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Smashboards Update

Hey everyone! Thanks for sitting tight during our extended maintenance this morning. We've made a number of upgrades to the site, some of which you can see detailed below. As a side effect of this upgrade, the entire forum skin had to be rebuilt from scratch. If you see or notice anything that looks strange or broken, please let Warchamp7 Warchamp7 know in the comments below or in a forum PM!

Most notable Changes:

- Various mobile browsing improvements
- The Navigation Bar will now stick to the page as you scroll. An option to disable this functionality may be added
- You can now multi-quote posts
- You can now highlight text in a post and quote it in a reply or add it to your multi-quote
- Tag users in profile posts or profile post comments
- You can now specific a specific number of options a user can select in a poll
- You can now allow voters to change their vote
- You can limit results of a poll to only be viewable by those that have voted
- You can not add a poll to an existing thread
- Posts now have an indicator in the top left if the user is online
- User titles based on posts is now built in instead of an add on
- Smiley categories are now built in instead of an add on
- Spoilers are now built in instead of an add on (Note: Usage of [collapse] is no longer supported. We're looking into a solution for this)

This update also brings with it a number of improvements to the tools available to our moderators and admins, so keep up the good behaviour, or else!


Really good update. The only thing I didn't like is that the message and alert icons are too bright which draws attention without actually having anything new.
I have some complaints about the update:
  • (mobile) Whenever I click on the "You have _ new alerts" bubble, it leads me to the Alerts pages instead of that side bar I usually get from touching my avatar on the top right. Whether this is intentional lr not, I find it very annoying.
  • (mobile) Images often leak out of the page. In other words, any picture larger than the actual site will be cut when I see them, unless I turn around. A notable example would be on the "Smashboards Update" picture on the News page.
  • Still no option to delete/merge accidental double posts for non-staff members.
  • Where are the Premium themes?
These complaints aside, this update is amazing! Great work, Warchamp! :awesome:
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VERY minor nitpick, but the Member's online doesn't seem to separate all the usernames with commas.

this new layout also doesn't seem very friendly to the Wii U browser, which I use instead of that 10+ year old desktop in the house. twice I've had to login again so far, and the second time my Wii U failed to finish the process.

the layout looks fantastic, mind, but I get the impression there's a bit more processing power required to handle it all.
By the way Warchamp7 Warchamp7 , the location of the emote tabs seem to move around quite a bit depending on which one you have highlighted. Other than that, great work! The new layout looks amazing on desktop!
Still no option to delete/merge accidental double posts for non-staff members.
That is the one feature I'd like to see the most. Though I noticed Squidboards removed the option to delete posts already.

Anyways, here's something I've found (taken from the Smash 4 social thread):

The Smashboards Dark theme, including its color variations and the PM theme, feature a font that's different than the one found in the Smashboards Light theme. Why not use Roboto (the Light theme's font) instead of Arial or Helvetica on the rest?

However, I'm very well aware this is the least of users' concerns. So take it as something that may not even happen until next year or something of the like.
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Might want to take a look at how thread titles and the most recent post text are overlapping. Don't have access to my Chrome tools right now but I'm willing to bet adding display: block to the CSS for the title will push the right text below with some adjusting.


Love the new appearance of the site, the functions it has to be more 'faster' and the kinks added to the overall page.

Good job Smashboards team and Ike the Assistant.

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Is it possible to deactivate the online indicator for my account? I really didn't like it

EDIT: nvm, just found the option to do so
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Hey, great update! I have found one issue, though. On mobile, while typing a post, if I try to tap again to move to another line without closing the keyboard, it either A) doesn't work or B) brings me way up in the post. It worked before on the site, and it seems that only SWF is having this issue for me. I'm running the latest (I think) version of the Chrome browser on iOS 9, if that helps.
It's lovely... But I don't like what you did with the colouring. Notifications stand out less than no notifications!
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