helped me not go insane while stuck in a bed with my thumbs moving still being a source of pain. Totally honest, I'd not be alive today without gaming: I'd have given up a long time ago.

I'm not sure if there's specific things you want to ask or if I should go into details more. I probably have other interesting stuff but I don't wanna know how crazy emotional you wanna have it either. I've had a colored past in both good and bad ways.

Thirdkoopa: What inspires your work on Smashboards?

SmashCapps: Before I started writing on Smashboards I kind of lacked a purpose in doing things. Being disabled a lot of what I did was sitting at home bored and maybe playing games in my free time. I missed having a job, missed having a purpose. When I saw that Smashboards needed writers I remember how I've been published in the past and thought this was just what I need. Considering I have a whole career in eSports now I can say it was just what I needed in that moment of my life.

Thirdkoopa: Where do you see the community heading in the future?

SmashCapps: I can only see us expanding which is a cause of great joy and worry for me. Unfortunately due to the younger age of some of the people in our community and lack of experience in some things I worry we will have a hard time dealing with the issues of expansion. However we've always had amazing people step up to challenges in the past so I hope things can go well there in the end.

Thirdkoopa: How long have you been writing on SmashBoards for?

SmashCapps: It's been about 10 months now!

Thirdkoopa: Personal favorite Smash Character?

SmashCapps: I actually have a WHOLE article on why I play who I do though it has changed a bit since then. http://smashboards.com/posts/19313962/

For absolute favorite character it may surprise folks but it is by far Black Mage from Super Smash Flash 2. His weight and fall speed just feel S O perfect to me and I can really make his tools works. I love how using his smashes at various charges change their effects and he has such unique tools to work with in the game. I'd love to see him in a mainstream Smash game implemented this way.

Thirdkoopa: How about favorite Smash Stage?

SmashCapps: For favorite stage this is tough. If I had to pick for music I would have to say Rumble Falls in Brawl. Michiko Naruke is my all time favorite music composer (there's a long story behind that) and he Bramble Blast interpretation was fantastic.

If it comes to mechanics and play itself though I'd say Mushroom Kingdom from Smash 64. Being able to move through the pipes is SO cool and I seriously wish that would come back for a stage. Plus it was my first experience on a walk off which was unusual. Really everything about the stage from the moveable platforms to the rising Piranha Plants was awesome to me.

Thirdkoopa: What other hobbies do you have aside from Smash Bros?

SmashCapps: I play a lot of board games! Oddly enough I'm credited as the editor in over 100 board games (I did a lot of work writing/editing in the board game world before Smashboards). Some of my favorites include Dominion, Sushi Go, BANG!, Pokemon Master Trainer, Ticket to Ride, and Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

It may also come as a HUGE surprise but I also write! Mostly in the realms of poetry or song lyrics though. Here's a panto-um I wrote in case you wanna show it off :p

Thirdkoopa: Let's see it!


The Game I Play
I'm brought to a halt
Like gears grinding
Just one more game...
I don't know when to stop

Like gears grinding
With every button press
I don't know when to stop
My hands betray me

With every button press
The pain increases
My hands betray me
Why continue?

The pain increases
Just one more game...
Why continue?
I'm brought to a halt

Thirdkoopa: Favorite games?

SmashCapps: By far my favorite game of all time in Wild ARMs for the PS1. It was the first game I ever got with my own money (along with a PS1 I saved up for) and it hooked me on gaming hard. such a long game with a huge storyline and lots of complex levels. It's got a character I very much indentify with to this day as well. It's why I love Michiko Naruke's music so well too - she composed all the songs in the game.

So outside gushing on Wild ARMs I'm also a huge fan of Legend of Dragoon, Ballbreakers, and have ran more nuzlocke challenges in gen 1 Pokemon than I can even count at this point. My wife got into gaming with me by playing Gauntlet Legends on the N64 so it holds a very special place in my heart as well.

Thirdkoopa: Would you be up for answering questions in the users comment? Where can people more interested in knowing you get to reach you at?

SmashCapps: I totally am up for answering any questions in the comments and am always available for questions on http://ask.fm/smashcapps. I do so much eSports stuff and writing it's easiest to keep up with it all on twitter -www.twitter.com/SmashCapps

Thirdkoopa: Thank you very much for your time!

SmashCapps: No problem! It's cool to be on the other end of an interview for once ;)

Once again, give it up for SmashCapps! Check him out on Twitter over here and check out the interviewer on here. Did you enjoy this? Think something could be improved? Any writer you're excited to learn more about next? Feel free to leave suggestions and comments in the comment box!
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


Capps, you're a really cool guy. I like to write myself, and even focused my degree on English literature before changing it to game design. I just lack the drive to do it lately. I'm also a Black Mage main myself on SSF2, and you pretty much described why I like him. I wish you the best.
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