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Smashboards creates Smash but Nintendo is Weird!

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
First: now i know why my creates dont seem to go anywhere... i Hope!
Anyways This creates is of a smash But
Mario swaps his Character stage ammount with Zelda
Firemblem swaps with Earthbound
Pokemon swaps with Kirby
and thats it its suppossed to be a cite alternate Take on Smash!

First job: Cut a mario Character!
Next Job: Add a Zelda Character!
Aug 14, 2021
Seattle, Washington, USA (20XX Future Timeline)
Job 1:
Piranha Plant

I cut him, because he looks and feel out of Place in Smash bros.

Job 2:

Vaati is character from Legend of Zelda Series. She is Character that Turns into her Monstrous from.
She could have moveset potential like in her Appearances and she could turn into Monster by some occasions like Kazuya into Devil.
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